True Elements – Nature’s Secret Gift to Skin.

True Elements Skin care range has now been available for just over a month giving us plenty of time to have tried the products and formed opinions of our favourites.True Elements Group shoot copy

The thought behind this skin care range was to take advantage of what nature has given us; seaweed. Seaweed is available to us in huge varieties, and has naturally developed a treasure trove of proteins, minerals, and vitamins which are perfect for our skin.  We have taken the seaweed – infused it with other natural ingredients and formed a skincare range that is it designed for all skin types.

It really is Nature’s secret gift for great skin. If you haven’t yet tried the products, here is what there is on offer and how they can contribute to an amazing, and healthy complexion.


Velvet Cleansing Milk‘Leaving you with a clean and radiant looking skin’

Gently removes impurities whilst maintaining the natural balance of the skin.

Fresh Tonic Lotion – ‘Perfects make-up remover’

Skin recovers tonicity and brightness

Anti-ageing Serum‘Giving you plump skin with a smooth and firmer feel’

Filled with natural active ingredients to slow down the skin- ageing process.

Youthful face cream‘Making your skin look and feel radiant and youthful’

Delays the signs of ageing and strengthens elasticity for a firmer skin

Nourishing Face Cream‘Helps to maintain moisture to leave your skin feeling softer and smoother…for longer’

Shea butter and sunflower oils deeply nourish the skin, whilst allowing the aloe vera to soothes

Stimulating Shower Gel ‘Your body is left feeling perfectly cleansed, re-mineralised and fresh.’

Cleansing the skin while toning and re-mineralising the skin is the combination for a perfect shower gel.

Moisturising Body Lotion‘Providing plenty of moisture, leaving your skin looking hydrated and radiant.’

A body lotion which provides moisture as well as toning the tissue.02B92601

Skin Care Tips

Water – Not onlSparkling Cucumber Watery does drinking water keep your body hydrated and healthy, but it also keeps your skin hydrated too. By drinking the 8 glasses of water a day, you are providing your skin with the moisture it needs to appear at its healthiest. But it also provides a medium which blemish causing bacteria can be washed away in.

Alcohol and Smoking – Drinking alcohol deprives cells of much needed water. This not only affects your body, but your skin too, causing it to become dehydrated and looking old. Try limiting yourself, and drinking water in between each alcoholic beverage. Smoking has been found to reduce oxygen to the skin as well reduce the skin’s natural elasticity causing wrinkles and saggy skin.

Diet – There are many foods which contribute to bad skin, for example sugary foods, but there are also many food which can help improve your skin texture, condition and tone in different ways. For example, foods rich in:02I23844

  • Vitamin C – CiagaV
  • Omega -3 and Omega – 6 – Oily Fish or Kasai Omega Oils
  • Vitamin E – Almonds and Avocados.
  • Zinc – Crab, Pumpkin Seeds or Crab
  • Vitamin A – Carrots, Broccoli, Butternut Squash
  • Iron – Dried Apricots, Sesame Seeds
  • Vitamin B –  Cheese, Eggs and Spinach.

ProteSun and sunscreenct your Skin – UV rays, whether from the Sun, or artificial rays from Sunbeds are the main cause on skin ageing. Use a strong sunscreen with the SPF of at least 15 and try not to stay in direct sunlight for too long.

Sleep – Sleep is something that people don’t often think of as a cause of skin problems. By depriving yourself of sleep, you are not giving your cells enough time to restore themselves. This results in your skin looking tired and old.

What We Think?

Julie Gostick – ‘I like the Fresh Tonic Lotion as it perfects the cleansing without drying the skin.’

Donna Russell – ‘My favourite used to be the True Elements Youthful Face Cream, especially in the recent months where the cold weather would dry out my skin. However, I love the shower gel because it smells natural and leaves me feeling hydrated and fresh – I’m already on my 4th bottle.’

Mira Odedra – ‘I would have to say the Velvet Cleansing Milk is my favourite. It’s gentle and refreshing – perfect for my sensitive skin. It works great with the fresh tonic lotion, leaving my skin feeling clean and smooth.’

Erin Moran  – ‘Growing up in a desert climate, I’m used to needing to keep my skin hydrated on a daily basis which is why I love True Elements™ Moisturising Body Lotion! I find it to be really light and it quickly soaks into my skin which is a plus as I just hate that sticky feeling you can get after putting on body lotion. Even my husband is a fan, I’ve caught him sneaking into my dressing room on two occasions now to grab some of the Moisturising Body Lotion. Based on the huge finger marks left in my pot of Nourishing Face Cream, I’d argue that might be his favourite!’

What do you think of the new True Elements range?

 What is your favourite product?