Certified by EcoCert – TRUE elements® Marine Organic Skincare

TE Eco Cert blog 25th SeptWhen a product is certified by EcoCert, it means the item has met the strict standards set for its specific category. EcoCert is an inspection and certification body established in France in 1991 by agronomists (those who study the science and technology of producing and using plants) who were aware of the need to develop environmentally friendly agriculture and the importance of recognising those committed to sustainable development in production.

Product categories open for certification include natural and organic cosmetics, natural and organic home perfumes, natural cleaning products, fair trade, ecological outdoor areas, organic textiles, eco-sustainable golf course, reforestation and solidarity, organic and ecological spa, ecological and recycled textiles, climate commitment and biodiversity commitment.

EcoCert has invested more than 10 years in a harmonisation project for cosmetic standards with European partners, BDIH (Germany), the Soil Association (UK), ICEA (Italy) and COSMEBIO (France). EcoCert has become a benchmark in organic certification worldwide.

In the EU, EcoCert is accredited by the Cofrac (French Accreditation Committee). In the USA, EcoCert is accredited by the USDA (US Department of Agriculture) for the National Organic Program (NOP) and in Japan; EcoCert is accredited by the MAFF (Agricultural Department) for the Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS)

Companies voluntarily request EcoCert certification to prove:

  • Control and traceability throughout the supply chain.
  • Commitment to environmental protection.
  • Integrity of raw materials and ingredients.
  • High standards within the specific industry such as food or cosmetics.

TRUE elements® Marine Organic Skincare is certified by EcoCert, a distinction that very few products — even those labelled as “organic” — can claim. True Elements® Skincare products are derived from various seaweeds and are abundant in natural minerals that are well absorbed by skin. The entire premium skincare range is formulated with a combination of ingredients that work synergistically to offer remarkable benefits.

Install confidence in your customer’s skincare selection by telling them about the EcoCert logo and what it means.

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The Emerging Challenge for MLM Leaders

The economic crisis that the world has been in these past few years teaches us some valuable lessons about the challenges we face within the Direct Selling Industry. For example, we see from government statistics that over the past 100 years we have averaged a recession every six years. However, in spite of the regularity of these financial dips, we see a global economy that continues to grow over time. In fact, compared with our ancestors of the 1820’s we are on average 50 times wealthier financially than they were. That’s impressive. At the current rate of progress people can expect their incomes to double in 35 years if they don’t change anything. Very importantly, we see that the East is growing faster than the West. One reason for this is that the material dream of the West that was promoted in the 1950’s (a home, nice car, travel etc.) has largely been fulfilled for many people. The East is only just starting to run with this material dream.

Well, what has all this to do with your business? Firstly, we see that every company, industry and in fact global economies have patterns of ups and downs. This is reassuring if you are in a downward position right now. It says it doesn’t have to be the end and you can pull yourself up and out. But that isn’t my point! My point is – HOW? How do you pull yourself up and get your business growing in todays climate? What will attract people? You see, with all of this financial growth that the world has experienced, especially over the past 100 years, we see the world has changed. Dreams that were promoted by our industry years ago, about financial freedom, achieving material success or claiming your right to the status symbols of financial accomplishment such as big homes, fancy cars, swimming pools, luxury holidays are quickly becoming irrelevant. Most people find that even if they are not happy in their employment, they can still have much of these rewards because they are so accessible. Even people that are unemployed and reliant on government benefits seem to have the means to go on holidays in Europe and buy massive widescreen TV’s.

It has also been proved through research that once individuals achieve a certain level of disposable income, what you earn thereafter doesn’t have the ability to make you much happier. It is hard to say you are happy and fulfilled when you cant afford to eat or stay warm in winter for example, so we see that income is essential for a core level of happiness. But beyond that it is proven now – money doesn’t make you happy!

