Earth Day 2013 – What will you do to save the Planet?

Earth Day is celebrated annually, raising awareness of issues that are causing our climate to deteriorate at an astonishing pace.

Together we have the collective power to slow down climate change, even if this means simply turning off a power switch.

Today is the 43rd Earth Day, in which the world comes together to highlight and showcase concerns, issues and solutions to save our planet. This year, the theme is ‘The Face of Climate Change’

03A25448Our climate is changing rapidly, and everyone and everything is affected one way or another. Stories which are becoming more and more common include families having to relocate due to rising sea levels, fishermen who go home with no catch, families becoming homeless due to extreme weathers, dirty water, poor harvests, the list goes on.

Not only are we humans affected but other species too but animals are losing their homes too; Polar bears in the arctic, whales in the warming seas, or endangered species in the Amazon.

‘The Face of Climate Change’

The Face of Climate Change is a global campaign where images are 02C90719collected and displayed around the world. These images not only show the direct impact of global warming, but also images of those who are trying to make a difference. Forming a collage of hundreds of thousands will really put in to prospective what we are doing to the earth and how important it is to stop this.

A few events going on around the world include:

  • Denmark where Runners, Walkers, Bikers and Skaters will use their country as a canvas to spell CO2 with GPS Systems.
  • Argentina will be cleaning beaches and planting Evergreen and Shrubs to prevent water and wind erosion.
  • India are distributing saplings to students and educating the nations about the effects of climate change.
  • Italy is holding an Earth Day Festival with live music, food, awards and speakers, as is California – home of Nikken Inc. headquarters.
  • South Korea will be having an Eco-style Flash Mob ‘Gangnam Style’ as well as a walkathon and exhibition.

These are just some of the many events taking place across the globe to raise the awareness of climate change. Simply to make the world a greener place.

‘A Billion Acts of Green’

Earth day also has ‘A Billion acts of Green’ where they encourage the people of the world to make small changes, which collectively will have a massive impact on Climate Change.

Here are a few simple super powers that you can have to help save the world!

  • Saving Energy
    • Turn off Switches and Lights
    • Insulate your Homes
    • Use Energy Saving Appliances.
  • Save Water
    • Have Showers rather than Baths
    • Water your garden when the day is at its coolest, and try use rain water
    • Don’t leave the tap running while you brush your teeth.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
    • Only buy what you need.
    • Try going for products with less packaging.
    • Donate unwanted clothing, and appliances, and items to charity.
    • Reuse tubs, and bottles.
    • Recycle as much as possible; paper, cans, plastics, metals etc.


‘A World of Wellness’

Here at Nikken, we have a vision of ‘an Earth so clean’ – a world of wellness. We want to overcome the black cloud of manmade pollution that taints the earth.

In order to help reach this aim, we do a number of things; Not only recycling our used materials, but ensuring that we use recycled materials within the office too.

Our PiMag products are eco-friendly as it needs no power source to give you filtered water. Not only that, but it also saves hundreds of plastic bottles being dumped on landfill sites.

The KenkoAir purifier not only gives you fresh, spring, clean air indoors, but it doesn’t release those toxic gases in to the ozone either.

The True Elements skincare range takes advantage of natural resources we have available to use, but we ensure that they are handled ethically and Seaweed is obtained from a sustainable source.

What will you do to save the Planet?

Together we can ‘activate individuals and organisation to strengthen the collective fight against man’s exploitive relationship with the planet.’

Happy Earth Day!



Are You Drinking Enough?

clean waterWater not only helps when you’re feeling thirsty, but it can also improve concentration, alleviate headaches, aid weight loss, help improve skin and help regulate your body’s temperature. These are just some of the benefits of water, but most of us just aren’t drinking enough. The recommended daily allowance is 6-8 cups of water a day. But this depends on your weight, the amount of physical activity you do, and the climate that you live in.

