Sharing Nikken just got easier…

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Our Nikken logo is “Discover It. Live It. Share It.” We want people around the world to find out about us, to experience the benefits we offer with the Active Wellness lifestyle, and to share us with everyone else. As a reader, you’ve already found us. And we hope you’ve already experienced results with our products. But do you share us with others? Have you ever wondered how to share Nikken with others?

Sharing Nikken has always been easy due to the unique products and the Compensation Plan, but now it’s even easier with the new Wellness Home Packs. They are the perfect way to sponsor Nikken Consultants and Customers into a life of Active Wellness. You’ll see them in the shopping cart from August 1, 2018.  They include:

  • 1 Water Pack
  • 1 Energy Pack
  • Various Sleep Packs

The Wellness Home Pack Advantages:

  • The Packs are a value proposition. If purchased separately, the pack items cost more.
  • When you own all three types of Packs, you are on your way to maintaining an Active Wellness lifestyle with your Wellness Home.
  • You’ll never have to “guess” which products to lead with when speaking with prospects. Choose whichever Pack(s) best suit the newcomers you introduce to Nikken, and help each one build a Wellness Home!
  • We recommend starting off with the Water Pack, because no matter where you live, clean water is crucial to health.*
  • Packs help you rank advance and/or qualify monthly with sales volume and have raised PV. For example, just sponsoring one new Nikken Consultant who buys a Sleep Pack – King, or selling one to a Customer, would allow you to rank advance to Executive, or if you are a Platinum or above, satisfy your monthly PGPV requirement.

Nikken. Discover It. Live It. Share It.

*Summer Dash achievers; Those who have achieved 500 PPV during the July Summer Dash incentive will be able to purchase any Wellness Home Pack and receive free shipping during the entire month of August. (International Customers are not included in this offer).

From September 1st, new Consultants will receive free shipping when purchasing or selling any Water Pack during their month of signup.

30th July

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