So, the material age is in transition and is changing. Dreams are being fulfilled in large scale. We are wealthier in significant proportions to our ancestors and economies continue to grow! So how do we attract people into our business in this climate? What message can you give to people to attract them to your business when they are comfortable already? The answer can be found by looking at the existing financially wealthy, or by asking a simple question: If you were already a millionaire – where would you go to find happiness and fulfilment? The answer is found in PURPOSE, but most importantly its SHARED PURPOSE! It is about being inspired to engage in a cause that is bigger than you are. This is always found where relationships with others are essential. It is always connected to wellbeing or in any one of our five pillars. Nikken of course, has all five pillars at its centre – not just one! And we are abundantly rich in relationships.

Great businesses and brands have already discovered this truth and are growing and evolving with the tides of change. If you are stuck right now, perhaps you need to rediscover your message – what cause and purpose are you advocating? It can’t be about the money! How does partnering with you and your business help others to discover higher levels of happiness and fulfilment? What kind of wellbeing can be experienced through association with Nikken and your business? What types of relationships can be enjoyed in your team? Get this message right – and your business will start to change. And remember the words of Saint Francis Assisi who is believed to have said “always preach the gospel and where necessary – use words!” Our message, whilst not the gospel, is best preached not with words but by example. Let’s live our message, fulfil our purpose and show the world what greater happiness can look like. Then, they will come to us, partner with us and share our purpose.

Do You Need More Money in May?

Do you need to earn more money in your business – quickly? Would it help you to get an extra couple of hundred euro’s in your May commissions? You can get it if you want it. Here is how and most importantly, here is why.

There is always a reason behind each of the business promotions that Nikken puts on – and it is always centred on helping you to achieve more. In the month of April we are offering pack bonuses for all enrollers of people who join in the month of April and purchase a Vital Pack. These bonuses will be paid out in May commissions – €40 for a Day Pack, €50 for an Environment Pack and €60 for a Night Pack. The more people you sponsor who purchase a Vital Pack in April – the more you can earn in May!

So, why are we offering this special incentive? Firstly, during the month of March we saw a lot of Product Launch events where a large number of you brought guests. As the saying goes – “the fortune is in the follow up”. This special offer give you added incentive to get back to your guests and encourage them to join – with a Vital Pack of course 🙂

There is another reason too! It is proven that when people join “right” they have a higher chance of succeeding later. Starting right includes purchasing a Vital Pack straight away. It helps to establish commitment. It encourages the Enroller to talk about the business opportunity too. It also helps the discussion on the new Enrolees goals and desires for success. What do they want with Nikken, when by? How can I as the Enroller help? One of the ways to help is to ensure they purchase a Vital Pack! It offers them exposure to a range of products at a great price and encourages them to “Nikkenise” their homes. This helps for when they are meeting people or talking to others in their home environment and it eases the sense of having to sell something. Now, with product experience they can promote and recommend instead. That is much more comfortable.

In addition to the above two reasons, the Vital Packs have great point value and if you and your team are striving to rank advance this month – this incentive will be sure to help. The key is to get the people in your group working on it too. It only takes half a dozen people in a group maximising this promotion and you can see your volume go way up. Remember, more points from product sold means more income.

Please be sure to spread the message about this month’s special offer. Don’t just show people what they can earn – let them know the reasons why they will earn it. All the reasons why are centred on helping you, your team or your new enrolees the chance to do better and become more.

YouTube – Rise of the Video Blogger

YouTube is the biggest video streaming website, as well as being the second largest search engine on the Internet today. Created back in early 2005, and acquired by Google in 2006, YouTube allows users to share and upload videos. Video content can be anything: music videos, how-to, video blogging (more commonly known as vlogging), or piano playing cats.

The very first video ‘Me at the zoo’ was uploaded at 8:27PM on Saturday 23 April, 2005 by co-founder Jawed Karim. Since then, 60 hours of video are uploaded every minute – that is more video content than the 3 major US networks have created in the past 60 years combined!

Going Viral

With over 4 billion videos being viewed each day, it is no small wonder that the right video can lead to thousands of hits, and if your video goes viral the number of hits can be millions. Just take a look at these 5 famous ‘viral’ videos:

Which begs the question – what is a viral video?

A viral video is one that becomes popular through the process of online sharing, typically through social media and email. These videos often contain humorous content or eyewitness events and are more often shot by amateurs. With the rise of camera phones more videos are being shot in this medium, allowing for more people to become amateur videographers.

