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Kaizen is a Japanese term meaning “continuous improvement through positive change”. Recipients of the Team Kaizen award have the opportunity to experience an extraordinary leadership position within Nikken.

2018 Team Kaizen members had to create at least one Quality Enrollment every month of 2017 and develop four or more new frontline Silver Consultants throughout the year. Even though he has qualified for Team Kaizen 2018, Royal Diamond Michael (Mike) DiMuccio continues to lead and sponsor new Consultants as he approaches 27 years with Nikken. Why? He has set himself a goal to be a part of Team Kaizen 2019.

Explaining why he was so intent on qualifying for Team Kaizen, Mike says:

“I wanted to prove to the Nikken Family, especially those following me, that even though I am at the Royal Diamond rank, often associated with ‘resting on our laurels’, that it could be done. The point was for me to remove all excuses and legitimate reasons for not getting it done. It was the consequence of making a decision. Enlist the support and direct involvement of your active upline and create a daily to-do list and calendar of events. Tell people why you are doing what you are doing with Nikken and invite them to help you do it – directly, or indirectly. Create new Silvers. No one becomes Silver just because. This achievement requires a focused effort on the part of the Consultant and their sponsor.

I have asked newly sponsored Consultants to join me in the effort to achieve a Paragon Award and Team Kaizen. The majority of volume that we have generated was from retail sales, which is a big plus in the new compensation plan. Of course, building a team is of a higher priority, but doesn’t hold back the potential for a Consultant to achieve the Silver rank mainly on his or her own steam. Contact with my running friends, ABC meetings and calls were top on the list for daily activities. Asking for ‘help’ and referrals became the means to connect to more people.

Everyone loves a deal, so extending product incentives to my Consultant’s prospects became a way to encourage immediate action, like offering a Naturest® Pillow for a Sleep System or a PiMag® Water Bottle for a PiMag® Waterfall. And now, with our new Wellness Home Packs, we have a built-in incentive!”

On his way to becoming a 2019 Team Kaizen member, Mike says: “Setting a goal and achieving it is one of the most empowering feelings in the world. I’m staying on top of my 3000 PGV monthly, mainly with the same strategy as before. I personally am also taking advantage of the new Wellness Packs to have products to loan to prospects and to promote the built-in incentives.”

In summary, here are the five main actions required with the “DiMuccio strategy” in order to join Team Kaizen:

  1. Make the decision to succeed.
  2. Ask your active upline for help and support.
  3. Create a daily to-do list and a calendar of events.
  4. Sponsor new Consultants and create new Silvers to build a team.
  5. Generate retail sales to increase volume. Maintain 3000 PGV monthly.

Next month, Mike is hosting the upcoming Humans Being More Summit together with a fellow Royal Diamond Bo Tanas in Toronto.

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(17th September)

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BUILD YOUR TEAM and be rewarded with Nikken Reward Points…

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Achieve Nikken Reward Points and cash in on the “DECIDE it. DO it. GET it.” incentive for the month of September. If you’re a Nikken Consultant, you know that earning a Nikken income requires an Active Wellness lifestyle, sponsoring new people with the Nikken opportunity and producing personal and group sales volume. In September, the “DECIDE it. DO it. GET it.” incentive rewards sponsorship that produces Personal Point Volume (PPV), as well as Personal Group Volume (rank dependent).

Active Nikken Consultants who produce a minimum of 100 PPV in September are eligible for the “DECIDE it. DO it. GET it.” incentive.

There are two categories to qualify for this incentive:

Top Recruiters

This category recognises the Top 3 Consultants who sponsor the most new Consultants with 500 PPV during the calendar month. Consultants are ranked from 1 – 3 based on the number of new Consultants recruited. A minimum of 3 new Consultants, each with at least 500 PPV, must be achieved to count for qualification of the prize. Ties are decided by the higher PPV.

Top Group Volume (PGPV)

This category recognises the Top 3 Consultants on Direct, Executive and Silver ranks who produce the highest PGPV, within their personal group, throughout the month. Consultants are ranked from 1 – 3 based on the volume produced throughout the month. A minimum of 3,000 PGPV must be produced to be considered part of the Top 3. Ties are decided by the higher PGPV.

So, how can Nikken Reward Points benefit you?

