Cyprus Comes Closer…

You can now start counting down the months left until the Nikken Leadership Convention. January isn’t that far away so we hope you are working hard, as it coming to the end our leadership contest too. Let’s hope you are a winner, and get the opportunity to join the many other consultants at the luxury, all inclusive Coral Beach Hotel & Resort in beautiful Paphos, Cyprus. Following the great turn out in Turkey last year we are hoping you are super excited about Cyprus.

Our fair goddess Miss Aphrodite allegedly rose from the sea at Paphos, now so shall you, becoming your own gods, learning and experiencing at our convention in this Mythological town, becoming the best you can be. 

Monday, January 14th 2013 is when our Presidents Club consultants will be arriving; a welcome drinks/reception will be taking place to greet you into this exciting environment.

Tuesday will continue on with the other winning consultants arriving where we will get you registered and checked in. There will be a Presidents Club meeting plus a welcome drinks reception for the main group of consultants (this is the opportunity to sign up to the Excursion to The House of Dionysius – A beautiful villa filled with Mosaic decorations and Mythological compositions). Mosaic making will also be available on site at the hotel. There are many options to experience Paphos fully; Paphos Archaeological Museum if you after some culture, Pafos Zoo if you want to reconnect with nature and plenty of Art galleries, it is up to you, have look at for yourselves –

Day 3 (Wednesday) of the trip is a free day for excursions and Consultant led workshops, you can either enjoy the glowing views of Paphos or enjoy learning even more about Nikken to plan yourself for 2013.

Day 4 (Thursday) is the big day of the convention, running all day; you will experience, our speakers including the Master Tonic Chinese Herbalist Roger Drummer and our CEO Kurt Fulle, and find out about a new product range ahead of everyone else. There will also be recognition for our top consultants. The day will end with a fabulous cocktail reception running into Gala dinner with some great entertainment & a DJ till the early hours of the morning, so you can dance the night away.

Final Day (Friday) will give you another day to relax and enjoy the atmosphere of Paphos with excursions available, along with the opportunity to take part in more Consultant led workshops. This will all leave you feeling relaxed on your last day. Finishing off the day will be a farewell dinner, where you can celebrate one last time how fantastic you have all been.

I hope this encourages you all to figure out how to win the contest and get a place to enjoy this amazing country and beautiful resort.

We will see you next year!

Digital Team