Back To School

The new school year is well underway and we hope you are all surviving. Starting a new school year after the summer holidays can be an exciting yet stressful time for children. For those starting a new school, the prospect of new buildings, new teachers and new friends can be a lot to take in. We all want our children to get the most out of their time in school so what can we do to help them?Back To School

Give them plenty of energy

Ensure kids have a good healthy breakfast and lunch, full of nutritious energy giving food that will keep them going all day. Start the day with food such as porridge, which is full of slow-releasing carbohydrates that will keep giving them energy and fill them up until lunch. Our CiagaV® is the perfect drink to give your children an extra boost in the morning. At lunch give them food that is balanced to keep them healthy and give them the energy for the rest of the day. Aim for a lunch that consists of a starchy food (e.g. pasta), protein (e.g. meat or eggs), a dairy item (e.g. yoghurts) and vegetables or fruit.

Boost their confidence

Going from the oldest in a previous school to the youngest in a new school can be a massive confidence knock back for some kids, so find a way to gradually build their confidence. Some simple ways to do this are to enquire about their day and focus on the positives, maybe a new friend they have made or praise they received from a teacher. Encourage your child to become involved in school activities this will be a great way for them to meet new people throughout the school and feel involved in the school.

Sleep Routine

Being well rested and in a routine will help a child of any age during the day. Whether they are 3 or 15, having a set bedtime and morning wake up time will help them immensely. Ensure they have a good sleep environment to get the best sleep, try using black out blinds to make the room dark and use our Naturest® Sleep System to ensure a calm environment perfect for restful sleep.  If they feel refreshed and revitalised after a good sleep they will be more receptive to learn and more eager to participate in classroom activities. It will also ensure that they have energy after school to socialise and have all homework done to a good standard.

Down Time

We all want our child to do fantastic in school and often this means doing work outside of school time, but it is really important that children have free time to relax and do what they enjoy. Find a balance between time spent working and playing, set these time limits and it can provide a motivator to complete school work, knowing they get to play after. Free time is just as important for child development as work. Free play helps increase creativity, imagination and motor skills often found in sports and games. Encourage children to play away from the computer and TV and play with other children, this helps to build social skills.

We wish all students the best of luck this year and hope they all do brilliantly. How did you help your child settle into their new school?


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