A new year, a new you; starts with eating well and living well everyday

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Making resolutions at the start of the year is something many of us do. Often these resolutions centre around a health goal, such as shedding extra pounds put on during the Christmas period or getting more active. Unfortunately, many of us set our expectations of ourselves too high and we fail to stick to our resolutions. However, the Nikken Everyday Organic-Based Weight Management Programme is based on three basic assertions for a healthy lifestyle: Cleanse, Balance and Energise. It’s simple and convenient making it much easier to stick to. It’s as easy as 1…2…3!

  1. Kenzen® Cleansedx is a gluten-free, 100% organic nutritional supplement, which may help contribute to the support or maintenance of normal liver function and digestion. Featuring organic Roasted Chicory Root, Milk Thistle extract, Turmeric extract, Bupleurum extract, Shisandra and Ashwaghanda. Each of these organic ingredients serves multiple purposes on its own, but together, work in synergy. Take 3 capsules, one 20 minutes before each meal (based on 3 main meals a day).
  2.  KVB® Natural Food Mix in Vanilla or Chocolate flavour are formulated with more than 80% organic ingredients, naturally sourced organic protein from organic pea, organic rice and organic chlorella. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or just health-conscious, KVB® helps you put plant protein into your diet. To create a nourishing breakfast, snack or lunch, use KVB® Natural Food Mix as a base and add PiMag® water, non-fat milk, almond milk or coconut milk. For a delicious variation add your choice of fruit or vegetables and then blend until smooth.
  3. Kenzen Ten4® Matcha Green Tea Drink contains 80 mg per serving of natural caffeine from organic matcha green tea. The natural caffeine in organic matcha green tea binds to the naturally occurring phytonutrients to help slow down the absorption of the stimulant, giving it a slow release effect. Kenzen Ten4® Matcha Green Tea Drink is made with USDA certified organic ingredients, contains no added sugar and is only 8 calories per serving (4 calories per 100ml).

To kick-start your New Year contact your Independent Nikken Consultant to order the Everyday Weight Management Pack – containing everything you need for the next 30 days. Just a few simple steps make all the difference!

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Learn from others… a guide to success

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There are many ways to earn income with Nikken. One way is by retailing Nikken products. Another way is by sponsoring fellow business-builders.

  • When you become a Nikken Consultant, you introduce new customers who purchase Nikken products at retail price. You earn retail profit based on the difference between the wholesale and retail prices.
  • When you sponsor new Consultants, you teach them how to retail and enrol their own team members in order to build their Nikken businesses. The more people you have on your team who duplicate your efforts of retailing and sponsoring; the more money you earn.

How do you make this happen?

Successful network marketers make this happen by being “coached” and then becoming coaches themselves once they’ve mastered the methods, strategies and techniques of the Company’s system of duplication. The goal is to help team members with the most perceived potential to reach the next level as quickly and efficiently as possible. At Nikken, we call those with the most perceived potential “quality enrolments” – people who sign up to be Nikken Consultants and commit to retailing a minimum of 500 points each month.

Every Nikken product sold is assigned a specific number referred to as “qualifying point volume”. Making your 500 monthly qualification points is pretty straightforward, and your coach can give you multiple options.

Here are five examples of retail orders to customers:

  • Sell 13 PiMag® Bottles
  • Sell 11 pairs of Kenko mSteps® or Kenko mStrides®
  • Sell 10 each of True Elements® Shampoo and Conditioner.

Be open to new ideas and activity as your sponsor or coach is there to help you succeed. Your coach is there to help you develop your knowledge and skills and may ask you to try out things that you haven’t experienced before such as new products.

Learning from others knowledge is a great way to help you advance your business.

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Statutory Warning – 1. It is illegal for a promoter or participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme.  2. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.





Are you earning money with Nikken?

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If you are a Nikken Independent Consultant, you have the potential to earn money. Whether you’re working your Nikken business part-time or full time, you have the ability to generate income.

