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Kaizen is a Japanese term meaning “continuous improvement through positive change”. Recipients of the Team Kaizen award have the opportunity to experience an extraordinary leadership position within Nikken.

2018 Team Kaizen members had to create at least one Quality Enrollment every month of 2017 and develop four or more new frontline Silver Consultants throughout the year. Even though he has qualified for Team Kaizen 2018, Royal Diamond Michael (Mike) DiMuccio continues to lead and sponsor new Consultants as he approaches 27 years with Nikken. Why? He has set himself a goal to be a part of Team Kaizen 2019.

Explaining why he was so intent on qualifying for Team Kaizen, Mike says:

“I wanted to prove to the Nikken Family, especially those following me, that even though I am at the Royal Diamond rank, often associated with ‘resting on our laurels’, that it could be done. The point was for me to remove all excuses and legitimate reasons for not getting it done. It was the consequence of making a decision. Enlist the support and direct involvement of your active upline and create a daily to-do list and calendar of events. Tell people why you are doing what you are doing with Nikken and invite them to help you do it – directly, or indirectly. Create new Silvers. No one becomes Silver just because. This achievement requires a focused effort on the part of the Consultant and their sponsor.

I have asked newly sponsored Consultants to join me in the effort to achieve a Paragon Award and Team Kaizen. The majority of volume that we have generated was from retail sales, which is a big plus in the new compensation plan. Of course, building a team is of a higher priority, but doesn’t hold back the potential for a Consultant to achieve the Silver rank mainly on his or her own steam. Contact with my running friends, ABC meetings and calls were top on the list for daily activities. Asking for ‘help’ and referrals became the means to connect to more people.

Everyone loves a deal, so extending product incentives to my Consultant’s prospects became a way to encourage immediate action, like offering a Naturest® Pillow for a Sleep System or a PiMag® Water Bottle for a PiMag® Waterfall. And now, with our new Wellness Home Packs, we have a built-in incentive!”

On his way to becoming a 2019 Team Kaizen member, Mike says: “Setting a goal and achieving it is one of the most empowering feelings in the world. I’m staying on top of my 3000 PGV monthly, mainly with the same strategy as before. I personally am also taking advantage of the new Wellness Packs to have products to loan to prospects and to promote the built-in incentives.”

In summary, here are the five main actions required with the “DiMuccio strategy” in order to join Team Kaizen:

  1. Make the decision to succeed.
  2. Ask your active upline for help and support.
  3. Create a daily to-do list and a calendar of events.
  4. Sponsor new Consultants and create new Silvers to build a team.
  5. Generate retail sales to increase volume. Maintain 3000 PGV monthly.

Next month, Mike is hosting the upcoming Humans Being More Summit together with a fellow Royal Diamond Bo Tanas in Toronto.

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(17th September)

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Commit to Your Goal…


Kaizen is a Japanese term meaning “continuous improvement through positive change.” Recipients of the Team Kaizen award exemplify the meaning of the word and have the opportunity to experience an extraordinary leadership position within Nikken.

In their pursuit of Active Wellness, 2018 Team Kaizen members had to create at least one Quality Enrollment every month of 2017 and develop four or more new frontline Silvers last year. One person who achieved this milestone was Sherri Danzig. As a Team Kaizen member, earlier this year she was treated to a trip of a lifetime to Japan. Here’s what she says about her plans to achieve Team Kaizen again in 2019:

“To qualify for Team Kaizen, you have to do one thing. You have to make a committed decision to accomplish the goal, no matter what conspires to get in your way. Beyond that, it’s helpful to have a mentor, an accountability partner, a mastermind team or even all three – to help you develop a plan, to work your plan and to revise your plan as you go along your journey. Beyond doing the work, you must nurture your belief and vision by staying plugged into company and field events. Most importantly, you must believe in the big version of yourself, what I call the Big Stick Figure (BSF), the version of yourself that believes everything you know is possible!

I am currently working with three partners who each wish to qualify for Team Kaizen. Two of them are at the rank of Silver, working towards Platinum and one is brand new. I also plan to support six new Consultants to break Silver this year. Together we’ll expand our online marketing success. I read affirmations multiple times daily and am making plans with family to meet me in Italy at the conclusion of our Team Kaizen trip to continue traveling!