Tips to make sure you’re drinking enough water02F64741

Here are a few tips to help get you drinking more:

At Home:

  • Start the day off with a glass of warm water and a dash of lemon – great for the digestive system (and to wake you up)
  • Have a glass of water before, during or after every meal, it will help cut down your portion sizes too
  • Keep a jug of cold water in the fridge instead of bottles of fizzy drinks or juices with high sugar content
  • If you get bored of water try adding a little sugar free cordial to change the flavour
  • Thirst is often mistaken for hunger, which means you tend to eat more, if you’re feeling peckish, have a glass of water first, if after a while you are still wanting to snack, try fruit or veg, they’re usually high in water content

At Work:

  • When you’re finding it hard to focus, this probably means you’re dehydrated. Drinking 6-8 glasses a day, you will see a difference in your productivity levels
  • Try balancing every caffeinated drink you have with a glass of water
  • Keep a bottle or Glass of water at your desk. As soon as it’s empty, refill it

splash in glass

At the Gym:

  • Water before a work out will keep the heart rate and body temperature down
  • Water can often help reduce snacking or over eating by suppressing your appetite and can regulate your metabolism too. Before giving in to a chocolate bar, have a glass of water instead

Other Handy Tips:

  • Lay your hand flat on a surface and gently pinch the skin on the back of your hand. It should ‘snap back’ if it doesn’t, then this is an indicator that you could be dehydrated.
  • Always keep a bottle or glass of water near you, you’ll find yourself sipping away without even realising
  • There are now water alarms that can be downloaded for free on most smartphones. Just a quick reminder to drink up and a nice way to keep a record of how much you have drank.

But it’s not just how much water you drink, it’s also the quality of water that you drink. Tap water, or even some bottled water, is contaminated with up to 2100 known toxins. The PiMag Waterfall has been awarded a gold seal of approval from the Water Quality Association for its removal of various water contaminants, including Chlorine. Not only does the PiMag Waterfall filter your water but the mineral stones are able to adjust the pH of the water, making it more alkaline.

02H70506Why alkaline water you may ask? Alkaline water is formed on its way down streams and waterfall. It picks up various minerals, keeping the water active and reducing ‘clumping’. (They say people from regions around mountainous areas tend to live healthier and longer lives because the quality of water is so good.) But by using magnetic energy, the PiMag Waterfall recreates this natural process by encouraging the natural spiralling of water which also reduces this clumping, therefore removing excess acidity.

Our bodies tend to be over acidic, usually because we don’t drink enough water, we have busy lifestyles and may have a typical modern diet of fast foods and ready-made meals. Excess acidity leads to a number of problem, including headaches, heartburn and poor indigestion. But by drinking alkaline water, the acidity is reduced and balance can be restored. Known to increase energy levels and reduce the signs of ageing, even giving your body’s defence system a boost against disease.


So why pick OUR PiMag Waterfall?

Because without having to climb mountains to collect your water, or without having to chemically treat your water to remove contaminants, you simply fill up this compact Waterfall, and let the filter and mineral stones do their job. Not only does it leave your water tasting and smelling like water should, fresh and clean, but leaves it free of chlorine and other harmful toxins your body really doesn’t want. Not only this but making the pH just right for your body and for a limited time only you can take advantage of our 20% off offer.

For more information, please see Facebook for more details, or alternatively visit

Are you armed against this winter’s allergies?


With cold winter mornings and frosty nights approaching, we’ll soon find ourselves hibernating in our homes. But by spending more time indoors, we are more likely to suffer from an indoor allergy. This week is indoor allergy week in the UK, a week used to emphasise simple things which can help eliminate household allergies, to help you have a sniffle-free winter.

There are a number of allergens that may contribute to you or your family feeling unwell.  By spending a considerable amount of time indoors, allergens that previously wouldn’t affect you may start to. These include: House Dust Mites, Pets, Moulds/Mildews, Smoke, Cleaning Agents, Carpeting and Paint.

Not only do they affect the quality of air, but as a result of this can cause Congestion, Respiratory Problems, Itchy Eyes, Poor Sleep, Headaches and Lack of Concentration.

How Nikken can help you attack those Allergens:

  • Breathe – An air purifier is the best solution to get rid of those germs during the winter. It encourages ventilation indoors and eliminating those horrid allergens too. The KenkoAir ®is known to remove airborne particles and allergens, including dust, smoke, pollen, mould spores, animal dander, dust mites and other harmful fibres.  Using such an air purifier will reduce the risk of being effected by the Indoor Allergies this winter.


