YouTube – Rise of the Video Blogger

YouTube is the biggest video streaming website, as well as being the second largest search engine on the Internet today. Created back in early 2005, and acquired by Google in 2006, YouTube allows users to share and upload videos. Video content can be anything: music videos, how-to, video blogging (more commonly known as vlogging), or piano playing cats.

The very first video ‘Me at the zoo’ was uploaded at 8:27PM on Saturday 23 April, 2005 by co-founder Jawed Karim. Since then, 60 hours of video are uploaded every minute – that is more video content than the 3 major US networks have created in the past 60 years combined!

Going Viral

With over 4 billion videos being viewed each day, it is no small wonder that the right video can lead to thousands of hits, and if your video goes viral the number of hits can be millions. Just take a look at these 5 famous ‘viral’ videos:

Which begs the question – what is a viral video?

A viral video is one that becomes popular through the process of online sharing, typically through social media and email. These videos often contain humorous content or eyewitness events and are more often shot by amateurs. With the rise of camera phones more videos are being shot in this medium, allowing for more people to become amateur videographers.

A creator cannot simply intend for the video to become viral, as often a video becoming viral is an unexpected accident. In fact some universities are even starting to offer courses on the creation of viral videos, focusing on the marketing techniques and advertising strategies that can be learned from them.

YouTube as a Marketing Tool

YouTube is not just for amateur videographers, as companies are seeing the power of video marketing on YouTube. Not only is it free to use, the social aspect allows them to reach millions of people all over the globe. Companies such as Coca-Cola, Cadbury, Orange, and Nikken Europe all use a YouTube channel to help market their brand.

At Nikken Europe, we host a variety of content on our site to display different aspects of the company such as our events, behind the scenes footage of the European HQ, and of course our products!

Recently rebranded, Nikken Europe’s channel has been divided into playlists by language to make it easier for our Consultants and Customers across Europe to find videos in their own language. Sometimes we are not able to make videos in every language, in instances like this we try and provide subtitles in the various languages. For example, on our video English – PiMag Waterfall set up you can view the video with subtitles in Finnish, Hungarian, Norwegian, Romanian, or Spanish. Simply click the button ‘CC’ at the bottom right corner of the video and select your video (as shown below). 

How can you use YouTube?

YouTube is really simple to get started on. Many users have accounts not to upload their own videos but to subscribe to people and companies they’re interested in. These users still participate in the social aspects of YouTube such as sharing videos, creating playlists, and leaving comments.

Perhaps you are one of these users, but the only reason you choose not to upload videos is because you’re afraid of where to start or that it is too complicated. We promise you it is not. Your video can be about anything. Just follow these 5 helpful tips and you could be on your way to be the next YouTube Celebrity!

  • DO capture something you’re passionate about, like your family
  • DO make your videos personal
  • DO watch videos you find interesting – they can give you some great ideas
  • DO capture what’s happening right in front of you
  • DON’T worry about using fancy equipment; a camera phone can be just as good!

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– The Digital Team