Top 5 Direct Selling Tips

When you first start out your business in Direct Selling it can seem a daunting task, even for an experienced sales person the idea of starting a new business can be scary. The best way to combat the initial worries and fears is to be prepared. So before you go to the next event why not just run over our top selling tips?

1. Set yourself a goal

Having a clear goal will help you become focused and motivated. The goal can be a sales goal for your whole year or maybe it’s just a goal for one event, whatever it is make sure it is clear in your mind and in all your approaches to your work. When setting a goal it is important that is isn’t unattainable, however it should be challenging enough to push you to work that bit harder.

2. Don’t fear failure

Unfortunately in business failure is always a risk. Don’t let a “no” knock you back, if something doesn’t work simply say to yourself “That didn’t work and now I am wiser and stronger in my future decisions and experiences.” Think if you only ever received “yes” how would you ever grown and improve?

3. Time Management

As much as some of us would love to be able to work 24 hours a day, you can’t! Managing your time effectively will mean you can as productive as possible and still have plenty of time to relax and spend with family and friends. Create a schedule and block in time for work but equally block in time to relax and have to yourself away from work. One great advantage of working in direct selling is you can work when you are most productive maybe you are an early bird and work well at 6am or maybe you at your peak at 11pm, work when suits you best!

4. Be comfortable and confident

A customer will be able to tell if you aren’t confident in a product you are selling and they may lose confidence. The best way to have confidence is to sell products you believe in and are knowledgeable about. Take the time before you start selling to really get to know your products, or at least know where to direct any questions a customer may have to.

5. Follow up

Maybe you’ve had a conversation with someone about Nikken products and you’ve left them with a leaflet, great but what next? Follow it up! If left to their own devices in 2 hours’ time they may have completely forgotten your conversation, but if in a few days you call them and talk to them again and get them to make a promise whether to watch a video or try a product then you are starting them on their journey to Nikken and they know you are there to help and support them!

Most of all enjoy your journey, being your own boss gives you the advantage to make your business work for you. Find a way to run your business that you are comfortable and you enjoy. No one wants to wake up in the morning dreading work, it’s time to make your life and your journey the way you want, it’s all in your control!

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Why Nikken?

Nikken is a global brand operating in 37 countries for 39 years! Unlike many other direct selling businesses’ Nikken was built and revolves around a fundamental philosophy we call Humans Being More. This philosophy is applied and lived through personal application and a healthy balanced life focused around Five Pillars of Health; mind, body, family, society, and finances. Our products, trainings, business opportunity and all we do are based and built around these 5 Pillars of health, designed to help bring those that live and apply the philosophy a healthy and happy balanced life.

What Will I Do?

As an Independent Nikken Consultant you will be a business owner, and have the freedom to build and grow your business in the best way that works for you. The best way to share our philosophy is to be a living example of our message, sharing the philosophy and selling products which help others to improve their health and well being. Be prepared to talk about Nikken, we encourage consultants to hold presentations and talk about well being and our products and improving their quality of life. We find the best way for you to sell products is to use them and share your own personal success and stories of the benefits in using the Nikken products. Anyone can take advantage of the health benefits of our products from our clean air and filtered water to our impressive range of magnetic technologies, sleep system and jewellery.

What Will I Achieve?

Nikken believes in rewarding you straight away for all your hard work and we offer a fantastic compensation plan that allows you to see instant rewards from your efforts, sales and success. We also offer many additional incentives and rewards which can include cash bonuses, iPads, travel abroad and other exclusive VIP retreats for our top Consultants.  In addition there is also recognition for success and progress along with other top consultants in front of thousands of people at events across Europe. At these events you will also get the chance to network and meet other like-minded people that are passionate about the company as well as top Nikken leaders, many of whom have been working in partnership with the company for years.

How Do I Sign Up?

Don’t hesitate to sign up and take control of your life, take advantage of our fantastic offer today! If you have any more questions, our Consultants are always happy to help you out and advise you. Contact your nearest local Independent Nikken Consultant and they will take you through the first few steps of your Nikken Journey. if you don’t know a Consultant already, find yours via our public website.

Working with Nikken brings the opportunity uncapped benefits and Bonuses. The sky is the limit this is more than a job, it is a passion.  It is a lifestyle – come and change yours today. We look forward to seeing you soon as part of the Nikken family and watching how far your journey will take you.

