5 Tips to Keep You Healthy This Winter

The days are getting shorter and there is a definite chill appearing in the air. This is the time of year when we can start preparing to protect ourselves against the common colds and flu that appear throughout winter. There are a few simple steps you can take to help protect you and your family from the winter attack.

Get plenty of sleep

Throughout summer we rarely sleep our recommended 9 hours a night, but in winter with darker nights we are more inclined to sleep longer. Feeling more rested means you have more energy through the day. Also having a lack of sleep can reduce your immune system leaving you more prone to illnesses.



All through the year we hear that we should have 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day but it is never more important than this time of year. The nutrients from fruit and vegetables will help keep your body in the best condition possible. It doesn’t have to be boring or expensive, try using seasonal vegetables added to normal meals it will not only give you the nutritional benefits but help fill you up at meal times. Frozen/tinned fruit and vegetables can still count just ensure tinned fruit isn’t in a sugar filled syrup, aim for one in natural fruit juices. Continue reading

Are You Drinking Enough?

clean waterWater not only helps when you’re feeling thirsty, but it can also improve concentration, alleviate headaches, aid weight loss, help improve skin and help regulate your body’s temperature. These are just some of the benefits of water, but most of us just aren’t drinking enough. The recommended daily allowance is 6-8 cups of water a day. But this depends on your weight, the amount of physical activity you do, and the climate that you live in.

Tips to make sure you’re drinking enough water02F64741

Here are a few tips to help get you drinking more:

At Home:

  • Start the day off with a glass of warm water and a dash of lemon – great for the digestive system (and to wake you up)
  • Have a glass of water before, during or after every meal, it will help cut down your portion sizes too
  • Keep a jug of cold water in the fridge instead of bottles of fizzy drinks or juices with high sugar content
  • If you get bored of water try adding a little sugar free cordial to change the flavour
  • Thirst is often mistaken for hunger, which means you tend to eat more, if you’re feeling peckish, have a glass of water first, if after a while you are still wanting to snack, try fruit or veg, they’re usually high in water content

At Work:

  • When you’re finding it hard to focus, this probably means you’re dehydrated. Drinking 6-8 glasses a day, you will see a difference in your productivity levels
  • Try balancing every caffeinated drink you have with a glass of water
  • Keep a bottle or Glass of water at your desk. As soon as it’s empty, refill it

splash in glass

At the Gym:

  • Water before a work out will keep the heart rate and body temperature down
  • Water can often help reduce snacking or over eating by suppressing your appetite and can regulate your metabolism too. Before giving in to a chocolate bar, have a glass of water instead

Other Handy Tips:

  • Lay your hand flat on a surface and gently pinch the skin on the back of your hand. It should ‘snap back’ if it doesn’t, then this is an indicator that you could be dehydrated.
  • Always keep a bottle or glass of water near you, you’ll find yourself sipping away without even realising
  • There are now water alarms that can be downloaded for free on most smartphones. Just a quick reminder to drink up and a nice way to keep a record of how much you have drank.

But it’s not just how much water you drink, it’s also the quality of water that you drink. Tap water, or even some bottled water, is contaminated with up to 2100 known toxins. The PiMag Waterfall has been awarded a gold seal of approval from the Water Quality Association for its removal of various water contaminants, including Chlorine. Not only does the PiMag Waterfall filter your water but the mineral stones are able to adjust the pH of the water, making it more alkaline.

02H70506Why alkaline water you may ask? Alkaline water is formed on its way down streams and waterfall. It picks up various minerals, keeping the water active and reducing ‘clumping’. (They say people from regions around mountainous areas tend to live healthier and longer lives because the quality of water is so good.) But by using magnetic energy, the PiMag Waterfall recreates this natural process by encouraging the natural spiralling of water which also reduces this clumping, therefore removing excess acidity.