  • Sleep – Beds are the perfect breeding ground for house dust mites, especially while you are sleeping due to the heat. Good practise to reduce this would be to regularly wash your bed linen, and try using anti-allergy duvets and pillows. But Nikken’s Sleep Products can also help. The Kenkopad®, Naturest® Quilt and Pillow are all made with materials to enhance ventilation. The natural fibres found in the products allow them to breathe, this is complimented by the anti-bacterial qualities found in the bamboo fibres . The latex used in the products ensures that it doesn’t become too hot or moist, meaning bacteria find it harder to multiply. All this to ensure ‘the bed bugs don’t bite’ and you have a comfy night’s sleep.
  • Drink – Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated and active enough to fight off allergens. Try using the PiMag® Waterfall to really get the best out of drinking water. PiMag® Waterfall’s filtration system helps reduce contaminants, and maintain a healthy alkaline balance. To give your body that extra boost.

Other Hints and Tips to stay well this winter:

  • When possible, try opening windows for a short period of time to increase ventilation and keep humidity down.
  • Reduce the amount of clutter on shelves, tables, cupboards, window sills etc. to minimise the amount of dust.
  • Regularly vacuum your carpet / floorboards, dust your furniture, and clean surfaces.
  • Allow dust to settle after cleaning, before using a room.
  • Try regularly wash pets, and clean/vacuum surfaces they may have laid on, as their fur hold on to allergens.
  • Ensure good ventilation throughout the house in order to prevent mould. This includes keeping doors shut with cooking and bathing, opening cupboard doors, and not drying wet clothing on radiators.
  • Ensure surfaces are cleaned and dried thoroughly to prevent mould spores.

For More Information about the KenkoAir, Nikken Sleep Products or the PiMag Waterfall please visit or talk to your Independent Nikken Consultant.

Your mission this winter is to fight back the allergens, and stay healthier indoors.  Image

How do the Digital Team use Nikken Products?

So many companies talk about how amazing their products are, but do they really believe it? Do they even use them themselves? The Digital Team here at Nikken actually use many of the products, on a daily basis, at work and at home.

The PiMag Waterfall is the most used product in the office, with all of us drinking a lot more water. (Hint:  if you find yourself not drinking as much, try adding a little sugar free cordial to your glass of water). Another well used product is our beloved KenkoAir Purifier. As it sits in the corner of the office, we often hear it roaring away, flashing red to remind us that it’s still there, cleaning through the air.


Donna is our Digital Marketing and Events Manager here at Nikken, and by far the biggest user of Nikken Products. Just from listening to her daily routine, you can really see how she gets the most out of Nikken.

As Donna’s alarm sounds and the Kenkolight comes on, she wakes up feeling recharged thanks to her Nikken Sleep System. Showering with the PiMag Ultra Showerhead followed by a mini pamper with the Seisho Skin Care Range, she feels refreshed and revitalised. Not only does Donna sleep in comfort but her pets also get to enjoy their own individual Nikken PetPads. With KenkoAir in most rooms, and a regular dose of Ciaga V and Lactoferrin, she really does feel much healthier. These are just some of the items that are used on a day to day basis along with the latest jewellery, the new Kalkai Triphase Bracelet and always a Powerband.


Our Digital Marketing and Events Co-ordinator, Erin, is a Yoga Lover, who recently found that PowerChip’s were great to use as Yoga Chakras. Placing the PowerChip over the Heart Chakra and so on can be really rewarding for all you Yoginis out there. Along with this, Erin purchased a Nikken Powerband for herself, but she liked them so much that she bought one for her whole family (Hint: Powerband’s make great stocking fillers at Christmas)

Here at the Nikken Office, we have the Nikken PiMag Waterfall to hand, helping us maintain a healthy acid level. Erin drinks 2 litres a day, which means there is constant refilling with 4 of us in the office. (Hint: Do not overfill the water-fall, as it literally turns in to a real life water fall – as we experience)


Georgia is the Digital Marketing and Events Administrator, who is now a regular user of Lactoferrin Gold 1.8. Georgia states ‘Since using these I feel generally better within myself. I’m not as tired or as run down as I used to be, and generally feel much healthier.’ Georgia is looking to move house soon, and is regularly looking through the product brochure, already planning to buy one of each product. She has planned the ultimate ‘wellbeing home!’


Mira, the office newbie, is actually fascinated with the Nikken products, and has to stop herself from wanting to purchase a lot of items. Although she hasn’t been able to use a wide range of products yet, the ones she has come in contact with have proved to do what they say, and are very impressive. She is drinking more water than she did before from our PiMag Waterfall, while she sits comfortably on her Nikken KenkoSeat. Next on her list is to invest in the PowerPatches to stop her annoying headaches, and some Kasai Multi-Vitamin and Minerals to really get her going.


