Nikken’s Top 5 Gifts for Her this Valentine’s Day

Pssstt.. yes you men out there, in case you’d forgotten Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and we heard that you might need a little helping hand finding the perfect present for her? Well it’s good we came here to help you then isn’t it. Not only will we ensure we help you find the perfect present we will save you from hours of trawling around 20 different shops, why not get it all in one go at one place? These products will show her you love and care about her as they are lovely gifts but you are also taking care of her health and wellbeing. Here are our top 5 gifts for women, chosen by women!

 gifts for her nikken

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Wishing You All A Very Merry Christmas!

As days get shorter, and the nights get darker, it suddenly dawns on us that


Not long now until the streets will be lit up with lights, and hopefully a little snow! But here at Nikken, we are definitely getting in the festive mood! With the Christmas tree out, and the office lined with snowflakes and tinsel, the only thing left to do is get that Christmas album on!

Are you ready for Christmas yet, or do you still have those last minute gifts to buy? If you are looking for some inspiration, then you’ve come to the right place, as we have some great Christmas Hamper idea’s for you!

The Pamper Hamper – For those who love to take little time out.

With a complete Seisho Skincare range, you can’t go wrong. The Seisho Skincare range is made up of a 3 step set; Clear, Revitalise and Replenish, and comes with an illuminating Serum and nourishing crème. Each product is made with the best known products to help achieve the perfect complexion; bright, plump and refined.

Compliment the skincare range with a timeless piece of Nikken jewellery and it’ll make the perfect Christmas Gift. This Napoli Swirl Bracelet will go down a treat. It features magnetic, far-infrared, and negative-ion technology. The Milano Quilted Heart Pendant has also been made with the same concept, allowing them to give the feeling of relaxation and serenity.

The Sports Hamper – Perfect for the Sport Fanatics

The Workout – The KenkoInsoles are great for an energising massage to the feet while working out. The Insoles paired up with the Thermowear Socks work great together, as the socks help with ventilation and heat control, while the insoles work wonders on your pressure points.

After the Workout – The Magcreator is perfect for ironing out though tense muscles after a hard workout. This works well with Kenkotherm wraps, which soothe, support and keeps the affected area warm for comfort.

The Look – The Triphase watch is a statement piece, which not only replicates a calming environment but also has comforting qualities. But the Sports Hamper would not be complete without a Powerband, made with naturally energising magnets, to complete your sporty look.

A Gift for the Gadget Lover – The KenkoLight

The KenkoLight is Nikken’s most recent product, and what a worthy one it is! Faultless for the home or the office, it simulates sunlight to support health while removing harmful UV rays. It makes an effective bedroom lamp as it features an alarm, allowing a natural wake up with a sunrise, or as a desk lamp for that extra boost when working.

The KenkoLight has been known to improve moods, increase concentration, productivity and focus, while fighting fatigue and eyestrain, usually caused by flickering bulbs!

For more Information on any Nikken Product, please contact your Independent Nikken Consultant or visit

Hopefully, this has given you a little inspiration for gifts, and if you aren’t already in the Festive mood, then hopefully you are now!

The Nikken Digital and Events Team would like to wish the Nikken Family a Very Merry Christmas, and leave you with a little something…

Do you like the New Jewellery?… We do.

What sets this apart from ordinary jewellery? Innovations that help you feel as good as you look…

Our Jewellery doesn’t just have style, it has quality! It has elegance! And it has technologies that will help aid your wellbeing!  Three products each as good as the other that have been made with the technologies (Magnetic, Far-Infrared & Negative Ions) that synchronise together to leave a feeling of tranquillity and relaxation. Both the Nikken TriPhase® Watch and the Kalkei TriPhase® Bracelet have all three technologies.

With the Kalkei Magnetic Bracelet we have taken a popular high street trend and combined it with Nikken’s magnetic technology. With fashionable colours and styling we have created this new jewellery for everyone to enjoy. It has 600 gauss magnets that have the power to replicate the Earth’s magnetic energies, proving you can maintain wellbeing and be stylish. 

Our Digital Team love the new Jewellery! Donna our Digital Marketing and Events Manager says “I love the new Kalkei TriPhase Bracelet and wear it most of the time, during the day at the office and out in the evenings – so many people comment on how pretty it is and ask where they can get one – which starts off the conversation about the TriPhase technology and Nikken”.

