Highlights of Nikken 2012

2012 has been an exciting and eventful year for Nikken, with the launch of many new products, Silver and Gold Trainings, as well as amazing efforts from all of our Consultants. Before the year ends, we thought it would be nice to see what the top moments for Nikken 2012 were!

The man excited Jump on the beach under sunset

1.       March product Launches

March 2012 was the month of Product Launches across Europe.  Countries included; France, Germany, Hungary, Denmark, Romania, Switzerland, Spain and Sweden, just to name a few. With a range of products launched, consultants and guests were given an exclusive look in to the new products.

The Events were a fantastic mix of the Product Launch as well as motivational talks, recognition and training. Roger Drummer, NCCAOM Dipl. of Chinese Herbology, was a big attraction for the event. His success stories and advice have proven a hit with consultants. Here is what some of Nikken Management thought… roger drummer

Ben – ‘It was a hugely inspiring experience seeing the great loyalty of so many people from so many markets. Plus being with Roger for so long was very mind opening’

Donna – ‘It really did change my life, not only did Roger’s message influence my decision making when it came to food and drink, but because of this I lost more weight. It was such an inspirational series of events and I met so many enthusiastic consultants from around Europe. ‘

Tony – ‘I like the way Roger Drummer thinks, plus the way he describes Nikken and how it should fit into our lives’.

Mari – It is always an inspiring experience for me when I feel I can be part of something that can help people live their lives in a healthier way!’Mari Finland

2.       Gold Training in Amsterdam

August 2012 was the re-launch of Gold Training in Amsterdam. Larry Proffit, the Executive Vice President of Nikken was the speaker at this event. Larry became a top distributor in network marketing, who then went on to make his mark on Nikken and the Training we offer Consultants. This was one of Tony and Donna’s highlight of 2012…

Tony – ‘It was a great pleasure to see Larry Proffit in action. I loved the stories and the interaction between everyone in Amsterdam. I cannot wait for the next one!’

Donna – ‘A truly inspirational trainer and such a lovely person to spend time and share stories with. It was a pleasure to work with him in such a beautiful city with a great bunch of consultants. The energy and passion for business was great!’

3.       Silver Training

Designed to help consultants move forward in the first ranks of leadership, Silver Training allows  business building activities to help make businesses profitable as quickly as possible. April 2012 saw the first of the new Silver Trainings that were put in place, starting in Sweden, and has been very successful since.  A high point for Steffi and Asa, here’s what they had to say…

Steffi – ‘Silver training has developed in to a very powerful training, packed full of useful practical tips and leaders sharing their business experiences and knowledge. Great for new distributors as well as those looking to interact with their downlines, or wanting to re-start their businesses.’

Asa – ‘This was the first silver training I held, and is very special to me. I received so much support from everyone who attended, which built my confidence and has allowed me to improve with time and experience, as well as feedback from consultants – Thank you.’

Other Personal Highlights

Here are a few personal highlights which management felt were top points of their year!

Asa Scheele moves from Customer Services to Sales

Asa – ‘Being given the opportunity to support consultants in a different role has been challenging yet rewarding. Working with Ben and Steffi has given me a deeper insight in to business, but the best thing about this change is the persistence, energy and commitment that the consultants show.’

Ben – ‘Asa has so much energy and conviction and she is making an immediate difference with the people she is working with. She gets right to the heart of the business!’


‘Attending an event in Pozna, Poland in October 2012 was a personal highlight. It sparked a lot of enthusiasm and motivation for growing the business in Poland, and it left everyone in a great Nikken Spirit!’

mari poland


‘The Anthony Robbins event in May was brilliant! It created an incredible shift in perspective which has stuck with me and made me better. Seeing Alicetea Drachmann get equally inspired by this and charge towards her goal of Diamond has been an on-going thrill as a result. I can’t wait for the next event in May 2013.’



‘A business workshop with Wolfgang Sonnenberg, Igor Gruendl and Franz Josef Schuetzenhofer was full of mind setting presentations and exercises. The highlight being the Cullet Walk and the bending of the Iron Rods. This has been a life-changing experience that proved to me that Everything is Possible if we start with a decision’Steffi cullet Walk

It seems that Nikken have had a very busy and eventful, yet successful year! But hopefully 2013 brings bigger and better things for all of Nikken.


What have been the highlights of your year?