April Nikken Now Winners Are…

CONGRATULATIONS to Kazuo Sakita, Heloisa Checon, Inno Moiron and Maria Elena Santome from Spain for winning the April Nikken Now Session. An extra special congratulations to Maria Elena Santome for setting 10 appointments in 30 minutes. WOW!!! This activity is proving to be a very successful experience across Europe. Our winning teams have come from Hungary, Sweden and now Spain over these past three months – not to mention of course the winners from the French and German markets.

We have again established hundreds of appointments for presentations in just 30 minutes. Who can dispute the power of this activity?

The Nikken Now Session in May will be on the 22nd at the usual times and on the usual numbers. Please check MyNikken for more details. This will be the last one that we host as a company as we now are seeing more leaders establishing their own schedule of Nikken Now Sessions with their teams. This of course is the ideal. If you want your business to grow – start with this activity. If you want our support in your sessions, please just let me know and we would be happy to help where we can.

Peter and Gerhard Klenner from Austria are now leading their teams with weekly Nikken Now Sessions and brand new business builders are joining in an getting results. Thank you to you both for your great example with this. The results show not just in your business but in the growing enthusiasm that you possess (if that could have even been possible in the first place :)). It really does create excitement and energy in the team.

Thank you to all that participate and please lets start now creating our own Sessions with our teams.