The formula for earning is simple. The more products you sell, the higher your sales volume and the more you earn. Unlike many other network-marketing companies, with Nikken you’re not expected to personally purchase products in order to earn money. Our business model encourages you to sell at least 500 points worth of product to customers every month, develop at least three frontline entrepreneurs who do the same and duplicate the process. As your organisation’s sales volume increases, you will naturally advance in rank and gain even more financial benefits.

When starting out it’s not necessary to think about rank advancement, if you stick to the simple formula, sell at retail. Sell a lot. It’s not often that a company lowers prices substantially and Nikken did just that a couple of years ago to help Consultants move lots of product and earn retail profits.

The Nutrition, Personal Care and Magnetic Support products have the lowest prices so new prospects will be able to try Nikken quality for a small expenditure. They’re what are known as “door openers” by our industry. Once people experience their superb benefits, they’ll naturally be interested in other products. As long as you do your job and follow up.

To make sure your monthly sales stay consistent and grow, get your customers to go on Autoship. That way they won’t run out of product, will receive a substantial price discount and you are guaranteed a certain amount of sales every month. Each customer you have on Autoship adds to your monthly volume. You can also think of Autoship as the easiest way to retain your customers. Again, you personally are not required to spend money on purchases.

As you continue to build a strong customer base, you should also be sponsoring people who want to earn an income instead of just purchasing products. You should start them off by explaining the merits of selling as many products at retail as possible and retaining their own customers by placing them on Autoship.

This may sound like facile training but the truth of the matter is that keeping it simple is what makes it work. Think of it this way: You’re giving people a deal that shouldn’t be passed up, great products that help create Active Wellness and a more balanced lifestyle.

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Statutory Warning – 1. It is illegal for a promoter or participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme.  2. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.

The Paradox of Happiness

When my twelve year old son Ethan was three years old he developed a kidney condition called Nephrotic Syndrome. It meant his kidneys leaked large amounts of protein from the blood into the urine. One of the consequences of this was oedema or excessive swelling. If it wasn’t managed it had the potential to be life threatening. Needless to say, this time in our lives was one of great concern for our little boy. I remember on one particular hospital visit (which was a regular occurrence for us at the time) Ethan needed to be connected to a drip for a prolonged hospital stay and this required putting a needle into his hand. Frustratingly, the doctors and nurses were struggling to get the needle in and poor little Ethan was crying with pain. The doctor asked me as his Dad to hold him down and keep him still so that they could get the needle into his hand. As I wrapped my arms around him and squeezed tightly the doctor made another attempt to get the needle in. Ethan struggled to get free and cried out to me desperately saying “Daddy, they are hurting me! Why aren’t you stopping them?” It broke my heart to hear him crying out for help like that. It killed me to hold him still when he so desperately wanted to break free. It was a day I will never forget. I am pleased to say – the doctors and nurses saved his life and after three years of daily attention he recovered and he is now a healthy young man.

Why did I not answer my three year olds cry for help as he wished? Especially when I could. Because I knew that a little bit of pain now, would inoculate him against a lot of pain later. I knew that some suffering today would bring increased happiness in our future tomorrows. There is an old proverb which says “Weeping may endure for a moment, but joy cometh in the morning”. This is relevant for understanding happiness because too often when things get hard people quit. They throw in the towel and give up. Yet this is the very time when we need to stand strong and not bend. Is it hard to do? Of course. But hard doesn’t mean wrong. I have learned that struggling for a good cause instead of buckling breeds resilience in my character. I have learned that persistence in noble purpose breeds patience. Hard work breeds satisfaction and timely, loving reproof breeds improvement. Nothing great is achieved without toil and this is true of happiness. Great happiness can never be found without there being suffering on the journey to achieve it.

I know that in life we will all get acquainted with trials and difficulty. They say that “time heals all wounds” but there is also truth in the statement that “time wounds all heals” (heal as in the back of your foot!). In our pursuit of happiness, we must not believe that all pain is bad. Nor should we try to turn away from it when it confronts us. Whilst it is not what we want to feel, some pain is necessary for growth and development.