Our bodies tend to be over acidic, usually because we don’t drink enough water, we have busy lifestyles and may have a typical modern diet of fast foods and ready-made meals. Excess acidity leads to a number of problem, including headaches, heartburn and poor indigestion. But by drinking alkaline water, the acidity is reduced and balance can be restored. Known to increase energy levels and reduce the signs of ageing, even giving your body’s defence system a boost against disease.


So why pick OUR PiMag Waterfall?

Because without having to climb mountains to collect your water, or without having to chemically treat your water to remove contaminants, you simply fill up this compact Waterfall, and let the filter and mineral stones do their job. Not only does it leave your water tasting and smelling like water should, fresh and clean, but leaves it free of chlorine and other harmful toxins your body really doesn’t want. Not only this but making the pH just right for your body and for a limited time only you can take advantage of our 20% off offer.

For more information, please see Facebook for more details, or alternatively visit http://www.nikken.eu.

Nikken Europe launches new Product Registration site!

It’s almost been one week since the launch of our brand new Product Registration website where Consultants and Customers can register their newly purchased products to receive a whole host of information! Being ‘digital’ means we’re extremely excited about this new project.

What happens once I’ve registered?

Once you have selected your country and submitted the simple product registration form, you will receive a confirmation email soon after, approximately within one hour (note: this could take up to 24 hours). If it’s been longer than that, please ensure you’ve filled out the form correctly, provided the correct email address and checked your junk email before contacting us.

You’ll receive filter replacement reminders and exciting content related to your product. You can find out more about the emails and Nikken’s new digital addition on MyNikken.

Or by visiting the Product Registration directly here

What Nikken products can I register?

  • KenkoDream® Quilt
  • Naturest® KenkoPad®
  • Naturest Pillow
  • PiMag® Sport Bottle
  • PiMag Ultra Shower
  • PiMag Waterfall®

We’ll soon be rolling out quarterly newsletters too, so make sure you’re registered to receive the updates!

Nikken Digital Team 🙂

Walk Your Way to Better Health

 To maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity, five days a week is recommended for adults and at least 60 minutes every day for children. But did you know that only around a third of people in Britain achieve these minimum recommended levels? This inactivity is a key factor in the dramatic growth of obesity, which will continue to rise unless something is done about it! This is why awareness of the benefits of walking is so important.

The aim of May’s National Walking Month is “to show children and adults how easy, enjoyable and rewarding walking is and how it can lead to real changes in people’s habits and lifestyles.”

Benefits of Walking

  • Boosts endorphins easing stress, tension, anger, fatigue and confusion in ten minutes
  • Improves heart health by increasing heart rate and circulation
  • Reduces the risk of coronary heart disease and strokes – inactive and unfit people have double the risk of dying from CHD
  • Improves flexibility and strength of joints, muscles and bones
  • Reduces the risk of Type 2 diabetes
  • Builds bone mass, reducing the risk of osteoporosis
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Boosts the immune system by halving odds of catching a cold
  • Reduces the risk of certain cancers such as; colon, breast and lung
  • Engages arms, shoulders, abdominal, and leg muscles

Just think only 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week can make you healthier and happier, and it is one of the easiest activities you can work into your daily routine! You can walk pretty much anywhere, it’s free and all you have to do is step outside your door and choose a destination or let your feet lead the way. Sometimes the best part of walking is discovering hidden trails that you might have missed were you in a car. Need some ideas;

  • Walk to the shops if you’ve just run out of milk.
  • Get off the bus 1 or 2 stops early, or walk to the next stop instead of waiting for the bus!
  • Enjoy nature! Go for a walk with your dog either to the park or to explore the green spaces around your house.
  • Take a break! During your lunch hour go for a walk in the area around your work. Make it a social thing and invite your colleagues.
  • Encourage walking at a young age! Have your child walk to school, if they are not old enough to walk by themselves join them, then you’ll be keeping active too!
  • Take the stairs instead of taking the lift.


