Cyprus Convention 2013

As Nikken Business Builders from across Europe made their way to Paphos, Cyprus, the luxury beachside Coral Beach Hotel and Resort was laced with KenkoAir systems and PiMag Waterfalls. As guests arrived, a positive energy in the atmosphere seemed to rise. Workshops were planned throughout the stay and proved extremely successful. Seeing the Consultants network with one another, sharing their own stories, goals and plans with each other really was heartening.

Presidents Club

Being a member of the Presidents Club meant that they were treated to an extra day in this beautiful country. A workshop allowed members to share future ideas and plans as well as personal stories before moving on to a hot stone experience at the Award Winning Oliveto Restaurant. It really was an energising way to get the week started.



The energy at the convention was incredible. The liveliness alone was enough to make the convention a success. As presenters bought their own specialities to the stage, the consultants were enthusiastic to not only listen and learn, but encourage one another too. New Products, the Future of Nikken, Success Stories, Website Plans and so much more was discussed throughout the convention, but the energy levels did not seem to drop.


Gala Dinner

Between the Convention and the Gala Dinner, consultants and staff transformed in to Gods and Goddesses. With Nikken branded Toga’s, Greek Dancing and Entertainment, the theme of the night was really bought together. Consultants and staff alike danced long in to the night, the perfect end to a great week!

Best Bits

“The Convention was great fun and I had a truly great time with consultants as well as colleagues. Events like this bring happiness and energy to all of us. Congratulation to all winners and hope to see you again soon.” Sophie Zillmann, Marketing Co-ordinator (Germanic Region)

“Cyprus was a great event, and being part of the Nikken team was special. Presenting the new products and meeting all the consultants, was an experience I will not forget.” Matthew Smart, Product Developer (Non-Consumables)

“I really enjoyed presenting True Elements as there was a definite buzz in the room – and I loved the positive feedback!” Julie Gostick, Product Developer (Consumables)

“I thought the restaurant staff was amazing. They were so happy and helpful with us every day. Also seeing consultants receiving awards for their hard work and listening their happy thank you speeches made me happy for them.” Teija Sten, Finnish Customer Services Advisor

“The best bit for me at the Convention was too see a Romanian Diamond recognized on stage. I have waited nearly 8 years for this moment and I can truly say it was worth the wait and somehow, I felt that all my hard work supporting the Romanian Consultants was well worth it. I felt very proud and this gave me even more energy to continue helping all Consultants in the future with the same positive and energetic attitude I have had in the past.  Mani Pullen, Romanian Customer Services Advisor

“For me the best bit about any event is being with the Consultants, the energy in a room of Nikken Consultants is indescribable – you have to experience that for yourself!  One thing that our suppliers all say to me is that a Nikken event is not quite like any other conference or event, nor like any other group of network marketing people, they all comment on the energy, the caring family feel and the enthusiasm and inspiration – just from meeting a group of people.  Nikken truly does have something different and something special and it makes me proud to be a part of the Nikken family of such wonderful people, so for me, just being at the event itself was amazing but to share the experience in such a beautiful location was a bonus!” Donna Russell, Events Manager

The feeling of being a part of this wonderful Nikken Family is so strong, and Cyprus illustrated the exciting magnetic energy that consultants bring with them to these types of events. The dynamism that was present throughout our stay was contagious not only amongst the consultants, but the Nikken team and Hotel staff too.