The Launch of KenkoLight

ImageThis lamp from Nikken isn’t just a funny shaped office lamp or an unusual looking night light, but it’s a high quality device created to aid your health and wellbeing. KenkoLight stresses the importance of sunlight, without releasing UV rays, making it safe to use anywhere from the kitchen, to the desk, or even on a child’s play table.

It has been found that we spend 90% of our time indoors, meaning we don’t give our eyes enough sunlight. This can alter your mood, strain your eyes, and even affect your sleeping patterns.  The KenkoLight provides a simple solution to replace the sunlight.

So how does the KenkoLight work? The KenkoLight gradually emits a full spectrum of light waves which is very similar to the sun. These triggers chemical reactions to take place which help combat fatigue and fatigue, as well as helping poor eyesight, even introducing natural wakeup calls in the mornings, with a dusk and dawn stimulator.

Recent studies have shown that young people’s deficiency of sunlight is resulting in an increase of Myopia, (Short sightedness) especially those of Eastern Asian backgrounds and children who spend the majority of their time indoors even when the sun IS shining. Some blame education, while others blame lifestyles, but according to Sky News, 80-90% of students are coming out of education with glasses. (

Dave Balzer (from the KenkoLight II video) was asked whether he thinks we could use this kind of study in respect to the daylight spectrum the product emits, and his response was as follows:

“Absolutely! In fact, the KenkoLight’s enhanced “blue” full spectrum visible output is perfect for keeping our biological clocks properly programmed. Additionally, I do not need my reading glasses when using the KenkoLight. I firmly believe that every student should be using the light when studying. It relieves stress, increases productivity and since it does not emit any UV.”

So, whether you use the KenkoLight to stimulate sunrise to get you out of bed in the morning, or as a desk lamp to keep you attentive, not only will it support your health, but generally improve your mood and productivity too, giving you the healthy goodness of the sunshine, without the harmful UV rays.

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