Rosemary is our Events Assistant who has become very fond of Nikken PowerPatches.  She has full faith in these, as they always make her feel more comfortable. ‘If I hurt my wrist for example, I pop a PowerPatch on there, and within a little amount of time I feel a real difference. It is these PowerPatches that really made me believe in the science behind Nikken Products.’

Rosemary’s second favourite has to be the Kenko Mattress, although these have been replaced by the KenkoPad, Rosemary finds herself having a good comfortable sleep, sometimes not wanting to get out!

Hopefully from this you can see that we all use products for different reasons in our own personal ways. So why not use your products to suit your lifestyles and let us know your favourite products and how you use them?

Nikken Europe launches new Product Registration site!

It’s almost been one week since the launch of our brand new Product Registration website where Consultants and Customers can register their newly purchased products to receive a whole host of information! Being ‘digital’ means we’re extremely excited about this new project.

What happens once I’ve registered?

Once you have selected your country and submitted the simple product registration form, you will receive a confirmation email soon after, approximately within one hour (note: this could take up to 24 hours). If it’s been longer than that, please ensure you’ve filled out the form correctly, provided the correct email address and checked your junk email before contacting us.

You’ll receive filter replacement reminders and exciting content related to your product. You can find out more about the emails and Nikken’s new digital addition on MyNikken.

Or by visiting the Product Registration directly here

What Nikken products can I register?

  • KenkoDream® Quilt
  • Naturest® KenkoPad®
  • Naturest Pillow
  • PiMag® Sport Bottle
  • PiMag Ultra Shower
  • PiMag Waterfall®

We’ll soon be rolling out quarterly newsletters too, so make sure you’re registered to receive the updates!

Nikken Digital Team 🙂

March Product Launch Events – A Recap

Nikken held a series of launch events across Europe in March, which allowed Consultants and guests an exclusive preview to our new water filtration technologies (PiMag® Waterfall and a new look PiMag® Optimiser) as well as the Powerchip™ (which features Nikken’s exclusive DynaFlux Magnetic Technology) before they went on sale 2 April. Each event showcased an environmentally-friendly product display area complete with banners and most importantly our new products! To create extra excitement these products and displays were raffled off at the conclusion of each event, giving everyone the chance to take some great Nikken products/merchandise home for free!

In addition to the Nikken-hosted events, Silver and above Consultants were invited to host their own launch events with the benefits of; conference call support from Nikken, access to a launch host area for event materials, a host pack, and a 10% discount given on any orders taken at their events. In total we had 36 Consultant hosted events all across Europe including: Tampere, Barcelona, Oslo, Aix-en-Provence, and London!

Nikken hosted 4 successful, full-day events (Paris, Frankfurt, Vienna, and Sargans) and 1 evening workshop in Utrecht. These events were a mixture of product launches, recognition, and motivational speeches from guest speakers (such as famed nutritionist Roger Drummer) and Nikken Consultants.

Paris (3 March) – The first of the Nikken-hosted launches kicked off at Hotel Marriott with Anthony Chaplin, Managing Director, and guest speaker, Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter! We had over 300 attendees at the event which generated over 130 on-site orders that day!

Frankfurt (10 March) – The event held at the Carathotel had 107 attendees, 68 orders and some great energy! Ben Woodward, Sales Director, closed the event with a special message on goal setting!

Utrecht (14 March) – Rob Knaven & Reini Beverdam-Knaven aided Nikken with this evening launch at the Carlton President Hotel. 48 attendees turned up to see guest speaker Roger Drummer discuss the Nikken products and the great benefits our technologies with 15 orders placed.

Vienna (17 March) – Hosted at the Austria Trend Hotel Ananas, Steffi Heim, German Region Sales Manager, was joined by Ben Woodward and Roger Drummer to discusses the products and inspire Consultants and guests. 47 orders were produced from 72 attendees!

Sargans (31 March) – 95 attendees joined Steffi Heim and Ben Woodward at the Swiss Heidi Hotel for a full day packed with new products, Consultant panels, and recognition. It was a positive atmosphere which produced 54 on-site orders!

