Country Focus: Sweden

In A Snapshot:


Capital: Stockholm

Size: 450,000km2

Language: Swedish

National Day: 6th June

Famous for: ABBA, Ikea, cars, coffee and inventions

Being the 3rd largest country in Western Europe, it’s no wonder that Sweden is home to the largest shopping mall in Europe, or the first Ice Hotel in the World, or even the highest number of McDonalds in Europe. Sweden has introduced the world to many brands like: Volvo, Ikea, H&M, Electrolux, Skype and Spotify. But these well-known brands really are no big surprise, as the pace maker, the marine propeller, the computer mouse and the refrigerator were all inventions from Sweden too.


Sweden is not only known for their brands, but also for the type of people they are. The traditions and cultures are entwined with the love of nature, a good awareness of health and the sense of equality. With a work hard-play hard attitude that comes naturally to the Swedish, they are known to have the highest quality of life. Not only offering worthy hospitality, the Swedish are known to have a great sense of humour, but know how to keep it ‘Lagom’ (this means they are quite subtle, and do not draw unnecessary attention to themselves). Being strong believers of gender equality, they top the rest of Europe when it comes to family and work ethics.

Viking Boat House

‘Allemarsrätten’ translates to ‘The Freedom to Roam’ or ‘Everyman’s right to the Wilderness’. This is a law whereby anyone is allowed to walk, cycle, camp on any land, except those of private gardens and land occupied by army bases. By having this law, it allows everyone to enjoy the landscape and scenery that Sweden has to offer.  The Swedish Lapland, mountains, coastlines and archipelagos are waiting to be discovered by all!

Nikken and Sweden

Nikken first opened in Sweden in 1996, and haven’t stopped growing since. Our Nikken family show constant support and motivation, inspiring others to join our family, and helping to spread the word of well being.

Swedish flag

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