  • Think of them as cash. When you purchase products with them and re-sell those products, you earn 100% profit. (Usually you earn 20% when you retail product.)
  • Would you like to try new products? Use your Nikken Reward Points and you won’t have depleted any extra money from your monthly budget.
  • Do you wish to recognize your team members for their efforts with a gift of product? Nikken Reward Points come in handy to make that purchase.
  • Do you want to create your own group contests? Use the products purchased using the Nikken Reward Points as prizes for the contest winners.

In a nutshell, NRPs help Nikken Consultants build and replenish their business.

Nikken Consultants can see the complete details of the “DECIDE it. DO it. GET it.” on their Virtual Office.

The Nikken Reward Points can be used by placing the order with our Customer Services Team.

(3rd September)

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Commit to Your Goal…


Kaizen is a Japanese term meaning “continuous improvement through positive change.” Recipients of the Team Kaizen award exemplify the meaning of the word and have the opportunity to experience an extraordinary leadership position within Nikken.

In their pursuit of Active Wellness, 2018 Team Kaizen members had to create at least one Quality Enrollment every month of 2017 and develop four or more new frontline Silvers last year. One person who achieved this milestone was Sherri Danzig. As a Team Kaizen member, earlier this year she was treated to a trip of a lifetime to Japan. Here’s what she says about her plans to achieve Team Kaizen again in 2019:

“To qualify for Team Kaizen, you have to do one thing. You have to make a committed decision to accomplish the goal, no matter what conspires to get in your way. Beyond that, it’s helpful to have a mentor, an accountability partner, a mastermind team or even all three – to help you develop a plan, to work your plan and to revise your plan as you go along your journey. Beyond doing the work, you must nurture your belief and vision by staying plugged into company and field events. Most importantly, you must believe in the big version of yourself, what I call the Big Stick Figure (BSF), the version of yourself that believes everything you know is possible!

I am currently working with three partners who each wish to qualify for Team Kaizen. Two of them are at the rank of Silver, working towards Platinum and one is brand new. I also plan to support six new Consultants to break Silver this year. Together we’ll expand our online marketing success. I read affirmations multiple times daily and am making plans with family to meet me in Italy at the conclusion of our Team Kaizen trip to continue traveling!

I am honored to represent Nikken as a member of Team Kaizen. I’m honestly proud of myself for keeping to my commitment and working through some tough self-imposed barriers. I feel empowered to keep growing as a business leader and to stay on a personal development path that is unending. My desire is to step up and stop hiding, to be recognized and embrace being a leader. With that, I will strive to have a bigger voice to make a bigger impact!”

Here is Sherri’s three-step plan for herself and anyone else who wishes to be part of Team Kaizen:

  1. “Step up your recruiting activities. Set specific weekly goals for number of new contacts and 1-on-1 appointments.
  2. Begin tracking your progress on a large chart. Start with the finish and work backwards.
  3. Visualize your success. Write and say out loud the goal of being on Team Kaizen every day. Set a calendar event on repeat to remind yourself to smile and visualize your goal multiple times every day!”


(28th August)

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Japanese Takeaways…

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Recently the 2017 Nikken Team Kaizen members were rewarded for qualifying as Active Wellness entrepreneurs with a luxury trip to Japan. Here is what Jon and Nicki Edgell, Platinum Consultants from the UK, wrote about their memorable experience.

“In addition to the regular compensation plan Nikken offers extra incentives to Consultants. One of these has just seen us take part in an all expenses paid Team Kaizen trip to Japan, the original home of Nikken.

Although Nikken Inc. now has its HQ in the US the company aims to visit Japan every few years in order to honor its formation and to give Consultants a chance to experience Japanese culture and the people’s philosophy of service. This was certainly the case where we were constantly humbled by the people’s helpfulness and politeness everywhere we went. At each hotel on the tour lines of staff would stand and bow. If we stopped for a moment and looked confusingly at a metro map a young student with perfect English would offer help. Tokyo is preparing for the Olympics in 2020 and the people’s friendliness and the efficiency of their transport systems will ensure a successful event.

This trip, as well as various other annual events, is also a chance to reconnect with old colleagues and meet new friends, to revive one’s purpose, to get inspired and set intentions for the year ahead. To be surrounded by so many positive and successful partners serves to propel you on to the next level of your Nikken journey. Big decisions are made at these big events.

The trip was primarily a holiday and a reward for good work but there are inevitably chances to talk business and share best practices. By forging lasting relationships with international colleagues chances for collaboration and sharing business arise.

The network marketing model is one of collaborative entrepreneurship. Although we all have our own teams, by sharing information about what works well the global Nikken family is able to “grow the overall size of the pie”. In practice this translates, for example, to a colleague in Canada passing an enquiry from a UK resident to us or a Mexican business leader appearing on one of our webinars to pass on knowledge and inspiration to our team.