I am honored to represent Nikken as a member of Team Kaizen. I’m honestly proud of myself for keeping to my commitment and working through some tough self-imposed barriers. I feel empowered to keep growing as a business leader and to stay on a personal development path that is unending. My desire is to step up and stop hiding, to be recognized and embrace being a leader. With that, I will strive to have a bigger voice to make a bigger impact!”

Here is Sherri’s three-step plan for herself and anyone else who wishes to be part of Team Kaizen:

  1. “Step up your recruiting activities. Set specific weekly goals for number of new contacts and 1-on-1 appointments.
  2. Begin tracking your progress on a large chart. Start with the finish and work backwards.
  3. Visualize your success. Write and say out loud the goal of being on Team Kaizen every day. Set a calendar event on repeat to remind yourself to smile and visualize your goal multiple times every day!”


(28th August)

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Japanese Takeaways…

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Recently the 2017 Nikken Team Kaizen members were rewarded for qualifying as Active Wellness entrepreneurs with a luxury trip to Japan. Here is what Jon and Nicki Edgell, Platinum Consultants from the UK, wrote about their memorable experience.

“In addition to the regular compensation plan Nikken offers extra incentives to Consultants. One of these has just seen us take part in an all expenses paid Team Kaizen trip to Japan, the original home of Nikken.

Although Nikken Inc. now has its HQ in the US the company aims to visit Japan every few years in order to honor its formation and to give Consultants a chance to experience Japanese culture and the people’s philosophy of service. This was certainly the case where we were constantly humbled by the people’s helpfulness and politeness everywhere we went. At each hotel on the tour lines of staff would stand and bow. If we stopped for a moment and looked confusingly at a metro map a young student with perfect English would offer help. Tokyo is preparing for the Olympics in 2020 and the people’s friendliness and the efficiency of their transport systems will ensure a successful event.

This trip, as well as various other annual events, is also a chance to reconnect with old colleagues and meet new friends, to revive one’s purpose, to get inspired and set intentions for the year ahead. To be surrounded by so many positive and successful partners serves to propel you on to the next level of your Nikken journey. Big decisions are made at these big events.

The trip was primarily a holiday and a reward for good work but there are inevitably chances to talk business and share best practices. By forging lasting relationships with international colleagues chances for collaboration and sharing business arise.

The network marketing model is one of collaborative entrepreneurship. Although we all have our own teams, by sharing information about what works well the global Nikken family is able to “grow the overall size of the pie”. In practice this translates, for example, to a colleague in Canada passing an enquiry from a UK resident to us or a Mexican business leader appearing on one of our webinars to pass on knowledge and inspiration to our team.

Another takeaway from the trip was the number of different ways one can be successful at the Nikken business – for instance through online retail or through building a network, or a combination of both. The Nikken business leaders are drawn from all sorts of different characters – it is certainly not the case that you have to be an outgoing extrovert in the stereotypical salesman mold.

Thank you Nikken for the trip of a lifetime!”

(24th July)

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Cyprus Convention 2013

As Nikken Business Builders from across Europe made their way to Paphos, Cyprus, the luxury beachside Coral Beach Hotel and Resort was laced with KenkoAir systems and PiMag Waterfalls. As guests arrived, a positive energy in the atmosphere seemed to rise. Workshops were planned throughout the stay and proved extremely successful. Seeing the Consultants network with one another, sharing their own stories, goals and plans with each other really was heartening.

Presidents Club

Being a member of the Presidents Club meant that they were treated to an extra day in this beautiful country. A workshop allowed members to share future ideas and plans as well as personal stories before moving on to a hot stone experience at the Award Winning Oliveto Restaurant. It really was an energising way to get the week started.



The energy at the convention was incredible. The liveliness alone was enough to make the convention a success. As presenters bought their own specialities to the stage, the consultants were enthusiastic to not only listen and learn, but encourage one another too. New Products, the Future of Nikken, Success Stories, Website Plans and so much more was discussed throughout the convention, but the energy levels did not seem to drop.


Gala Dinner

Between the Convention and the Gala Dinner, consultants and staff transformed in to Gods and Goddesses. With Nikken branded Toga’s, Greek Dancing and Entertainment, the theme of the night was really bought together. Consultants and staff alike danced long in to the night, the perfect end to a great week!

