Being Our Best Self. Part 2!

When we think of the immensity of space we recognise that finite minds will always struggle to understand the infinite. Space goes on and on with no beginning and no end. That is hard to fathom. However, it has been proved that whilst space is infinite is size, it is also continually expanding. Get your head around that! In spite of the grandeur of it all, the universe continues to get bigger and continues to grow. As I compare this to the true potential that lies within each of us I recognise that to measure our full potential is to measure something that is ever growing. Our potential is ever expanding.

As a jazz musician in my youth I expanded my ability to play music through practice, hard work and great enthusiasm. My ability to play my instrument five years after I first picked it up was much greater than at the beginning. So, how would I measure my full potential as a musician as an example, if my potential is ever changing, improving and growing? Secondly, the lessons I learned practicing music and growing in my love for it have expanded other areas of my life and increased my potential in other things. So, how do you measure that? Everything seems to weave together into an intricate connected web of ever expanding potential.

It seems critical to me that recognising our full potential and reaching upwards towards it requires two very important things:
1. An eye of faith. My definition of an eye of faith is – our ability to see with our minds eye things that have not yet come to pass, but will do because of our belief in it, our commitment to it and because it is true. Truth is an important part of this formula because no matter how sincere a belief it does not establish a correct principle. So we need to believe in something, commit to it totally and ensure that this course of action we are pursuing is inline with correct principles. I have learned that my commitment is often proportionate to my belief. How do I build my belief if I find it lacking? Get more committed! How do I build my commitment? Do something now! Act with immediacy. I have also learned that understanding that our belief and commitment must be centred in correct principles builds confidence in the journey versus doubt. How do we know if something is true? Perhaps we can look for evidence. For example: “I believe that I can build my own house because I have the blueprints and the contacts of professional people who have the skills to create it with me. I can see it. I know what it takes and I want it! I am confident that I will succeed because I have committed the finances required to build it. I know that the end result will look like the blueprint because I have seen many others do the same thing.”

2. I can measure the rate of my improvement and chart my progress. This is critically important because it ensures we are on track. Have you ever flown in a plane and watched the course being charted in one of the passenger viewing screens in front of you? Notice how often it can zig zag or seem off course? Due to all of the different influences on the plane when it travels it is continually getting off course and continually getting back on course. Technical equipment and dedicated staff ensure that progress is monitored in order to arrive at the right destination on time. As we pursue improvement in our lives we must dedicate time and resources to ensuring we are staying on course! At school we have exams, assignments and reports. In work we have appraisals, budget reviews, deadlines etc. What do you have to help you track your improvement and growth in Nikken?

I would like to encourage everyone to take time out to develop their eye of faith. We can do this by reading good books, attending events and seminars and by associating with inspiring people. I would also like to encourage everyone to establish a measurement how you progress towards achieving your goals. As we apply this pattern in our lives repeatedly, we can discover the truth that our potential is like the universe – ever expanding and always growing.

We all have greatness within us and we tap into it and expand it by keeping our eye on the prize and continually pressing forward with an eye of faith!

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About Ben Woodward

As a former company President Ben has travelled the world helping people to achieve their personal best and pursue a better way of being. This blog is designed to help people connect with the attributes and skills required to find and foster happiness. He and his wife are the parents of seven children and dream of one day getting a good nights sleep.

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