Are You Ready for 2013?

The New Year is upon us and Nikken is set for an incredible 2013. Immediately, my thoughts turn to our need to be united in our cause and willing to shout from the roof tops our mission of helping others to become more. In just a few short days I will be setting out for Cyprus to celebrate with our winners of the 2012 Travel Incentive. We will be announcing some amazing plans for this year which are designed to help you move your business forward.

Here are some key headlines for you: First, we have, as you may have already seen in MyNikken, a business incentive that is running for the first quarter of this year. It is critical that everyone gets involved with this and spreads the word. For so many reasons. Firstly, it is designed to support your goals of building your business. It works as an overlay that adds value and benefits to your existing plans to develop your business. It focuses on critical activities such as recruiting, retailing and retention. It is simple and easy to explain and the rewards are immediate. You can get free product as a customer or cash in your pocket if you are a business builder. If you are ambitious – you can get a FREE ticket to see Anthony Robbins in London in May. What a way to start the year! For more details go to MyNikken and look for the headline “Nikken First Quarter Incentive!”

We also have another promotion running that will last throughout the year of 2013. It offers you the chance to visit our Head Office in California – with us picking up the tab! Who can say no to that? Again, the qualification criteria means that you will grow and improve your business as a result of winning. It is a double benefit.

We have of course, introduced some wonderful enhancements to our compensation plan this month (as per the announcements in July 2012). We have produced a series of small video clips that will explain them in simple terms should you still have questions. Be sure to check them out on our Nikken Europe YouTube channel.

Plus, my New Years message is online now too 🙂 Follow this link to check it out:

Whilst there is much to announce, I feel impressed to emphasise the value of the first quarter incentive for helping you build your team and your business. Here are my top 10 reasons as to why you have to make full use of it:

  1. Customers that place three orders over 500PV get free product in April. Statistics show that the more exposure people get to our range the more loyal they are. This will help you keep the customers for longer.
  2. The first 90 days of a person’s experience with this business is critical and this activity helps them engage and get rewarded immediately. This builds a sense of success and confidence which will improve their activity both now and in the future.
  3. If you have business goals for rank advancement and growth, for more commissions and more success, then this promotion will help you to achieve them. It is designed to add value to your experience and turbo charge your results.
  4. This promotion is designed to reward the loyalty of new customers, encourage business builders with immediate rewards – cash in the pocket and help large organisations create momentum through simple, achievable activities that all can understand and apply.
  5. This effort will build towards other incentives that will be held in other months in the year. All promotions this year work together towards helping people to grow their business systematically and strategically.
  6. This promotion gives you a team focus for duplication. A key behind duplicating is that everyone is talking about the same thing. This gives people the same thing to talk about and be rewarded for. It encourages duplication, team work, celebration, focus, and growth.
  7. It requires urgent attention and urgency always helps a team to get excited and to move.
  8. It gives you a chance to reconnect with less engaged people and talk about Nikken. Get people reinvolved and help them enjoy some quick success.
  9. Ask for referrals everywhere you go. Who would benefit from some free product or some cash in the pocket and more commissions? Who is interested? This gives people a chance to prospect more people with a more compelling message.
  10. This promotion helps people to mould their business to be in line with the new enhancements to the compensation plan. If people are struggling to adjust – this will help! If you need more width in your business and need to create new legs – what a great way to start! Use this incentive!

Keep in mind that to qualify for this wonderful incentive – you must as a business builder sponsor your three or five new people this month and then have the consistent product purchases in February and March to qualify. This promotion is all about encouraging consistency in your business. Do the right thing and then repeat it to bed in the right behaviours. I know you can do it! Please spread the messag to your teams and let me know who is in the race. I will do all I can to support you along the way.

Good luck!

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As a former company President Ben has travelled the world helping people to achieve their personal best and pursue a better way of being. This blog is designed to help people connect with the attributes and skills required to find and foster happiness. He and his wife are the parents of seven children and dream of one day getting a good nights sleep.

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