A creator cannot simply intend for the video to become viral, as often a video becoming viral is an unexpected accident. In fact some universities are even starting to offer courses on the creation of viral videos, focusing on the marketing techniques and advertising strategies that can be learned from them.

YouTube as a Marketing Tool

YouTube is not just for amateur videographers, as companies are seeing the power of video marketing on YouTube. Not only is it free to use, the social aspect allows them to reach millions of people all over the globe. Companies such as Coca-Cola, Cadbury, Orange, and Nikken Europe all use a YouTube channel to help market their brand.

At Nikken Europe, we host a variety of content on our site to display different aspects of the company such as our events, behind the scenes footage of the European HQ, and of course our products!

Recently rebranded, Nikken Europe’s channel has been divided into playlists by language to make it easier for our Consultants and Customers across Europe to find videos in their own language. Sometimes we are not able to make videos in every language, in instances like this we try and provide subtitles in the various languages. For example, on our video English – PiMag Waterfall set up you can view the video with subtitles in Finnish, Hungarian, Norwegian, Romanian, or Spanish. Simply click the button ‘CC’ at the bottom right corner of the video and select your video (as shown below). 

How can you use YouTube?

YouTube is really simple to get started on. Many users have accounts not to upload their own videos but to subscribe to people and companies they’re interested in. These users still participate in the social aspects of YouTube such as sharing videos, creating playlists, and leaving comments.

Perhaps you are one of these users, but the only reason you choose not to upload videos is because you’re afraid of where to start or that it is too complicated. We promise you it is not. Your video can be about anything. Just follow these 5 helpful tips and you could be on your way to be the next YouTube Celebrity!

  • DO capture something you’re passionate about, like your family
  • DO make your videos personal
  • DO watch videos you find interesting – they can give you some great ideas
  • DO capture what’s happening right in front of you
  • DON’T worry about using fancy equipment; a camera phone can be just as good!

Did you find this blog post helpful? Would you like to know more about YouTube? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter (@NikkenEurope) and be sure to subscribe to Nikken Europe’s YouTube channel!

– The Digital Team

Source: http://www.youtube.com/t/press_statistics

Nikken Europe launches new Product Registration site!

It’s almost been one week since the launch of our brand new Product Registration website where Consultants and Customers can register their newly purchased products to receive a whole host of information! Being ‘digital’ means we’re extremely excited about this new project.

What happens once I’ve registered?

Once you have selected your country and submitted the simple product registration form, you will receive a confirmation email soon after, approximately within one hour (note: this could take up to 24 hours). If it’s been longer than that, please ensure you’ve filled out the form correctly, provided the correct email address and checked your junk email before contacting us.

You’ll receive filter replacement reminders and exciting content related to your product. You can find out more about the emails and Nikken’s new digital addition on MyNikken.

Or by visiting the Product Registration directly here

What Nikken products can I register?

  • KenkoDream® Quilt
  • Naturest® KenkoPad®
  • Naturest Pillow
  • PiMag® Sport Bottle
  • PiMag Ultra Shower
  • PiMag Waterfall®

We’ll soon be rolling out quarterly newsletters too, so make sure you’re registered to receive the updates!

Nikken Digital Team 🙂

Spot the PowerChip™

The PowerChip™ premiered at the March launch events before being released for general ordering on 2 April 2012. There are a number of great uses for the PowerChip™, such as wearing it as a pendant, but there is one that I bet you didn’t think of… as a game!

Introducing… Spot the PowerChip™, a hidden object game in which you are shown an image and you must, you guessed it, spot the hidden PowerChip™! Some will be really easy, while others will be hard. But it won’t be just us providing the images; we want you to join in the fun too! You can post your photos on our Facebook page, tweet them to @NikkenEurope by using the hashtag #SpotPowerChip, or follow us on Pinterest and pin it to our Spot the PowerChip™ board!

Enjoy the game!

Spot the PowerChip

Can you spot the PowerChip™?


  1. Don’t spoil the fun and tell people where the PowerChip™ is, but DO brag if you’ve found it!
  2. The image must be taken by you! Meaning don’t photoshop the PowerChip™ into an image, that’s cheating!
  3. Most importantly – have fun with it and be creative!

