‘God made the Earth, but the Dutch made Holland’

Today is the Netherlands’ National Day – known as ‘Queen’s Day’. As the streets are gradually blanketed with Orange decorations, celebrations run from morning until night, especially in the cities. With the Royal boat parade, street parties, lots of live music and food, the festivities are famous across the globe.koninginnedag-amsterdam-2013

This year is not only Queen’s Day, but the day that Queen Beatrix will abdicate the throne, handing over to her son, the Prince of Orange, Willem Alexander – the first King for more than 100 years, and his wife. The atmosphere is expected to be more electrifying than it usually is with the whole country celebrating.

In A Snapshop:

Capital: Amsterdam

Size: 41,526km2

Language: Dutch

National Day: 30th April Queen’s Day

Famous for: Windmills, Tulips, Coffee shops, and Bicycles.Amsterdam

The Netherlands is a country of 41,526km2 with approximately 16,696,000 inhabitants. This makes the Netherlands one of the most densely populated countries. With 4,400km of waterways, lakes, rivers and canals, over 1000 museums and some of the tallest people in Europe, it’s no wonder that the Netherlands are such a hit with tourists.

Famo2110417A-049us for their love of cycling, there are 2 times more bikes than there are cars, making there at least 1.25 bikes for every Dutch in the Netherlands. This along with the Windmills, Fields of multi coloured tulips and coffee shops on every corner, the Netherlands really is a country full of culture.

 ‘Act normally and that’s crazy enough’

The Dutch know how to have a good time, often described as being Gezellig, meaning Fun, entertaining, friendly and excitig. They are known for their hospitality and high spirits, which is a great combination. Being such a small yet diverse county, with over 170 different nationalities living there, it is no wonder that World leaders often turn to the country for inspiration. Home to The Hague – the International City of Peace and Justice, this small yet harmonised country give people from all over the globe courage and hope.02B54510

Not only are the Dutch famous for being peaceful and liberal (which they have won Nobel Prizes for) but they are very academic too, having won a total of 16 Nobel prizes since 1901, for Chemistry, Physics, Medicine Economics and Peace. Something they are proud of and use to inspire the youth of their country. Education is very important to the Dutch, something the Government have taken responsibility for. When children pass exams, they hang the Dutch flag and their school bag outside their home; A small tradition praising them for doing well.

02C22794Size really does not matter when it comes to Netherlands. The people are proud of their Country, and welcome tourists and those who move to the Netherlands. The vibrant country is packed full of personality, excitement, whilst not forgetting their roots and tradition. Something many other countries find inspiring.

Happy Queen’s Day to all those who are celebrating!