I have learned that the continued struggle for a noble goal increases our desire for its achievement. Many people want good things, but they don’t want them bad enough. They are not prepared to struggle, to sacrifice, to suffer some inconvenience for what they seek. Consequently, they don’t achieve success and the excuses come that “it doesn’t work” or “it’s too hard” or “I didn’t want it anyway!” In such moments as these, people surrender themselves to the warm waters of mediocrity. Such waters are well occupied and people gain false assurance that the large numbers they have surrounded themselves with confirm their choice is right. How wrong they are! To be great; to be our best, we do not swim downstream with the crowd. We go the other way! We fight and we strive. We get knocked down and we get back up. We persist and we carry on! And when we do – we enjoy what others don’t – Victory! And this offers greater happiness and real balance in a way that those in warm water can never imagine and will never appreciate.

So my invitation today is – as you strive for balance and greater happiness, prepare for and be willing to accept a degree of pain in your journey. Not all pain is bad and true greatness requires us to shoulder our portion of it. Remember, our willingness to embrace pain is paradoxically a core ingredient in our happiness and when accepted will lead to the achievement of our full potential.

Time to Think Differently!

I was asked in a class recently to hold a heavy book in my hands, with my arms outstretched whilst I talked with the group about a particular subject. The subject is irrelevant to this blog, but it also became irrelevant to the class I was in too. Why, because everyone was distracted with what I was holding in my hands and the effort required to keep my arms out straight. What I was saying become secondary to what I was doing – for me AND for everyone around me.

The purpose of that exercise was to teach an important lesson. Get rid of the distractions in your life! They dilute your ability to realise your purpose! This is easier said than done, but the point is significant.

I bought a nice new car a few years back that got deliberately scratched by someone walking past it when it was parked. When I would show people my car (all brand new and lovely and clean) the first thing they would say is “you have a scratch there,” and they would then point to the offending panel.

Human nature is to see what is wrong first before seeing what is right. It is to focus on what is distracting versus what is important. It is to see the reasons why not before we see the reasons why.

If we want to be successful in this business we need to learn to think counter-intuitively. Focus on the positive, see the good, ignore the distractions, believe when others don’t, do what others wont and do it over and over again! I heard a great story of a Prison Warden that was dedicated to the reformation of his inmates. He built a robust programme, invested heavily in it and dedicated great time to it. A sceptic came to him one day and said to him “Don’t you know that leopards can’t change their spots?” He responded “True. Leopards can’t change their spots. But I don’t work with leopards. I work with people. And I see people change every day!”

Regardless of what we have believed in the past, regardless of how we have thought before, we can change our future by changing the way we think about it! Of course, change does not come by simply thinking. So let me leave you with one last suggestion:

Sow a thought, reap an action
Sow an action, reap a habit
Sow a habit, reap a destiny

The journey to change begins in our mind but finishes with out feet! Let’s make this new month of May – a month of mighty change.

Three Steps to Building Belief in a Struggling Team Member

Do you have a member of your team that you know has great potential but they have a negative belief or a fear that prevents them from achieving more? Because of this barrier you may notice that they keep coming to meetings but you don’t see them recruiting all that much. Here are three simple steps to help someone like this to move forward successfully.

To begin the process of change with someone, we need to identify if they genuinely are interested in changing. A simple question often works and it goes something like this “If I could show you a way that you could____________, would you be interested?” The gap of course needs to be filled in with the antidote to their concern. For example, if they lack confidence in talking to others you could say – “If I could show you a way that you could develop more confidence and build a successful business, would you be interested?” Perhaps you have someone that has been in the business for a while and not achieved much and therefore their concern is – it’s too much work for too little return. Then you could put the question this way – “If I could show you a way that you could have more results and therefore more income, would you be interested?” The goal here is to find out their willingness to overcome their concerns. Once you have established that they are willing you can move onto the next step.

