The Emerging Challenge for MLM Leaders

The economic crisis that the world has been in these past few years teaches us some valuable lessons about the challenges we face within the Direct Selling Industry. For example, we see from government statistics that over the past 100 years we have averaged a recession every six years. However, in spite of the regularity of these financial dips, we see a global economy that continues to grow over time. In fact, compared with our ancestors of the 1820’s we are on average 50 times wealthier financially than they were. That’s impressive. At the current rate of progress people can expect their incomes to double in 35 years if they don’t change anything. Very importantly, we see that the East is growing faster than the West. One reason for this is that the material dream of the West that was promoted in the 1950’s (a home, nice car, travel etc.) has largely been fulfilled for many people. The East is only just starting to run with this material dream.

Well, what has all this to do with your business? Firstly, we see that every company, industry and in fact global economies have patterns of ups and downs. This is reassuring if you are in a downward position right now. It says it doesn’t have to be the end and you can pull yourself up and out. But that isn’t my point! My point is – HOW? How do you pull yourself up and get your business growing in todays climate? What will attract people? You see, with all of this financial growth that the world has experienced, especially over the past 100 years, we see the world has changed. Dreams that were promoted by our industry years ago, about financial freedom, achieving material success or claiming your right to the status symbols of financial accomplishment such as big homes, fancy cars, swimming pools, luxury holidays are quickly becoming irrelevant. Most people find that even if they are not happy in their employment, they can still have much of these rewards because they are so accessible. Even people that are unemployed and reliant on government benefits seem to have the means to go on holidays in Europe and buy massive widescreen TV’s.

It has also been proved through research that once individuals achieve a certain level of disposable income, what you earn thereafter doesn’t have the ability to make you much happier. It is hard to say you are happy and fulfilled when you cant afford to eat or stay warm in winter for example, so we see that income is essential for a core level of happiness. But beyond that it is proven now – money doesn’t make you happy!

So, the material age is in transition and is changing. Dreams are being fulfilled in large scale. We are wealthier in significant proportions to our ancestors and economies continue to grow! So how do we attract people into our business in this climate? What message can you give to people to attract them to your business when they are comfortable already? The answer can be found by looking at the existing financially wealthy, or by asking a simple question: If you were already a millionaire – where would you go to find happiness and fulfilment? The answer is found in PURPOSE, but most importantly its SHARED PURPOSE! It is about being inspired to engage in a cause that is bigger than you are. This is always found where relationships with others are essential. It is always connected to wellbeing or in any one of our five pillars. Nikken of course, has all five pillars at its centre – not just one! And we are abundantly rich in relationships.

Great businesses and brands have already discovered this truth and are growing and evolving with the tides of change. If you are stuck right now, perhaps you need to rediscover your message – what cause and purpose are you advocating? It can’t be about the money! How does partnering with you and your business help others to discover higher levels of happiness and fulfilment? What kind of wellbeing can be experienced through association with Nikken and your business? What types of relationships can be enjoyed in your team? Get this message right – and your business will start to change. And remember the words of Saint Francis Assisi who is believed to have said “always preach the gospel and where necessary – use words!” Our message, whilst not the gospel, is best preached not with words but by example. Let’s live our message, fulfil our purpose and show the world what greater happiness can look like. Then, they will come to us, partner with us and share our purpose.

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About Ben Woodward

As a former company President Ben has travelled the world helping people to achieve their personal best and pursue a better way of being. This blog is designed to help people connect with the attributes and skills required to find and foster happiness. He and his wife are the parents of seven children and dream of one day getting a good nights sleep.

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