The Emerging Challenge for MLM Leaders

The economic crisis that the world has been in these past few years teaches us some valuable lessons about the challenges we face within the Direct Selling Industry. For example, we see from government statistics that over the past 100 years we have averaged a recession every six years. However, in spite of the regularity of these financial dips, we see a global economy that continues to grow over time. In fact, compared with our ancestors of the 1820’s we are on average 50 times wealthier financially than they were. That’s impressive. At the current rate of progress people can expect their incomes to double in 35 years if they don’t change anything. Very importantly, we see that the East is growing faster than the West. One reason for this is that the material dream of the West that was promoted in the 1950’s (a home, nice car, travel etc.) has largely been fulfilled for many people. The East is only just starting to run with this material dream.

Well, what has all this to do with your business? Firstly, we see that every company, industry and in fact global economies have patterns of ups and downs. This is reassuring if you are in a downward position right now. It says it doesn’t have to be the end and you can pull yourself up and out. But that isn’t my point! My point is – HOW? How do you pull yourself up and get your business growing in todays climate? What will attract people? You see, with all of this financial growth that the world has experienced, especially over the past 100 years, we see the world has changed. Dreams that were promoted by our industry years ago, about financial freedom, achieving material success or claiming your right to the status symbols of financial accomplishment such as big homes, fancy cars, swimming pools, luxury holidays are quickly becoming irrelevant. Most people find that even if they are not happy in their employment, they can still have much of these rewards because they are so accessible. Even people that are unemployed and reliant on government benefits seem to have the means to go on holidays in Europe and buy massive widescreen TV’s.

It has also been proved through research that once individuals achieve a certain level of disposable income, what you earn thereafter doesn’t have the ability to make you much happier. It is hard to say you are happy and fulfilled when you cant afford to eat or stay warm in winter for example, so we see that income is essential for a core level of happiness. But beyond that it is proven now – money doesn’t make you happy!

So, the material age is in transition and is changing. Dreams are being fulfilled in large scale. We are wealthier in significant proportions to our ancestors and economies continue to grow! So how do we attract people into our business in this climate? What message can you give to people to attract them to your business when they are comfortable already? The answer can be found by looking at the existing financially wealthy, or by asking a simple question: If you were already a millionaire – where would you go to find happiness and fulfilment? The answer is found in PURPOSE, but most importantly its SHARED PURPOSE! It is about being inspired to engage in a cause that is bigger than you are. This is always found where relationships with others are essential. It is always connected to wellbeing or in any one of our five pillars. Nikken of course, has all five pillars at its centre – not just one! And we are abundantly rich in relationships.

Great businesses and brands have already discovered this truth and are growing and evolving with the tides of change. If you are stuck right now, perhaps you need to rediscover your message – what cause and purpose are you advocating? It can’t be about the money! How does partnering with you and your business help others to discover higher levels of happiness and fulfilment? What kind of wellbeing can be experienced through association with Nikken and your business? What types of relationships can be enjoyed in your team? Get this message right – and your business will start to change. And remember the words of Saint Francis Assisi who is believed to have said “always preach the gospel and where necessary – use words!” Our message, whilst not the gospel, is best preached not with words but by example. Let’s live our message, fulfil our purpose and show the world what greater happiness can look like. Then, they will come to us, partner with us and share our purpose.

Do You Need More Money in May?

Do you need to earn more money in your business – quickly? Would it help you to get an extra couple of hundred euro’s in your May commissions? You can get it if you want it. Here is how and most importantly, here is why.

There is always a reason behind each of the business promotions that Nikken puts on – and it is always centred on helping you to achieve more. In the month of April we are offering pack bonuses for all enrollers of people who join in the month of April and purchase a Vital Pack. These bonuses will be paid out in May commissions – €40 for a Day Pack, €50 for an Environment Pack and €60 for a Night Pack. The more people you sponsor who purchase a Vital Pack in April – the more you can earn in May!

So, why are we offering this special incentive? Firstly, during the month of March we saw a lot of Product Launch events where a large number of you brought guests. As the saying goes – “the fortune is in the follow up”. This special offer give you added incentive to get back to your guests and encourage them to join – with a Vital Pack of course 🙂

There is another reason too! It is proven that when people join “right” they have a higher chance of succeeding later. Starting right includes purchasing a Vital Pack straight away. It helps to establish commitment. It encourages the Enroller to talk about the business opportunity too. It also helps the discussion on the new Enrolees goals and desires for success. What do they want with Nikken, when by? How can I as the Enroller help? One of the ways to help is to ensure they purchase a Vital Pack! It offers them exposure to a range of products at a great price and encourages them to “Nikkenise” their homes. This helps for when they are meeting people or talking to others in their home environment and it eases the sense of having to sell something. Now, with product experience they can promote and recommend instead. That is much more comfortable.