Product Developer, Matthew Smart helped create the contemporary jewellery “Being able to develop highly fashionable jewellery infused with our Tri-Phase technologies is the best part of my role within Nikken. The Nikken Watch has to be my favourite, this is a first for Nikken Global and one that I’m proud to say was launched in Europe first. Knowing that our products can sit alongside high street brands but have our advanced technologies is a good feeling. Making sure Nikken Europe is at the forefront of jewellery design is my passion and I hope that our designs help our current consultants to attract a new generation of Nikken consultants”.

Germany was one of many hosts, that helped Nikken launch its impressive Jewellery range this September, and our European Sales Director, Ben Woodward, was lucky enough to attend. “The Kalkei Bracelets have proved to be extremely popular, with people across all markets expressing great pleasure at how on trend they are. With the elegant black velvet pouch they come in they are quickly becoming great gift ideas for Christmas. ”
Overall, our new jewellery is our best yet, not only because of the sophisticated styles and colourful looks, but the technology behind it too. This range will not only benefit your well-being but will keep you up to date with the latest trends, and show you the more fashionable side to Nikken.

All Jewellery is now available to buy on

How do the Digital Team use Nikken Products?

So many companies talk about how amazing their products are, but do they really believe it? Do they even use them themselves? The Digital Team here at Nikken actually use many of the products, on a daily basis, at work and at home.

The PiMag Waterfall is the most used product in the office, with all of us drinking a lot more water. (Hint:  if you find yourself not drinking as much, try adding a little sugar free cordial to your glass of water). Another well used product is our beloved KenkoAir Purifier. As it sits in the corner of the office, we often hear it roaring away, flashing red to remind us that it’s still there, cleaning through the air.


Donna is our Digital Marketing and Events Manager here at Nikken, and by far the biggest user of Nikken Products. Just from listening to her daily routine, you can really see how she gets the most out of Nikken.

As Donna’s alarm sounds and the Kenkolight comes on, she wakes up feeling recharged thanks to her Nikken Sleep System. Showering with the PiMag Ultra Showerhead followed by a mini pamper with the Seisho Skin Care Range, she feels refreshed and revitalised. Not only does Donna sleep in comfort but her pets also get to enjoy their own individual Nikken PetPads. With KenkoAir in most rooms, and a regular dose of Ciaga V and Lactoferrin, she really does feel much healthier. These are just some of the items that are used on a day to day basis along with the latest jewellery, the new Kalkai Triphase Bracelet and always a Powerband.


Our Digital Marketing and Events Co-ordinator, Erin, is a Yoga Lover, who recently found that PowerChip’s were great to use as Yoga Chakras. Placing the PowerChip over the Heart Chakra and so on can be really rewarding for all you Yoginis out there. Along with this, Erin purchased a Nikken Powerband for herself, but she liked them so much that she bought one for her whole family (Hint: Powerband’s make great stocking fillers at Christmas)

Here at the Nikken Office, we have the Nikken PiMag Waterfall to hand, helping us maintain a healthy acid level. Erin drinks 2 litres a day, which means there is constant refilling with 4 of us in the office. (Hint: Do not overfill the water-fall, as it literally turns in to a real life water fall – as we experience)


Georgia is the Digital Marketing and Events Administrator, who is now a regular user of Lactoferrin Gold 1.8. Georgia states ‘Since using these I feel generally better within myself. I’m not as tired or as run down as I used to be, and generally feel much healthier.’ Georgia is looking to move house soon, and is regularly looking through the product brochure, already planning to buy one of each product. She has planned the ultimate ‘wellbeing home!’


Mira, the office newbie, is actually fascinated with the Nikken products, and has to stop herself from wanting to purchase a lot of items. Although she hasn’t been able to use a wide range of products yet, the ones she has come in contact with have proved to do what they say, and are very impressive. She is drinking more water than she did before from our PiMag Waterfall, while she sits comfortably on her Nikken KenkoSeat. Next on her list is to invest in the PowerPatches to stop her annoying headaches, and some Kasai Multi-Vitamin and Minerals to really get her going.


Rosemary is our Events Assistant who has become very fond of Nikken PowerPatches.  She has full faith in these, as they always make her feel more comfortable. ‘If I hurt my wrist for example, I pop a PowerPatch on there, and within a little amount of time I feel a real difference. It is these PowerPatches that really made me believe in the science behind Nikken Products.’

Rosemary’s second favourite has to be the Kenko Mattress, although these have been replaced by the KenkoPad, Rosemary finds herself having a good comfortable sleep, sometimes not wanting to get out!

Hopefully from this you can see that we all use products for different reasons in our own personal ways. So why not use your products to suit your lifestyles and let us know your favourite products and how you use them?