Free Fun Family Days

“I’m bored” the phrase we dread hearing, whether it’s the school holidays or just the weekend we all try as hard as possible to keep children entertained, but on the shorter colder days it can be much harder than in the summer. Without the garden to give children space to run around, and with unpredictable weather, planning any outdoor activity is a risky business. We turn to indoor activities to occupy the days, but these often eat away at our budget. We need to find cheap, fun ways to keep children entertained whatever the weather. We have compiled a list of activities which are cheap, easy and fun.


  • Make a puppet theatre and put on a show
  • Movie afternoon
  • Make masks and crowns from paper plates
  • Karaoke
  • Make a dance/ play
  • Indoor bowls
  • Paint portraits of each other
  • Bake biscuits/ treats for neighbours



  • Teach your kids how to cook your favourite meal
  • Go through old family photo albums
  • Have a duvet day with your Naturest Dream Quilt
  • Make a family tree
  • Have a disco
  • Make your own restaurant and have friends or family round for dinner
  • Make a charity bag, go round the kids rooms and give away old clothes and toys they don’t want
  • Pizza decorating/ making
  • Make friendship bracelets
  • Cut out paper doll chains and decorate each person on the chain
  • House clean up, everyone is assigned one room and it is a competition to who can clean the best
  • Use a phone or video camera to make a film or music video
  • Visit elderly relatives and ask them to tell stories from their lives
  • Make moon sand
  • Make your own play dough and see who can make the best animal shapes


Keeping the family entertained doesn’t have to break the bank. Many of these activities are free or very low cost and can last as long as your children likes. So next time you hear “I’m bored” have a look and see what you can do to keep your kids busy. Or create a rainy day pot, write down all these ideas and have the kids pull one piece of paper out each and do whatever activity it says.


What are your favourite rainy day activities to do with your children?


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