Earth Day 2013 – What will you do to save the Planet?

Earth Day is celebrated annually, raising awareness of issues that are causing our climate to deteriorate at an astonishing pace.

Together we have the collective power to slow down climate change, even if this means simply turning off a power switch.

Today is the 43rd Earth Day, in which the world comes together to highlight and showcase concerns, issues and solutions to save our planet. This year, the theme is ‘The Face of Climate Change’

03A25448Our climate is changing rapidly, and everyone and everything is affected one way or another. Stories which are becoming more and more common include families having to relocate due to rising sea levels, fishermen who go home with no catch, families becoming homeless due to extreme weathers, dirty water, poor harvests, the list goes on.

Not only are we humans affected but other species too but animals are losing their homes too; Polar bears in the arctic, whales in the warming seas, or endangered species in the Amazon.

‘The Face of Climate Change’

The Face of Climate Change is a global campaign where images are 02C90719collected and displayed around the world. These images not only show the direct impact of global warming, but also images of those who are trying to make a difference. Forming a collage of hundreds of thousands will really put in to prospective what we are doing to the earth and how important it is to stop this.

A few events going on around the world include:

  • Denmark where Runners, Walkers, Bikers and Skaters will use their country as a canvas to spell CO2 with GPS Systems.
  • Argentina will be cleaning beaches and planting Evergreen and Shrubs to prevent water and wind erosion.
  • India are distributing saplings to students and educating the nations about the effects of climate change.
  • Italy is holding an Earth Day Festival with live music, food, awards and speakers, as is California – home of Nikken Inc. headquarters.
  • South Korea will be having an Eco-style Flash Mob ‘Gangnam Style’ as well as a walkathon and exhibition.

These are just some of the many events taking place across the globe to raise the awareness of climate change. Simply to make the world a greener place.

‘A Billion Acts of Green’

Earth day also has ‘A Billion acts of Green’ where they encourage the people of the world to make small changes, which collectively will have a massive impact on Climate Change.

Here are a few simple super powers that you can have to help save the world!

  • Saving Energy
    • Turn off Switches and Lights
    • Insulate your Homes
    • Use Energy Saving Appliances.
  • Save Water
    • Have Showers rather than Baths
    • Water your garden when the day is at its coolest, and try use rain water
    • Don’t leave the tap running while you brush your teeth.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
    • Only buy what you need.
    • Try going for products with less packaging.
    • Donate unwanted clothing, and appliances, and items to charity.
    • Reuse tubs, and bottles.
    • Recycle as much as possible; paper, cans, plastics, metals etc.


‘A World of Wellness’

Here at Nikken, we have a vision of ‘an Earth so clean’ – a world of wellness. We want to overcome the black cloud of manmade pollution that taints the earth.

In order to help reach this aim, we do a number of things; Not only recycling our used materials, but ensuring that we use recycled materials within the office too.

Our PiMag products are eco-friendly as it needs no power source to give you filtered water. Not only that, but it also saves hundreds of plastic bottles being dumped on landfill sites.

The KenkoAir purifier not only gives you fresh, spring, clean air indoors, but it doesn’t release those toxic gases in to the ozone either.

The True Elements skincare range takes advantage of natural resources we have available to use, but we ensure that they are handled ethically and Seaweed is obtained from a sustainable source.

What will you do to save the Planet?

Together we can ‘activate individuals and organisation to strengthen the collective fight against man’s exploitive relationship with the planet.’

Happy Earth Day!



Happy Earth Day 2012!

With Earth Day approaching this Sunday 22nd April 2012, we thought we’d write a short blog, hoping to inspire everyone to make eco-friendly choices! Together we can make just one small change that can have a great impact on our environment, ensuring a Healthy Society.

We’ve handpicked some of our favourites:

Turn it OFF – Turn off any Lights, technology, TV’s and other equipment when they aren’t in use.

Water – Turn off the tap when you’re brushing your teeth, don’t rinse your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, wash clothes at a lower temperature and hang dry rather than using a tumble dryer. Take a shorter shower. Re-think bottled water (try the PiMag® Sport Bottle for instance!)

Give to charity – Donate unwanted clothes, household items and furniture rather than throwing them out.

Recycle – Recycle any glass, paper, newspapers, old mobile phones and materials. Recycled glass reduces related air pollution by up to 20% and related water pollution by up to 50%. (

Online & Digital – Technology provides us with more opportunities to carry out tasks online. For example paying bills, finding out telephone numbers and information that we used to normally receive on paper can now be viewed online, in the paper-less format!

Bags – Re-use bags and take a ‘bag for life’ shopping so you don’t have to use lots of carrier bags.

Travel – Can you carpool? Can you take the bus? Can you walk or bicycle to where you need to be?

Get Creative! – Wrap presents using items and materials around the house that you don’t use. Newspaper, materials and cloths will make a gift extra unique.


We liked this hand drawn image on Pinterest. On our Pinterest profile you’ll find more Earth Day images and other ‘Healthy Society’ pins!

Let us know on Facebook what you’re doing differently to help the environment and what you’ll be doing on Earth Day this Sunday.

Nikken Digital Team 🙂