Walk Your Way to Better Health

 To maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity, five days a week is recommended for adults and at least 60 minutes every day for children. But did you know that only around a third of people in Britain achieve these minimum recommended levels? This inactivity is a key factor in the dramatic growth of obesity, which will continue to rise unless something is done about it! This is why awareness of the benefits of walking is so important.

The aim of May’s National Walking Month is “to show children and adults how easy, enjoyable and rewarding walking is and how it can lead to real changes in people’s habits and lifestyles.”

Benefits of Walking

  • Boosts endorphins easing stress, tension, anger, fatigue and confusion in ten minutes
  • Improves heart health by increasing heart rate and circulation
  • Reduces the risk of coronary heart disease and strokes – inactive and unfit people have double the risk of dying from CHD
  • Improves flexibility and strength of joints, muscles and bones
  • Reduces the risk of Type 2 diabetes
  • Builds bone mass, reducing the risk of osteoporosis
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Boosts the immune system by halving odds of catching a cold
  • Reduces the risk of certain cancers such as; colon, breast and lung
  • Engages arms, shoulders, abdominal, and leg muscles

Just think only 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week can make you healthier and happier, and it is one of the easiest activities you can work into your daily routine! You can walk pretty much anywhere, it’s free and all you have to do is step outside your door and choose a destination or let your feet lead the way. Sometimes the best part of walking is discovering hidden trails that you might have missed were you in a car. Need some ideas;

  • Walk to the shops if you’ve just run out of milk.
  • Get off the bus 1 or 2 stops early, or walk to the next stop instead of waiting for the bus!
  • Enjoy nature! Go for a walk with your dog either to the park or to explore the green spaces around your house.
  • Take a break! During your lunch hour go for a walk in the area around your work. Make it a social thing and invite your colleagues.
  • Encourage walking at a young age! Have your child walk to school, if they are not old enough to walk by themselves join them, then you’ll be keeping active too!
  • Take the stairs instead of taking the lift.


  • Make sure you’re wearing comfortable shoes. Try CardioStrides®, weighted fitness shoes which help amplify muscle toning.
  • A few thin layers are better than one thick layer of clothing. This way you can take layers off as you start to warm up.
  • In the winter wear a hat and gloves. Your arms will get more work if they swing by your side then in your coat pocket.
  • Take some water along with you in a PiMag® Sport Bottle. Which is reusable and refillable, a better economic and environmental option than bottled water!

Whether it is to the shops, to work, or just to see friends – the important thing is to get out there and get walking! Let us know where you like to walk by posting on our Facebook page or tweeting to us @NikkenEurope!