Nikken’s Top 5 Gifts for Her this Valentine’s Day

Pssstt.. yes you men out there, in case you’d forgotten Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and we heard that you might need a little helping hand finding the perfect present for her? Well it’s good we came here to help you then isn’t it. Not only will we ensure we help you find the perfect present we will save you from hours of trawling around 20 different shops, why not get it all in one go at one place? These products will show her you love and care about her as they are lovely gifts but you are also taking care of her health and wellbeing. Here are our top 5 gifts for women, chosen by women!

 gifts for her nikken

Kalkei Triphase Rose Bracelet

This gorgeous bracelet is right on trend with fashion at the moment with lovely rose coloured crystal style beads and magnetic Hematite beads. You may see many bracelets of this style on your local high street but Nikken’s is the only one which features infused discs which help induce a calming, negative ion environment. It also uses Far-Infrared technology that absorbs the bodies energy and releasing a gentle, soothing warmth. So it not only looks fashionable it also helps bring a calming atmosphere.

True Elements Moisturising Body Lotion

All of our True Elements range are paraben-free, synthetic fragrance free and are made from natural seaweed. Seaweed is known for its anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, and for being highly moisturising to skin. Our body lotion contains luxurious Shea butter and seaweed extract that will hydrate and boost skins radiance. All our True Elements are certified by Ecocert Greenlife, which means our True Elements have been certified natural and organic skincare. Simply put guys our body lotion is gentle on the skin whilst making her skin look fantastic without using nasty chemicals often found in body lotions.

Kenko PowerSleep Mask

Give her the gift of a good night’s sleep this Valentine’s Day. The mask not only blocks out light, it features negative ion generating minerals and ceramic fibres. These absorb and reflect the body’s heat producing calming warmth. It also features Nikken’s innovative Dynaflux Technology, which will help improve her quality of sleep and rest. It is fantastic for everyday use or when travelling.

Five Pillars Silicone Bracelet Red

This is a timeless piece that not only displays beautifully Nikken’s Five Pillars of Health but also features the latest in natural energy technology. It features Negative Ion and Far-Infrared materials it also contains neodymium magnets which help bring calm and balance to the body naturally. The red bracelet will look stunning on her with any outfit.

Kalkei Triphase Watch

Keep her in time with the latest fashion with this watch. It is not only a stylish fashion piece that is easy and comfortable to wear every day, it also features the added health giving benefits of Negative-ion and Far-infrared technology. Team this watch with the Kalkei Triphase Bracelet for a beautiful complete gift.

Head over to for more detail on all these products and many more. We hope whatever you choose she loves it and you have a fantastic Valentine’s Day with your special one.

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