Best Bits

“The Convention was great fun and I had a truly great time with consultants as well as colleagues. Events like this bring happiness and energy to all of us. Congratulation to all winners and hope to see you again soon.” Sophie Zillmann, Marketing Co-ordinator (Germanic Region)

“Cyprus was a great event, and being part of the Nikken team was special. Presenting the new products and meeting all the consultants, was an experience I will not forget.” Matthew Smart, Product Developer (Non-Consumables)

“I really enjoyed presenting True Elements as there was a definite buzz in the room – and I loved the positive feedback!” Julie Gostick, Product Developer (Consumables)

“I thought the restaurant staff was amazing. They were so happy and helpful with us every day. Also seeing consultants receiving awards for their hard work and listening their happy thank you speeches made me happy for them.” Teija Sten, Finnish Customer Services Advisor

“The best bit for me at the Convention was too see a Romanian Diamond recognized on stage. I have waited nearly 8 years for this moment and I can truly say it was worth the wait and somehow, I felt that all my hard work supporting the Romanian Consultants was well worth it. I felt very proud and this gave me even more energy to continue helping all Consultants in the future with the same positive and energetic attitude I have had in the past.  Mani Pullen, Romanian Customer Services Advisor

“For me the best bit about any event is being with the Consultants, the energy in a room of Nikken Consultants is indescribable – you have to experience that for yourself!  One thing that our suppliers all say to me is that a Nikken event is not quite like any other conference or event, nor like any other group of network marketing people, they all comment on the energy, the caring family feel and the enthusiasm and inspiration – just from meeting a group of people.  Nikken truly does have something different and something special and it makes me proud to be a part of the Nikken family of such wonderful people, so for me, just being at the event itself was amazing but to share the experience in such a beautiful location was a bonus!” Donna Russell, Events Manager

The feeling of being a part of this wonderful Nikken Family is so strong, and Cyprus illustrated the exciting magnetic energy that consultants bring with them to these types of events. The dynamism that was present throughout our stay was contagious not only amongst the consultants, but the Nikken team and Hotel staff too.


Calling All Leaders in Scandinavia!!! Important Announcement!

This time last year I was getting ready to visit Olso, Norway for an incredible weekend of training, instruction and motivation. The event was hosted by Morten Andersen, Royal Diamond and we had the privilege of a very special guest – Chris Gullo, Royal Diamond from the USA and Chairman of the Royal Alliance. The energy was amazing. If you were there – you will remember well! In fact, the results from that event created a visible difference in the business in Norway, Denmark and Sweden in the following months. These countries became the biggest sellers of the new Sports Bottle when we introduced it last year. There was immediate action that grew the business!

I am pleased to say that this year – there is another kick off! Tony Chaplin, MD for Europe, myself and Chris Gullo will all be in attendance. Why? Because it’s that important! Will you be coming? I hope so. I have attached the PDF of the registration form for you so you can sign up and come along. This will be an intense couple of days in the first weekend of February. Should you have any questions, please contact Morten Andersen who is hosting the event.

On Monday the 4th, immediately following the kick off event, I will be hosting a Silver training for everyone who registers. Please be sure to sign up for that too 🙂 This will show you how to get profitable in the first 90 days of business and help others to do the same. Duplication is king and this programme helps to facilitate that. Plus you will come away with a clear and specific plan of action to follow.

Here is the sign up form for the kick off. Please contact Customer Services for signing up for the Silver training.

I look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks 🙂

Leadership Kickoff Oslo 2013

Cyprus Comes Closer…

You can now start counting down the months left until the Nikken Leadership Convention. January isn’t that far away so we hope you are working hard, as it coming to the end our leadership contest too. Let’s hope you are a winner, and get the opportunity to join the many other consultants at the luxury, all inclusive Coral Beach Hotel & Resort in beautiful Paphos, Cyprus. Following the great turn out in Turkey last year we are hoping you are super excited about Cyprus.

Our fair goddess Miss Aphrodite allegedly rose from the sea at Paphos, now so shall you, becoming your own gods, learning and experiencing at our convention in this Mythological town, becoming the best you can be. 