In addition to the above two reasons, the Vital Packs have great point value and if you and your team are striving to rank advance this month – this incentive will be sure to help. The key is to get the people in your group working on it too. It only takes half a dozen people in a group maximising this promotion and you can see your volume go way up. Remember, more points from product sold means more income.

Please be sure to spread the message about this month’s special offer. Don’t just show people what they can earn – let them know the reasons why they will earn it. All the reasons why are centred on helping you, your team or your new enrolees the chance to do better and become more.

Using Online Resources to Better Your Business

Whether you’re just starting out with Nikken or have been part of the family for years, navigating your way through all the online resources available out there can seem a daunting task. The first step is to do your research and find out what will work for you. Read on for some helpful suggestions on where to start.

  • MyNikken is your one-stop-shop to all the latest Nikken news, promotions, and products information. It should be the first thing you check in the morning and last thing at night. Through this portal you also have access to a host of different tools such as;
    • MyForum which allows you to communicate with other Consultants about anything from issues to business opportunities.
    • 1-2-1 Presentations are a great asset to building your business. These allow you to present a PowerPoint presentation to a prospect wherever they are (via telephone, email, Skype or face-to-face).
    • PV/PGV App is the first mobile application to be developed exclusively for Nikken Consultants. It allows you to check your PV/PGV information wherever you are, so you can keep on top of your progress and reach your goals!
    • Nikken Business Tools is an online store where you can order a whole host of items to help market yourself like business cards, banners, and personal development tools.
  • Blogs are another great way to market yourself, all you need to get started is a subject you’re passionate about. There is no right or wrong answer on what you should blog about. For example, as the Digital Marketing & Events Team, we like to write about events we’re organising, Nikken products, and of course digital news. If you’d like some inspiration try visiting Love All Blogs. There are a number of sites out there that will host your blog for free, such as Blogger or WordPress, so have a play around and see which one works best for you!
  • Social Media is the next level of word-of-mouth marketing, as it allows you to not only speak to your followers but your followers’ followers, and your followers’ followers’ followers and it keeps building. There are a great many benefits of social media; the trick is finding the social network that works for you! The Direct Selling Education Foundation has written a great article called “How to Choose Social Media Tools for Your Business”  devoted to this very task.

What online resources do you use to better your business? Please join our discussion on Nikken Europe’s Networking Group and share!

Healthy Family: Creating that all important work/life balance

“Healthy individuals are the building blocks of healthy families and relationships. A sense of caring for each individual is a vital component in Nikken’s philosophy, which is why our products and vision are based around the family.”

We continue our series on Nikken’s 5 Pillars of Health with the 3rd pillar –Healthy Family. One of the crucial components to the success of a healthy family is creating work/life balance.

Do you feel that there aren’t enough hours in the day to spend important time with your family?

It is a theme commonly depicted in films today, characters that have trouble maintaining a work/life balance. A son’s football game is skipped. A daughter’s dance recital is missed. A couple’s anniversary is forgotten. We watch these characters and think “I never want to become the person whose life revolves around work”.

In today’s fast paced environment it is becoming harder to maintain the work/life balance that we all desire. All too often people are working well past their office hours or skipping lunch in order to meet tight deadlines. People are becoming over stressed, over worked, and over tired, which can lead not only to health problems, but also directly affects your home life.

Direct selling gives you the power to manage your own working hours, family life, and social life. Creating a work/life balance that works for you is a key benefit of direct selling. It is all on your own terms! If your child is ill, you don’t have to worry about calling your boss to take the day off. You are the boss! It is your life and you should have full control of it.

They say “home is where the heart is”. So, what better place is there to work from than the comfort of your own home? Working from home gives you the perfect opportunity to free up time to spend valuable moments with your family.

In closing, there is a famous quote by Confucius we would all do well to live by: “Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life ever again”

What are some ways that you maintain a healthy family? Join the conversation on Twitter (@NikkenEurope) or Facebook ( and tell us! We’d love to hear from you!

– Digital Marketing & Events Team

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