Your Daily Boost With CiagaV®

CiagaV® was introduced in 2012 to help you achieve a healthier body with a 50% increase in antioxidant levels compared to Ciaga®. It is a deliciously fruity drink that offers a quick and easy way to give your body the healthy boost of nutrients it needs daily. We love this product and know that once you have tried it and seen what it can do for you and your family, it will become a staple in your daily routine.

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So what actually is CiagaV®? Well it is a fruit drink made from an incredible 91% pure fruit. It is made of only seven super ingredients, which provide you with a nutrient boost whilst having a sweet and delicious berry flavour. It is 100% organic using fruit picked when at their optimum of nutritional content, ensuring that every berry squeezed into the CiagaV® is giving off all the healthy nutrients possible. This in turn allows you to only need one small 30ml portion a day to receive the full benefits.

CiagaV® is suitable for the whole family and is a firm favourite with many children due to its delicious flavour. Being high in vitamin C, an essential nutrient for your body, CiagaV® offers a natural way to ensure you receive essential nutrients. Its nutrient rich formula is easily absorbed into the body so gets to work quickly, giving you optimum benefits. When added with a healthy diet and lifestyle you and your family will soon begin to feel the benefits of CiagaV®. We believe that everything that goes into your body should be of the best quality which is why our CiagaV® has no artificial sweeteners, flavours of preservatives. It can be enjoyed at any time in the day, but our choice is in the morning to set you up well for the rest of the day.

CiagaV® can be more than just a morning drink, it can be incorporated into many recipes and foods to add a berry zing and nutrient hit. So here are just a few other ways you can use CiagaV®.


  • Add CiagaV®  to your favourite cocktail or try one of these

-Mojito – instead of lime juice add CiagaV®

-Passion on the beach

-Ciaga Royale



  • Blend your CiagaV® with fresh fruit and ingredients to make yummy healthy smoothies.
  • Try blending with Bananas, apples and low fat Greek yoghurt for a luxurious morning drink.
  • You could also include a scoop of our Organic Jade Greenzymes to add extra antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, amino acids to aid in your daily health.

Frozen Yoghurt

  • Mix CiagaV® with low fat yoghurt choose either vanilla or plain and freeze in a tub for approximately an hour.
  • When frozen place scoops of your frozen yoghurt in a waffle cone and add fresh berries for a delicious healthy treat. A great alternative to high fat ice cream, perfect for children and adults.

Berry Sauce

  • Gently warm up your CiagaV® and pour over pancakes for a delicious healthy alternative to artificially sweetened and coloured unhealthy sauces. This sauce could also be used over waffles or ice cream.

Berry Cakes

  • Mix a teaspoon of CiagaV® with cream cheese icing to make a delicious fresh and healthy alternative to butter cream icing to decorate your cakes. This is delicious on a lemon on lavender flavoured sponge.

Winters drink

  • On cold winters days make a deliciously warming and nutrient rich drink with your CiagaV®, mix with warm water and put in your favourite mug to warm you up even on the coldest of days.

How do you have your CiagaV®? What’s your favourite thing about it?