Monday, January 14th 2013 is when our Presidents Club consultants will be arriving; a welcome drinks/reception will be taking place to greet you into this exciting environment.

Tuesday will continue on with the other winning consultants arriving where we will get you registered and checked in. There will be a Presidents Club meeting plus a welcome drinks reception for the main group of consultants (this is the opportunity to sign up to the Excursion to The House of Dionysius – A beautiful villa filled with Mosaic decorations and Mythological compositions). Mosaic making will also be available on site at the hotel. There are many options to experience Paphos fully; Paphos Archaeological Museum if you after some culture, Pafos Zoo if you want to reconnect with nature and plenty of Art galleries, it is up to you, have look at for yourselves –

Day 3 (Wednesday) of the trip is a free day for excursions and Consultant led workshops, you can either enjoy the glowing views of Paphos or enjoy learning even more about Nikken to plan yourself for 2013.

Day 4 (Thursday) is the big day of the convention, running all day; you will experience, our speakers including the Master Tonic Chinese Herbalist Roger Drummer and our CEO Kurt Fulle, and find out about a new product range ahead of everyone else. There will also be recognition for our top consultants. The day will end with a fabulous cocktail reception running into Gala dinner with some great entertainment & a DJ till the early hours of the morning, so you can dance the night away.

Final Day (Friday) will give you another day to relax and enjoy the atmosphere of Paphos with excursions available, along with the opportunity to take part in more Consultant led workshops. This will all leave you feeling relaxed on your last day. Finishing off the day will be a farewell dinner, where you can celebrate one last time how fantastic you have all been.

I hope this encourages you all to figure out how to win the contest and get a place to enjoy this amazing country and beautiful resort.

We will see you next year!

Digital Team

Kick off 2013 in Cyprus!

Cyprus is known as ‘the playground of the gods’, and for good reason too – Aphrodite is said to have risen out of the water near Paphos. We will be taking our ‘Nikken gods’ to Paphos, Cyprus for the Nikken Leadership Convention 2013 (15 to 19 January)!

Known as the year-round island, Cyprus lies at the crossroads of three continents – where East meets West and new experiences are always waiting to be discovered. There is so much to do on this beautiful island that it is difficult to know where to start.

Did you know?

  • Archaeological evidence suggests that people first lived on the island of Cyprus 10,000 years ago.
  • The English crusader, King Richard the Lionheart, wed Queen Joanna at Limassol Castle on 12 May, 1191. To this day it is the only foreign venue at which an English Royal Wedding has been hosted.
  • 371 species of bird can be seen on the island of Cyprus.
  • Cyprus is home to 20 rare species of orchid.
  • 260 species of fish circle the warm Mediterranean waters around Cyprus.
  • More than 45 beaches on Cyprus have been awarded the EU Blue Flag for cleanliness and safety.

Cyprus is known for its sandy beaches, but there is so much more to it than that! Get out and enjoy nature by going trekking or riding around the picturesque villages to take in the gorgeous scenery. If you’re interested in history and archaeology then this is the place for you! There are so many churches and ruins to explore like the House of Dionysius – a must see for every visitor to Paphos.

Lying between the harbour and the lighthouse, the House of Dionysius lies within a Roman villa filled with mosaics of various mythological compositions. Thus how it got its name of Dionysius, the god of wine! But it’s not just Dionysius you’ll find here, also be on the lookout for Narcissus, Poseidon, Apollo, and countless others.

The Cypriot night life is rich and varied ranging in everything from discos to traditional tavernas, where you can try local foods and drinks such as kolokasi, commandaria, and of course halloumi! Eating out to capture the local flavour is the high point of the holiday. The meze with its olives and dips is always the starting point. Quite often followed by fish of some sort, moussaka, and it only keeps going. Cyprus’ location allows its food to combine foreign and local flavours for something really special!


Cyprus has something for everyone making it the perfect destination for our contest trip! So get out there and start working – the qualification period is only from 1 June to 30 September 2012!

If you would like more information on how to qualify and contest rules please visit MyNikken.

For more facts and to keep up to date with all the exciting news please ‘like’ Nikken Europe on Facebook or join the #Cyprus2013 conversation on Twitter!

– Digital Team