Another takeaway from the trip was the number of different ways one can be successful at the Nikken business – for instance through online retail or through building a network, or a combination of both. The Nikken business leaders are drawn from all sorts of different characters – it is certainly not the case that you have to be an outgoing extrovert in the stereotypical salesman mold.

Thank you Nikken for the trip of a lifetime!”

(24th July)

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A Crazy Statistic You Wont Believe. But it’s True!

How often have you heard the statement – “there has never been a better time to join this business!” Whilst it is often said with sincerity, it can also feel a little cliched sometimes – almost sales pitchy. Europeans tend to turn off to obvious sales pitches. However, I have learned this week that there is a depth and scientific truth to that statement that I hadn’t considered before. When you hear what I am about to say, I am sure you will come away thinking that you need to change your priorities in a BIG way.

For context, please allow me to wax a little scientific 🙂 According to Professor Brian Cox our universe will eventually die. The arrow of time, the sequence of changes that slowly leads the universe to its death is the exact thing that create the conditions for life. How? Because it takes time for matter to form and time for gravity to pull it together into stars and planets and thus create life in the first place. This arrow of time creates a window – a very small window when life becomes possible. Here is the amazing statistic – As a fraction, the amount of time where life can exist in our universe from its beginning to its eventual end is one thousandth of a billion, billion, billion, billion, billion, billion, billion, billion, billionth of a percentage. Yes – I said billion NINE times! That number is rediculously small and yet – THAT TIME IS NOW! Of all the things that are incredible that are around us, the one thing that should inspire us the most is this very moment in time in which we now live!

In all of time and space, we have but an infinitely small fraction of time here upon this earth to use as we will. This time and this life is nothing short of miraculous. What are you doing with your time? How are you spending your life? Now is not the time to feel discouraged. Now is the time to feel amazed. NOW really is the best time to get going and put our shoulder to the wheel of good fortune and personal ambition. Time is literally too short.

Do you want to hear another interesting statistic? In the news yesterday, it was reported that an average of 20 stores per day are closing in the United Kingdom. 20 stores per day! What are they being replaced with? Payday loan shops and betting establishments. What does that tell us? It says that the conventional way of shopping is changing. It also says that people are in need of more money and they are looking in the wrong places.

We have the solution! Exclusive, needed products with a unique distribution channel that doesn’t lay people off or close shop. Income opportunities to match anyones need or ambition with minimal risk. Equal pay regardless of gender, background or belief. The chance for advancement without compromise. Yes, we have what people need.

With this new found appreciation of the value of NOW coupled with the reality of the desperate need people feel all around us – we have an opportunity to make a difference like never before. YES, the time is NOW. We have but a small moment in time to experience this life and an opportunity in front of us that will help us make the very best of it.

5 Tips on How to Get the Best Out of Your Nikken Now Session

This time last year we introduced a new activity called Nikken Now. Its purpose is simple – to get teams together in order to act NOW on the most critical activities in the business. It has been met with huge success and many teams across Europe are now leading the way with their own Nikken Now sessions every week.

I would like to suggest a few tips that can really help you create BIG results:

1. Where ever possible – get your teams together in person. We suggest teams of up to 10, but if you have more then great. You can meet in someones home so there is no need for spending money on a venue. The benefit of meeting in person is it intensifies the energy and bonds the group together. Plus, you can provide immediate recognition for people that attend and that can have MASSIVE benefits. If you cannot meet together in person, then get creative with technology and make it as personal as possible.

2. Get your objective right! The primary purpose of a Nikken Now session is to invite people to a business presentation within the next seven days with the objective of having them partner with you as a business builder. I have seen lots of people set many appointments that do not result in anything because the appointment lacks purpose or a direct invitation to act. We must use every appointment to invite our prospects to do something. Ideally, we want them to join the business and enroll as new business builders.

3. Make it fun! I have seen some great ways of making these sessions fun. For example, people put €5 in a pot as they join the session in their team and the person who sets the most appointments that night gets the contents of the pot. Others bring something to eat or drink and they have a nice social time after the event as they share experiences and offer recognition.

4. Follow up! The real key to the success of this event is in the follow up. As a leader of a session be sure to get the details of appointments from your team so you can follow up and encourage their success. As a participant – keep the appointments and prepare your presentation well. Use ABC’s where possible to improve the Prospects experience. Remember your objective – you want business partners.