  • Make sure you’re wearing comfortable shoes. Try CardioStrides®, weighted fitness shoes which help amplify muscle toning.
  • A few thin layers are better than one thick layer of clothing. This way you can take layers off as you start to warm up.
  • In the winter wear a hat and gloves. Your arms will get more work if they swing by your side then in your coat pocket.
  • Take some water along with you in a PiMag® Sport Bottle. Which is reusable and refillable, a better economic and environmental option than bottled water!

Whether it is to the shops, to work, or just to see friends – the important thing is to get out there and get walking! Let us know where you like to walk by posting on our Facebook page or tweeting to us @NikkenEurope!

5 Reasons to attend a March Launch Event!

 If you thought the launch of the PiMag® Sport Bottle on 23 January was exciting, you’ll love what we have coming your way in April! Can’t wait that long? Neither can we – which is why Nikken is hosting and supporting a series of product launch events across Europe in March!


5 Reasons why you should attend a March Launch Event;

  1. They are open to Consultants, Customers and Guests. We want everyone to be able to share in the excitement of these new products, whether you’re just discovering Nikken or have been with us for years!
  2. There is an event close to where you are! With 42 different cities across Europe hosting March Launch Events, the chances are a Nikken event is even closer than you think!
  3. Have the chance to listen to a wide variety of guest speakers. You’ll get the chance to hear from people such as;
  4. Be the first to order the new products! These products aren’t available on general order until April, so if you want to be one of the first, you have to come to a March Launch Event!
  5. Networking Opportunity These events are a great opportunity to meet and share stories with like-minded individuals!

Still not convinced?! Did we mention there is a special offer of a 10% discount on all orders placed at the event?

Nikken Hosted Events:

  • Saturday 3 March – Paris, France
  • Saturday 10 March – Frankfurt, Germany
  • Wednesday 14 March – Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Saturday 17 March – Vienna, Austria
  • Saturday 31 March – Sargans, Switzerland

To purchase tickets and for more details on all the March Launch Events, please visit www.nikken.co.uk/events!

Join in the #NikkenLaunches2012 conversation on Twitter (@NikkenEurope) or via our Facebook page.

Digital Marketing and Events Team

What do you think of the NEW PiMag® Sport Bottle?

Nikken launched the new PiMag® Sport Bottle on 23 January and already we have received a tremendous response from people, some via our Facebook page such as:

“Brilliant! I went abroad a couple of weeks ago. After the security checks I wanted to drink water. A small bottle, around half the size of the Pimag water, costs £2(!!) and its water which has been sitting in the bottle for who knows how long and in that plastic bottle which is not great. I went to the bathroom, filled the bottle with water and got the best water there is. Very special quality water at a fraction of the price and it’s always with me” — Dalia Hartman Bergsagel, United Kingdom

 “It is fantastic! For me it is the best product!” — Vuca Alin, Romania

“Very good thing! Everybody knows that they must drink water these days BUT now they have to learn to drink the best water PiMag water and this is a easy way to get it!” — Gretel Nord, Sweden

To date we have sold over 3,000 PiMag® Sport Bottles; that is an impressive figure in only 3 weeks! So what makes Nikken’s PiMag® Sport Bottle different from all the other sport bottles out there? Gretel Nord hit it on the head; this sport bottle is the only one out there benefiting from Nikken’s PiMag Water Technology!

Already your feedback suggests that this product is going to be a very important part of your business building opportunity and will be a focus for many of you moving forward in the next few months. “[I] have noticed that when using the bottle out and about, it creates a lot of interest from people who want to know what it does,” says Matthew Smart, Product Developer. With all the buzz around this new product, what a great way to start a conversation with someone who has shown an interest!

So make sure you carry your Sport Bottle with you, and let us know how many people you start conversations with!

For more information about the technology used in the PiMag® Sport Bottle, please click here.

For a fact sheet, press release and online brochure, please click here.