Nutrition in the modern world

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Good nutrition is a cornerstone of good health. However, in our fast-paced society, it can sometimes be difficult to eat wholesome, well-balanced food with a variety of ingredients. Instead, convenience sometimes dominates our eating habits. Especially, when feeding a family with different schedules and meal preferences!

In an ideal world, some people would argue that the best nutritional solution for optimal health is to eat three home cooked organic meals a day. There are always new guidelines issued but most of us are familiar with the idea of trying to incorporating at least five but ideally more portions of fruit and vegetables a day into our diet. However, it is not always as easy as it sounds, many people struggle to achieve this along side all the other daily priorities and responsibilities.

Therefore, sometimes it can be beneficial to look at including supplements. Nikken offers a range of nutritional supplements based on concentrated whole foods that may help to provide the essential nutritional support our bodies’ need while still fitting into the modern world.

A good place to start is with Kasai® Multi-Vitamins and Minerals. This product contains a broad array of wholefood fruit and vegetable powders – pineapple, orange, apple, apricot, cherry, peach, strawberry, papaya, grape, grapefruit, blueberry, raspberry, blackcurrant, blackberry, broccoli, carrot, and onion.

Kasai® provides a supportive range of vitamins and minerals and it also provides the associated phytonutrients and nutritional matrices to help address your daily nutritional needs.

The Kasai® range offers targeted supplements to help support your bodies wellbeing needs, with the exception of Kasai® Omega Oils all the Kasai® range are suitable for vegetarians.

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3 Steps To Essential Nutrition

3 steps to Essential Nutrition

Here at Nikken Europe we are passionate about making wellness accessible and simple. One way we have found to do this is to offer a pack that gives you all your essential nutritional needs in three simple products – CiagaV, Organic Jade GreenZymes and Lactoferrin Gold 1.8. Three wholesome products which will give your body a daily boost of nutrients and help towards proper function of the body.

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Organic Jade Greenzymes

Here at Nikken Europe we all love our Organic Jade Greenzymes. It is a staple in the office kitchens and is a fantastic way to start off the day. We often hear from our customers that they also love it and it is now part of their daily nutrition routine. It is made from 95% organic barley grass which has been used since ancient Egyptian times for its health benefits. Providing you with Vitamins C, D, K, calcium, zinc and many other minerals. With so much goodness in it, it is easy to see why so many people love it, but did you realise there are multiple ways that you can enjoy your daily Organic Jade Greenzymes? Here are just some of the ways you can enjoy it.

With PiMag Water

Mix you Organic Jade Greenzymes with fresh PiMag water for a refreshing cleansing drink.

 organic Jade Greenzymes, pimag water

With CiagaV

Combine two parts of your daily nutrition together and mix your Ciagav and Organic Jade Greenzymes together.


Blend it

Blend up your favourite smoothie recipe and add in your daily dose of Organics Jade Greenzymes for a nutritious, yummy smoothie.

Three fresh mango milkshakes

Sprinkle it

Sprinkle your Organic Jade Greenzymes over your favourite salad or even try on a pizza or pasta, it’s a great way to sneak extra nutrients into your families meals.

  Organic Jade Greenzymes Salad

 There are so many ways to enjoy your Organic Jade Greenzymes how do you enjoy yours?

Your Daily Boost With CiagaV®

CiagaV® was introduced in 2012 to help you achieve a healthier body with a 50% increase in antioxidant levels compared to Ciaga®. It is a deliciously fruity drink that offers a quick and easy way to give your body the healthy boost of nutrients it needs daily. We love this product and know that once you have tried it and seen what it can do for you and your family, it will become a staple in your daily routine.

Ciaga v1 lower res_small

So what actually is CiagaV®? Well it is a fruit drink made from an incredible 91% pure fruit. It is made of only seven super ingredients, which provide you with a nutrient boost whilst having a sweet and delicious berry flavour. It is 100% organic using fruit picked when at their optimum of nutritional content, ensuring that every berry squeezed into the CiagaV® is giving off all the healthy nutrients possible. This in turn allows you to only need one small 30ml portion a day to receive the full benefits.

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How do the Digital Team use Nikken Products?

So many companies talk about how amazing their products are, but do they really believe it? Do they even use them themselves? The Digital Team here at Nikken actually use many of the products, on a daily basis, at work and at home.

The PiMag Waterfall is the most used product in the office, with all of us drinking a lot more water. (Hint:  if you find yourself not drinking as much, try adding a little sugar free cordial to your glass of water). Another well used product is our beloved KenkoAir Purifier. As it sits in the corner of the office, we often hear it roaring away, flashing red to remind us that it’s still there, cleaning through the air.


Donna is our Digital Marketing and Events Manager here at Nikken, and by far the biggest user of Nikken Products. Just from listening to her daily routine, you can really see how she gets the most out of Nikken.

As Donna’s alarm sounds and the Kenkolight comes on, she wakes up feeling recharged thanks to her Nikken Sleep System. Showering with the PiMag Ultra Showerhead followed by a mini pamper with the Seisho Skin Care Range, she feels refreshed and revitalised. Not only does Donna sleep in comfort but her pets also get to enjoy their own individual Nikken PetPads. With KenkoAir in most rooms, and a regular dose of Ciaga V and Lactoferrin, she really does feel much healthier. These are just some of the items that are used on a day to day basis along with the latest jewellery, the new Kalkai Triphase Bracelet and always a Powerband.