5. Work towards the law of thirds. Those that master this process see an average of one new enrolment to every three appointments booked. When you can achieve these targets you can get a real feel for how to grow your business every week. I would encourage you to make this a consistent team activity every week. It keeps energy up, brings new people in, keeps your activities centred on profit generating work and leads you towards your goals better than anything else (when you do it right!)

I am pleased to say that Nikken is hosting a European wide Nikken Now session on Wednesday the 27th of February at 7pm Central European time , 6pm GMT across ALL of Europe! Please go online to MyNikken to get the dial in numbers and instructions. Get your teams prepared and be ready to join the rest of Europe in growing you business with purpose. Use these tips and see the benefits straight away!

Are You Ready for 2013?

The New Year is upon us and Nikken is set for an incredible 2013. Immediately, my thoughts turn to our need to be united in our cause and willing to shout from the roof tops our mission of helping others to become more. In just a few short days I will be setting out for Cyprus to celebrate with our winners of the 2012 Travel Incentive. We will be announcing some amazing plans for this year which are designed to help you move your business forward.

Here are some key headlines for you: First, we have, as you may have already seen in MyNikken, a business incentive that is running for the first quarter of this year. It is critical that everyone gets involved with this and spreads the word. For so many reasons. Firstly, it is designed to support your goals of building your business. It works as an overlay that adds value and benefits to your existing plans to develop your business. It focuses on critical activities such as recruiting, retailing and retention. It is simple and easy to explain and the rewards are immediate. You can get free product as a customer or cash in your pocket if you are a business builder. If you are ambitious – you can get a FREE ticket to see Anthony Robbins in London in May. What a way to start the year! For more details go to MyNikken and look for the headline “Nikken First Quarter Incentive!”

We also have another promotion running that will last throughout the year of 2013. It offers you the chance to visit our Head Office in California – with us picking up the tab! Who can say no to that? Again, the qualification criteria means that you will grow and improve your business as a result of winning. It is a double benefit.

We have of course, introduced some wonderful enhancements to our compensation plan this month (as per the announcements in July 2012). We have produced a series of small video clips that will explain them in simple terms should you still have questions. Be sure to check them out on our Nikken Europe YouTube channel.

Plus, my New Years message is online now too 🙂 Follow this link to check it out:

Whilst there is much to announce, I feel impressed to emphasise the value of the first quarter incentive for helping you build your team and your business. Here are my top 10 reasons as to why you have to make full use of it:

  1. Customers that place three orders over 500PV get free product in April. Statistics show that the more exposure people get to our range the more loyal they are. This will help you keep the customers for longer.
  2. The first 90 days of a person’s experience with this business is critical and this activity helps them engage and get rewarded immediately. This builds a sense of success and confidence which will improve their activity both now and in the future.
  3. If you have business goals for rank advancement and growth, for more commissions and more success, then this promotion will help you to achieve them. It is designed to add value to your experience and turbo charge your results.
  4. This promotion is designed to reward the loyalty of new customers, encourage business builders with immediate rewards – cash in the pocket and help large organisations create momentum through simple, achievable activities that all can understand and apply.
  5. This effort will build towards other incentives that will be held in other months in the year. All promotions this year work together towards helping people to grow their business systematically and strategically.
  6. This promotion gives you a team focus for duplication. A key behind duplicating is that everyone is talking about the same thing. This gives people the same thing to talk about and be rewarded for. It encourages duplication, team work, celebration, focus, and growth.
  7. It requires urgent attention and urgency always helps a team to get excited and to move.
  8. It gives you a chance to reconnect with less engaged people and talk about Nikken. Get people reinvolved and help them enjoy some quick success.
  9. Ask for referrals everywhere you go. Who would benefit from some free product or some cash in the pocket and more commissions? Who is interested? This gives people a chance to prospect more people with a more compelling message.
  10. This promotion helps people to mould their business to be in line with the new enhancements to the compensation plan. If people are struggling to adjust – this will help! If you need more width in your business and need to create new legs – what a great way to start! Use this incentive!

Keep in mind that to qualify for this wonderful incentive – you must as a business builder sponsor your three or five new people this month and then have the consistent product purchases in February and March to qualify. This promotion is all about encouraging consistency in your business. Do the right thing and then repeat it to bed in the right behaviours. I know you can do it! Please spread the messag to your teams and let me know who is in the race. I will do all I can to support you along the way.

Good luck!