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Network marketing success can come from mastering a few activities and doing them over and over.

Successful network marketing requires the repetition of two basic behaviors:

  • Retail the products. When you retail products at Nikken, you get a percentage of the sales price, so you are earning commission.
  • Sponsor new Customers and Consultants. When you enroll team members who also retail the products, you earn commissions according to our compensation plan on what they purchase and retail. The more people in your group, the more you potentially can earn.

Once you’ve shared the products and the income opportunity with your friends and family, you may want to branch out so you can continue building your business. That’s why social media is so important. Here’s how it works:

  1. Use social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to share products and opportunity. Post your personal testimonials and those of others. Make sure you follow our policies when you do this and please contact your Nikken Customer Services Team if you have questions or are unsure about the rules. Make your posts short and sweet. Remember that a photo is worth a hundred words. Set your posts to “public” so everyone can see them, not just your friends. The whole point is to attract new people.
  2. Check daily for responses and follow up with those who reply or “like” your social media posts. Gather contact information such as email addresses and phone numbers, so you can connect privately.
  3. Enroll those who are interested in products as Registered Customers and enroll those who are also interested in the potential income opportunity as Consultants.

For those who have already made a purchase and/or enrolled with you, follow up and see how they’re doing. Remind new Nikken Customers to re-order or sign up for Autoship.

Find out more about becoming Independent Nikken Consultant.

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YouTube – Rise of the Video Blogger

YouTube is the biggest video streaming website, as well as being the second largest search engine on the Internet today. Created back in early 2005, and acquired by Google in 2006, YouTube allows users to share and upload videos. Video content can be anything: music videos, how-to, video blogging (more commonly known as vlogging), or piano playing cats.

The very first video ‘Me at the zoo’ was uploaded at 8:27PM on Saturday 23 April, 2005 by co-founder Jawed Karim. Since then, 60 hours of video are uploaded every minute – that is more video content than the 3 major US networks have created in the past 60 years combined!

Going Viral

With over 4 billion videos being viewed each day, it is no small wonder that the right video can lead to thousands of hits, and if your video goes viral the number of hits can be millions. Just take a look at these 5 famous ‘viral’ videos:

Which begs the question – what is a viral video?

A viral video is one that becomes popular through the process of online sharing, typically through social media and email. These videos often contain humorous content or eyewitness events and are more often shot by amateurs. With the rise of camera phones more videos are being shot in this medium, allowing for more people to become amateur videographers.

A creator cannot simply intend for the video to become viral, as often a video becoming viral is an unexpected accident. In fact some universities are even starting to offer courses on the creation of viral videos, focusing on the marketing techniques and advertising strategies that can be learned from them.

YouTube as a Marketing Tool

YouTube is not just for amateur videographers, as companies are seeing the power of video marketing on YouTube. Not only is it free to use, the social aspect allows them to reach millions of people all over the globe. Companies such as Coca-Cola, Cadbury, Orange, and Nikken Europe all use a YouTube channel to help market their brand.

At Nikken Europe, we host a variety of content on our site to display different aspects of the company such as our events, behind the scenes footage of the European HQ, and of course our products!

Recently rebranded, Nikken Europe’s channel has been divided into playlists by language to make it easier for our Consultants and Customers across Europe to find videos in their own language. Sometimes we are not able to make videos in every language, in instances like this we try and provide subtitles in the various languages. For example, on our video English – PiMag Waterfall set up you can view the video with subtitles in Finnish, Hungarian, Norwegian, Romanian, or Spanish. Simply click the button ‘CC’ at the bottom right corner of the video and select your video (as shown below). 

How can you use YouTube?

YouTube is really simple to get started on. Many users have accounts not to upload their own videos but to subscribe to people and companies they’re interested in. These users still participate in the social aspects of YouTube such as sharing videos, creating playlists, and leaving comments.

Perhaps you are one of these users, but the only reason you choose not to upload videos is because you’re afraid of where to start or that it is too complicated. We promise you it is not. Your video can be about anything. Just follow these 5 helpful tips and you could be on your way to be the next YouTube Celebrity!

  • DO capture something you’re passionate about, like your family
  • DO make your videos personal
  • DO watch videos you find interesting – they can give you some great ideas
  • DO capture what’s happening right in front of you
  • DON’T worry about using fancy equipment; a camera phone can be just as good!

Did you find this blog post helpful? Would you like to know more about YouTube? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter (@NikkenEurope) and be sure to subscribe to Nikken Europe’s YouTube channel!

