Nikken’s Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

Men… they always seem to have everything already, making it impossible to buy them anything for Valentine’s Day. We know asking them is no hope as the answer is always “I don’t know, I don’t need anything.” This year why not surprise him and get him a gift from Nikken, choose a gift from our top 5, all make fantastic gifts with the added health giving benefits of Nikken’s technologies.

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Do you like the New Jewellery?… We do.

What sets this apart from ordinary jewellery? Innovations that help you feel as good as you look…

Our Jewellery doesn’t just have style, it has quality! It has elegance! And it has technologies that will help aid your wellbeing!  Three products each as good as the other that have been made with the technologies (Magnetic, Far-Infrared & Negative Ions) that synchronise together to leave a feeling of tranquillity and relaxation. Both the Nikken TriPhase® Watch and the Kalkei TriPhase® Bracelet have all three technologies.

With the Kalkei Magnetic Bracelet we have taken a popular high street trend and combined it with Nikken’s magnetic technology. With fashionable colours and styling we have created this new jewellery for everyone to enjoy. It has 600 gauss magnets that have the power to replicate the Earth’s magnetic energies, proving you can maintain wellbeing and be stylish. 

Our Digital Team love the new Jewellery! Donna our Digital Marketing and Events Manager says “I love the new Kalkei TriPhase Bracelet and wear it most of the time, during the day at the office and out in the evenings – so many people comment on how pretty it is and ask where they can get one – which starts off the conversation about the TriPhase technology and Nikken”.

Product Developer, Matthew Smart helped create the contemporary jewellery “Being able to develop highly fashionable jewellery infused with our Tri-Phase technologies is the best part of my role within Nikken. The Nikken Watch has to be my favourite, this is a first for Nikken Global and one that I’m proud to say was launched in Europe first. Knowing that our products can sit alongside high street brands but have our advanced technologies is a good feeling. Making sure Nikken Europe is at the forefront of jewellery design is my passion and I hope that our designs help our current consultants to attract a new generation of Nikken consultants”.

Germany was one of many hosts, that helped Nikken launch its impressive Jewellery range this September, and our European Sales Director, Ben Woodward, was lucky enough to attend. “The Kalkei Bracelets have proved to be extremely popular, with people across all markets expressing great pleasure at how on trend they are. With the elegant black velvet pouch they come in they are quickly becoming great gift ideas for Christmas. ”
Overall, our new jewellery is our best yet, not only because of the sophisticated styles and colourful looks, but the technology behind it too. This range will not only benefit your well-being but will keep you up to date with the latest trends, and show you the more fashionable side to Nikken.

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