Seeing is believing…

Kenko light blog draftHumans thrive under natural sunlight, but modern living is spent largely indoors. Science has shown that at least a minimum exposure to sunlight may support physical wellbeing and emotional health.

Sunlight provides full-spectrum lighting, which includes what is known as “blue light.” Blue light is actually everywhere. When outside, light from the sun travels through the atmosphere. The shorter, high- energy blue wavelengths collide with the air molecules causing blue light to scatter everywhere. This is what makes the sky look blue. In its natural form, our bodies use blue light from the sun to regulate our natural sleep and wake cycles. Natural blue light also helps boost alertness, heighten reaction times, elevate moods, and increase the feeling of wellbeing. Therefore, exposure to the natural sunlight may make us happier.

The Nikken KenkoLight® includes an increased amount of blue light, replicated from natural sunlight. Unlike the sun, the KenkoLight® does not produce harmful ultraviolet rays. It uses light technology that reduces the flicker and glare effects common to fluorescent and incandescent bulbs and it may help towards reducing eyestrain and headaches, and increasing productivity and focus. The light can be dimed to the desired brightness and has a built in clock so you can keep an eye on your reading or working time. In the morning, the KenkoLight® can be set so that it gradually illuminates, helping to ease you awake so that you feel more energized (perfect as the dark winter mornings approach). There is also an in built alarm just to make sure you wake up when you need to! In the evening, the light will gradually fade similar to nightfall, helping you to fall asleep in a more –relaxing way.

We’re offering Consultants a special offer on KenkoLight® from 2nd – 13th October 2017. Place a minimum wholesale order of 240pv or £250 retail and receive free standard shipping.The order must include KenkoLight® (item #1292).

This offer excludes International Site orders. Orders cannot be placed via PWP sites, orders can only be placed on MyNikken or with your Customer Service Team.

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