Often, we try to convince someone to change their beliefs simply by telling them ours – repeatedly like they didn’t hear it properly the first time. This rarely works. So if our words have little imapct, then what changes beliefs? The answer is – personal experience. So, to put this into practice, if someone struggles to recruit people or to even try because of fears, negative beliefs or other obstacles then the solution is that you go out with them and set appointments together, or do ABCs together and you help them to recruit and thus give them some positive experiences. If this activity turns them into a committed business builder then it is time well spent.

When we help others to have positive experiences by working with them – we build their beliefs and boost their confidence. Positive experience changes conviction more than anything else. This business is a people business and the more you work with your team and help them to have positive experiences in the key income generating activities the more you will find you have a team that is united, working and prosperous.

What is the third step? It is a repeat of the second until they make progress in their beliefs. You can see if they are progressing in their beliefs by observing their actions. Our actions are an outward manifestation of our inner beliefs. This step requires wisdom, patience and some tough love. When to step forward and try again versus when to step back and move on to someone else who needs your help is a judgement call that takes practice.

In summary we have identified the following three things:
1. Ask questions that will identify their willingness to try to change.
2. Give them a positive experience by working with them.
3. Repeat step two a few times to see their belief grow and develop into personal activity.

I guess there is actually a fourth step! Have a meet in the middle rule. If they want you to help them recruit others for example, you give them your time but have them fill it with appointments. Then you can show them how to recruit but you are working together with mutual sacrifice and commitment. You move, I move is my rule. That helps you develop the wisdom to know when to keep trying and when to move to someone else.

Kindness, Generousity and Envy

A story was once told of an employer who hired people on a daily basis for a day’s labour on his farm. Men would line the street each morning waiting for the truck to arrive and select the needed number of people for the days work. As the men were selected the payment for the labour was agreed. Throughout the day however, the need for more workers increased and so the farmer would return for more men. Nearing the end of a particular day he came back one last time with just one hour remaining. These men were grateful to get any work and so they readily agreed to work but with little thought of what payment they would receive. In this town, if you didn’t work – you didn’t eat, so they were grateful for anything they could get.

At the end of the day the workers lined up for their payment and to the great astonishment of the last called labourers they received a full days wage when they had only worked just one hour. The generousity of the employer and his compassion upon their circumstances was greatly received. What an act of kindness he displayed. However, envy set in the hearts of some of those first picked even though he had abided by their agreement. He had picked them first and they enjoyed a full day of work with the peace of mind that they would be able to afford to buy food to eat at the close of their day, but when they compared their payment with those later workers they were discouraged and upset. One or two of them even threw their payment back in disgust and walked away empty handed, choosing to feed on their envy that evening instead of a home cooked meal.

Some people view the farmers decision as unfair. People were not treated equally and others worked harder and longer for the same reward. However, the message of the story is about the importance of being kind and generous to others and of our personal need to avoid the minefield of envy.

In Nikken, as in other businesses, we are faced regularly with opportunities to show kindness and to be generous. Whilst rules are always honoured and kept, from time to time a personal circumstance requires a different perspective to a given situation and an chance to be kind arises. I have seen throughout my career an added difficulty in choosing to be kind when other people become envious as a result. Some try to make the act of kindness a required display of generousity to all in order to be fair and to consider the hurt feelings of others who may learn of it. The challenge with that is – that when you are equal to all and make life consistently fair and even you remove the opportunity to ever show kindness to anyone at all.

It is true that the world is not fair – but that is a good thing. How else then could we show consideration to others, be generous with our time or possessions and be kind to others? It is the very existance of unfairness that allows us to reach out to others and show acts of kindness, to build relationships, to give of ourselves. But as soon as you make that a rule – you destroy its very exisitance. Kindness cannot be a rule – it is above it. Generousity can not be prescribed – it is the very unprescribed nature of it that makes it what it is.

Nikken will always strive to be kind and generous. We will always seek out what is best versus simply what is good. A small few may get envious of this approach if they see someone else become a recipient of a kind act, but their small mindedness will not impede our commitment to move forward and pursue greatness. Envy can be the death of kindness to some – but for Nikken – kindness will be the death of envy to those we serve.