Our Digital Marketing and Events Co-ordinator, Erin, is a Yoga Lover, who recently found that PowerChip’s were great to use as Yoga Chakras. Placing the PowerChip over the Heart Chakra and so on can be really rewarding for all you Yoginis out there. Along with this, Erin purchased a Nikken Powerband for herself, but she liked them so much that she bought one for her whole family (Hint: Powerband’s make great stocking fillers at Christmas)

Here at the Nikken Office, we have the Nikken PiMag Waterfall to hand, helping us maintain a healthy acid level. Erin drinks 2 litres a day, which means there is constant refilling with 4 of us in the office. (Hint: Do not overfill the water-fall, as it literally turns in to a real life water fall – as we experience)


Georgia is the Digital Marketing and Events Administrator, who is now a regular user of Lactoferrin Gold 1.8. Georgia states ‘Since using these I feel generally better within myself. I’m not as tired or as run down as I used to be, and generally feel much healthier.’ Georgia is looking to move house soon, and is regularly looking through the product brochure, already planning to buy one of each product. She has planned the ultimate ‘wellbeing home!’


Mira, the office newbie, is actually fascinated with the Nikken products, and has to stop herself from wanting to purchase a lot of items. Although she hasn’t been able to use a wide range of products yet, the ones she has come in contact with have proved to do what they say, and are very impressive. She is drinking more water than she did before from our PiMag Waterfall, while she sits comfortably on her Nikken KenkoSeat. Next on her list is to invest in the PowerPatches to stop her annoying headaches, and some Kasai Multi-Vitamin and Minerals to really get her going.


Rosemary is our Events Assistant who has become very fond of Nikken PowerPatches.  She has full faith in these, as they always make her feel more comfortable. ‘If I hurt my wrist for example, I pop a PowerPatch on there, and within a little amount of time I feel a real difference. It is these PowerPatches that really made me believe in the science behind Nikken Products.’

Rosemary’s second favourite has to be the Kenko Mattress, although these have been replaced by the KenkoPad, Rosemary finds herself having a good comfortable sleep, sometimes not wanting to get out!

Hopefully from this you can see that we all use products for different reasons in our own personal ways. So why not use your products to suit your lifestyles and let us know your favourite products and how you use them?

Natural Solutions For Change of Life


      1. The ceasing of menstruation.
      2. The period in a woman’s life (typically between 45 and 50 years of age) when this occurs.

Menopause is the time in a woman’s life when levels of the female hormones oestrogen and progesterone fall, also known as the “change of life”.

Hormone Replacement Therapy has been used in an effort to revamp low oestrogen levels but HRT has a dark side. Over the last 20 years studies such as the Million Women Study (UK) and Women’s Health Initiative (US) have found a significant increase in the risk of breast cancer and heart disease from HRT.

HRT isn’t the only option – Nature has provided us with many remedies like

  • Spear Mint Tea
  • Flax
  • Yams
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Cassava
  • Black Cohosh
  • Dong Quai
  • Ginkgo
  • Sage
  • Red Clover
  • Soy Products like Nutri5®

What is Nutri5®?

Nutri5® is a strawberry-flavoured instant soya shake mix which contains a unique combination of high quality soya protein, soya fibre and soya germ. The soy isoflavones in Nutri5® are quite similar in structure to human oestrogen, and as such trigger similar responses in the body.  It was developed as the result of over 20 year’s research into the benefits of soya by Dr Lars Hoie.

Given this, Nutri5® can help to alleviate the discomfort associated with menopause such as hot flushes, sweating, restlessness, and irritability.

“I am a loyal user of many Nikken products and in Spring 2009 I was introduced to Nutri5®. I am 55 years old and began suffering from night sweats and disrupted sleep, so I started taking Nutri5® twice a day. After only my 2nd week I noticed a difference! My hot sweats decreased and I slept all the way through the night until the morning. I highly recommend anyone suffering from menopausal symptoms to try Nutri5®, it has really helped me cope with the discomfort of menopause.” – Kerstin Olofsson, Sweden

To find out more information about Nutri5® and many other fantastic Nikken products, please visit our website:

Digital Team

Make it a Ciagav® summer to remember!

Over the past couple of months we’ve seen many fantastic new product launches, with the KenkoAir®, PiMag® Sport Bottle, PiMag® Waterfall and the PowerChip™.

This week sees the launch of CIAGAV® – An organic juice drink with 91% pure fruit that’s bursting with nutrients.

With the summer finally arriving, not only do we have fresh PiMag® water to choose from, we also have this fruity concoction which is the perfect accompaniment to your family BBQ’s and picnics.

Some of the staff at Nikken Europe HQ have been enjoying some ice cold (non-alcoholic) Ciagav® in the Great British weather!

What’s on the Ciaga v® menu?

Need some Ciagav® Cocktail recipe inspiration? Here are just a few suggestions; whether you choose to go for the alcoholic version, or non-alcoholic, there is something for everyone. We’d love to hear your recipe ideas – please post recipes and photos to our Nikken Europe Facebook page and share with everyone!

…and the Digital Team’s favourite has to be…

A fantastically Olympic-themed cocktail that’s sure to be a hit at all of your summer BBQ’s and picnics in the sunshine with all of its fruity goodness! Being non-alcoholic also means this one’s good for the whole family.

Remember: You can download the Ciaga v® Customer Cocktail Leaflet from MyNikken!

Read more about the new Ciaga v® on MyNikken. Ciaga v® is also available on Nikken Europe’s public website with a downloadable Fact Sheet.

Discover the delights of true vitality and wellness – the natural, tasty way. Have a great weekend; make yours a CiagaV® weekend (and summer) to remember!

Nikken Digital Team 🙂

Alcohol abuse is detrimental to your health. Please drink responsibly and in moderation.