We’ve had some great responses from the events, but what are your thoughts? Let us know via our Facebook page or tweet us @NikkenEurope #NikkenLaunches2012

“La journée du 03 Mars était une journée formidable. Nous avons pu  découvrir les nouveaux produits Nikken et faire la connaissance de beaucoup de consultants ce qui est toujours agréable. Nous avons été plus que ravis de notre séjour à Paris et en gardons d’excellents souvenirs. Nous espérons pouvoir participer à ce genre d’évènement plus souvent.”

[3rd March was a great day. We discovered new Nikken products and got to meet with lots of Consultants which is always nice. We will not forget our day in Paris and keep some excellent memories. We hope to participate in events such as this more often.]

Olivier, Tiphanie et Maud (French Customer Services Team; Paris)

“[Great events] with a lot of positive energy, and the new products were examined with great excitement!”

Mari Daly (Head of Marketing and Guest Speaker; Tampere and Barcelona)

“It was all so well organized I think only a personal butler might have surpassed the job you did. I really appreciated that and it made the work much easier. The people at every event were wonderful and very receptive. I learned a lot from them also.”

Roger Drummer (Guest Speaker; Utrecht, Madrid, Vienna, Gothenburg, Copehagen, Bucharest, and Budapest)

“[Ben and Roger] thank you so much for a fantastic evening yesterday in our WellnessHome-Center in Copenhagen. Everybody was so excited and enthusiastic after your presentations and for your information.”

Jeanette & Finn Bille Kjeldsen (Launch Hosts; Frederiksberg)

“Very nice event. [I] appreciate having the opportunity to help some people get better skills.”

Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter (Guest Speaker; Paris)

“We had a very busy and exciting March and it was an absolute pleasure to attend and meet so many enthusiastic Consultants and their guests. Roger was such an inspiration to myself and I am sure to many others that attended an event that he visited. My thanks to everyone that took part in the March launch events, if you ran your own events, got involved at ours, attended ours – you all made it a huge success!”

Donna Russell (Digital Marketing & Events Manager)

“Energy was high, attendance was strong and we received plenty of orders.”

Ben Woodward (Sales Director and Guest Speaker; Frankfurt, Barcelona, Madrid, Vienna, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Bucarest, Budapest, and Sargans)

The NEW PiMag® Waterfall: More than just another water filter

As you may already know, the PiMag® Waterfall is now available for ordering and is live on our website!

We’re now into April and the Product Launch events are complete! We’ve had great feedback about the events and we’d like to thank everyone who helped make each and every one of them so successful!

The PiMag® Waterfall has been on tour for the last month and has been seen at many product launches across Europe including Frankfurt – Germany, Tampere – Finland and Birmingham – UK;

Birmingham, UK


The full March Launch Events 2012 photo album can be found on our Facebook page and we’ll be adding more as soon as we receive them. 

What’s different about the PiMag® Waterfall?

  • An eye-catching household product with a unique streamline design
  • Silent gravity, unique active-filtration system creates water with a higher pH level than any conventional tap or bottled spring water
  • It has specially sourced mineral stones!
  • Multi-stage filtration system through a recyclable filter

The PiMag® takes inspiration from the fresh streams of Japan, where the benefits of mineral rich, alkaline spring water have been known about for centuries.

Did you know?

The Waterfall has received the coveted Gold Seal of Approval from the Water Quality Association in the United States of America? Yes, that’s right. This accreditation is only given to water treatment systems that meet rigorous standards for performance, capacity and integrity in removing a variety of drinking water contaminants.


Where can I find out more about this product?

For more information about the technology used in the PiMag® Waterfall, please go to MyNikken where you’ll find a variety of useful downloads.

Alternatively, visit our website where you will find the product description, video and a downloadable fact sheet.

The PiMag® Waterfall setup demonstration video has also been uploaded on our YouTube channel where you can subscribe and add to your favourites.

**Please note that the video is only currently available in English and French but we are currently working on translations and subtitles for other language variations; we’ll post this on YouTube and Facebook as soon as it becomes available!

Your thoughts…

If you’ve been to one of the March Launch Events 2012, and sampled the Pi water from the new PiMag® Waterfall, let us know what you think…

 (We think it looks great, and it really does need to be seen & used to be fully appreciated!)

 Nikken Digital Team! 🙂