#Twitter: A quick guide

Following our recent discussion on Linkedin (which can be found here) about your thoughts on Social Media communities, this blog is dedicated to the wonderful world of Twitter!

With a large proportion of people preferring to use Facebook and YouTube, it seems that Twitter has been left in the dark due to users feeling less confident with using this platform and wondering how they can use it for business and/or personal use.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is an online social network and micro-blogging service, enabling users to send real-time ‘tweets’ to one another, which can only be 140 characters long – so you have to keep the messages short and snappy!

Unregistered users can read anyone’s tweets as long as they haven’t set their profile to private, and registered users can send tweets via a computer, tablet device or mobile phone.

What do I tweet about?

We found this great quote that pretty much sums up the value of using Twitter and what you should be tweeting:

‘Twitter becomes more beneficial to you, when you give value to others.’

Basically, the more you put in, the more you get out, as with anything we do in life. This may be information, advice or entertainment; it’s 100% up to you and what you decide you want to communicate.

Although Twitter is a fairly playful and casual social networking site, you should always keep in mind your objectives for sending tweets and the content you are putting out there. When you first set up your Twitter account, you might decide that you want to tweet about a specific topic, for instance exercise and the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle; therefore all tweets should keep this original objective in mind to increase your Twitter following.

Top Ten Twitter Tips

1)       Set up your profile (Settings > Edit Profile): Create a simple and succinct bio that describes you and what you do. You could even include a link to your blog or website here. Additionally you’ll need to upload an image of you or your business with your objectives in mind. Differentiate yourself from the millions of Twitter users.

2)       Follow, follow, follow: Once your profile is set up, start following people with similar interests, motives, topical tweets. Following similar ‘tweeters’ will make it easier for you to build up your social community.

3)       Start a conversation: Go ahead and tweet, ask questions; anything related to your business and/or key topics. Respond to many of the queries that you’ll find people tweeting about and ‘re-tweet’ other people’s comments.

4)        Don’t SPAM: The Twitter news feed moves quite rapidly in real-time, however it could be seen as spamming if you send many Tweets all in one go. Remember to keep your tweets relevant and timed to ensure you don’t annoy other users with constant tweeting – they may un-follow you!

5)       Share tips related to your business and work-life balance

6)       Link to useful articles: Simply copy and paste the URL (Twitter will automatically shorten it for you) and include a brief summary of why it’s valuable to your followers.

7)       Refer other people and they will refer you back!

8)       Share your Twitter ID: Publish it on other websites (Facebook, your blog and Linkedin etc), maybe on business cards and your email signature.

9)       Make those 140 characters count! 140 characters isn’t a lot; keep it simple – use keywords and hashtags.

10)   Be real: Be authentic and be yourself. It’s a digital platform, but meaningful relationships can still be created from here as a fantastic starting point!

What is the hashtag used for in tweets? (#)

Often people don’t use hashtags because they’re not entirely sure what they should be using them for.

Put simply, it’s a (‘#’) symbol, followed by the topic you’re discussing. This is so that other users can easily search for that term to find the conversations related to it. If a topic (with the hashtag attached) is discussed regularly by many people, then it will appear in the trending topics section.

If you want to create a new hashtag that you’d like others to start using when they discuss your topic, create a short tweet explaining what it is and what you’re using it for. For example we created a hashtag for the March Launch Events 2012 – #NikkenLaunches2012 for any tweets we sent relating to the launches. Using hashtags is a conversation organisation tool.

Twilert is a good website for setting up Twitter search terms, that can be sent straight to your inbox whenever you would like them to (a bit like Google alerts), keeping you on top of the latest information related to that search term.

There are many useful resources on the internet about using Twitter for various purposes, we like Mashable’s Twitter Guide book, particularly chapter 3 ‘Twitter for Business’. Take a look here.

Want to know more about Social Media?

Please let us know if there are any Social Media topics you’d like us to cover in our blog and we’d be more than happy to provide some tips and advice on how to use it for your business.

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Happy Tweeting!