– The Digital Team


Using Online Resources to Better Your Business

Whether you’re just starting out with Nikken or have been part of the family for years, navigating your way through all the online resources available out there can seem a daunting task. The first step is to do your research and find out what will work for you. Read on for some helpful suggestions on where to start.

  • MyNikken is your one-stop-shop to all the latest Nikken news, promotions, and products information. It should be the first thing you check in the morning and last thing at night. Through this portal you also have access to a host of different tools such as;
    • MyForum which allows you to communicate with other Consultants about anything from issues to business opportunities.
    • 1-2-1 Presentations are a great asset to building your business. These allow you to present a PowerPoint presentation to a prospect wherever they are (via telephone, email, Skype or face-to-face).
    • PV/PGV App is the first mobile application to be developed exclusively for Nikken Consultants. It allows you to check your PV/PGV information wherever you are, so you can keep on top of your progress and reach your goals!
    • Nikken Business Tools is an online store where you can order a whole host of items to help market yourself like business cards, banners, and personal development tools.
  • Blogs are another great way to market yourself, all you need to get started is a subject you’re passionate about. There is no right or wrong answer on what you should blog about. For example, as the Digital Marketing & Events Team, we like to write about events we’re organising, Nikken products, and of course digital news. If you’d like some inspiration try visiting Love All Blogs. There are a number of sites out there that will host your blog for free, such as Blogger or WordPress, so have a play around and see which one works best for you!
  • Social Media is the next level of word-of-mouth marketing, as it allows you to not only speak to your followers but your followers’ followers, and your followers’ followers’ followers and it keeps building. There are a great many benefits of social media; the trick is finding the social network that works for you! The Direct Selling Education Foundation has written a great article called “How to Choose Social Media Tools for Your Business”  devoted to this very task.

What online resources do you use to better your business? Please join our discussion on Nikken Europe’s Networking Group and share!

#Twitter: A quick guide

Following our recent discussion on Linkedin (which can be found here) about your thoughts on Social Media communities, this blog is dedicated to the wonderful world of Twitter!

With a large proportion of people preferring to use Facebook and YouTube, it seems that Twitter has been left in the dark due to users feeling less confident with using this platform and wondering how they can use it for business and/or personal use.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is an online social network and micro-blogging service, enabling users to send real-time ‘tweets’ to one another, which can only be 140 characters long – so you have to keep the messages short and snappy!

Unregistered users can read anyone’s tweets as long as they haven’t set their profile to private, and registered users can send tweets via a computer, tablet device or mobile phone.

What do I tweet about?

We found this great quote that pretty much sums up the value of using Twitter and what you should be tweeting:

‘Twitter becomes more beneficial to you, when you give value to others.’

Basically, the more you put in, the more you get out, as with anything we do in life. This may be information, advice or entertainment; it’s 100% up to you and what you decide you want to communicate.

Although Twitter is a fairly playful and casual social networking site, you should always keep in mind your objectives for sending tweets and the content you are putting out there. When you first set up your Twitter account, you might decide that you want to tweet about a specific topic, for instance exercise and the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle; therefore all tweets should keep this original objective in mind to increase your Twitter following.

Top Ten Twitter Tips

1)       Set up your profile (Settings > Edit Profile): Create a simple and succinct bio that describes you and what you do. You could even include a link to your blog or website here. Additionally you’ll need to upload an image of you or your business with your objectives in mind. Differentiate yourself from the millions of Twitter users.

2)       Follow, follow, follow: Once your profile is set up, start following people with similar interests, motives, topical tweets. Following similar ‘tweeters’ will make it easier for you to build up your social community.

3)       Start a conversation: Go ahead and tweet, ask questions; anything related to your business and/or key topics. Respond to many of the queries that you’ll find people tweeting about and ‘re-tweet’ other people’s comments.

4)        Don’t SPAM: The Twitter news feed moves quite rapidly in real-time, however it could be seen as spamming if you send many Tweets all in one go. Remember to keep your tweets relevant and timed to ensure you don’t annoy other users with constant tweeting – they may un-follow you!

5)       Share tips related to your business and work-life balance

6)       Link to useful articles: Simply copy and paste the URL (Twitter will automatically shorten it for you) and include a brief summary of why it’s valuable to your followers.

7)       Refer other people and they will refer you back!

8)       Share your Twitter ID: Publish it on other websites (Facebook, your blog and Linkedin etc), maybe on business cards and your email signature.

9)       Make those 140 characters count! 140 characters isn’t a lot; keep it simple – use keywords and hashtags.

10)   Be real: Be authentic and be yourself. It’s a digital platform, but meaningful relationships can still be created from here as a fantastic starting point!

What is the hashtag used for in tweets? (#)

Often people don’t use hashtags because they’re not entirely sure what they should be using them for.

Put simply, it’s a (‘#’) symbol, followed by the topic you’re discussing. This is so that other users can easily search for that term to find the conversations related to it. If a topic (with the hashtag attached) is discussed regularly by many people, then it will appear in the trending topics section.

If you want to create a new hashtag that you’d like others to start using when they discuss your topic, create a short tweet explaining what it is and what you’re using it for. For example we created a hashtag for the March Launch Events 2012 – #NikkenLaunches2012 for any tweets we sent relating to the launches. Using hashtags is a conversation organisation tool.

Twilert is a good website for setting up Twitter search terms, that can be sent straight to your inbox whenever you would like them to (a bit like Google alerts), keeping you on top of the latest information related to that search term.

There are many useful resources on the internet about using Twitter for various purposes, we like Mashable’s Twitter Guide book, particularly chapter 3 ‘Twitter for Business’. Take a look here.

Want to know more about Social Media?

Please let us know if there are any Social Media topics you’d like us to cover in our blog and we’d be more than happy to provide some tips and advice on how to use it for your business.

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Happy Tweeting!

Social Media

As you may have seen from our recent eNews and MyNikken article ‘Bringing you all together’, our web-based community is growing. Therefore, we’re devoting this (rather lengthy) blog post to social media and sharing Nikken online.

Social media is a viral communications platform in which users can share images, information, videos, podcasts and more with anyone and everyone. It comes in many forms including; Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace), Blogs (WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr), Forums (MyForum on MyNikken!), Content Communities (YouTube) and virtual gaming worlds.  So all in all, a pretty vast web-based environment!


Social Media…

  • Puts a face and personality to your brand (What would Nikken be like if it was a person?) 
  • Helps to promote and build businesses 
  • Allows you to communicate on a one-to-many basis  
  • Gives you the opportunity to share ideas, thoughts, interesting articles, news (the social world’s your oyster!) 
  • Is a form of word of mouth and gets people talking about brands and products – 78% of consumers trust peer recommendation 
  • Gets the word out fast!
  • Provides useful resources for everyone to utilise in their own personal way – personalise your platforms


It seems that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages but we mustn’t forget the value of traditional communications and face-to-face social interactions! Sometimes it is hard to get across what you’re really trying to say via social media.

Also, consistently updating your social networks is quite time consuming, so it’s important to create a schedule before you start and allow yourself time aside for it.

Some handy tips…

Relevance– Keep your content relevant to your audience and to the Nikken brand.

Frequency If you post too often, you’ll be ignored… post too little and you’ll become invisible. Leave suitable gaps in between your social activity, enough to give people a chance to respond.

Measurability – Keep track of activity and responses from your audience. Are you getting much feedback and engagement?

Likability – Are you communicating with your audience on their level? Be conversational and friendly, leave a positive impression and they’ll return again…and again.

Versatility Mix your social media communications up a little. Try a video, a testimonial, audio or download-able content. This is much more appealing!

Presence – It’s important not to leave your audience in the dark. Respond as soon as possible to enquiries; let them know you’re on the other side of the screen. Build up trust with your prospect.

Not forgetting Social Media Etiquette – The same rules apply as if you are speaking in person; listen, show respect and think about what you’re saying before you speak. Don’t bombard everyone with requests and posts. Don’t talk TOO much about yourself and brand.

For further reading, take a look at the double page spread, ‘Getting the best from online tools’ in our Spring Nikken Family Magazine here – There are lots of user-friendly online resources and reports on the web about social media and strategies.

Did you know?

  • Social media is the No.1 activity on the web – a great source of information
  • 1 out of 8 married couples in the US met via social media!
  • Ashton Kutcher and Britney Spears have more Twitter followers than the entire population of Sweden
  • Facebook has more than 500 million active users AND if Facebook was a country, it would be the 3rd largest on the planet! (Mobious Social Media Revolution, 2011)
  • Facebook’s mission is: ‘To give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected’ (You’ve got the power!)
  • YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world and the 4th most visited site on the www. Why not take a look at our YouTube channel if you haven’t already –
  • 3 new Twitter accounts open every second…1…2…3

And finally…This Digital Team blog that you are reading is just 1 out of 200,000,000 live blogs on the web today.

Thanks for reading!