Spot the PowerChip™

The PowerChip™ premiered at the March launch events before being released for general ordering on 2 April 2012. There are a number of great uses for the PowerChip™, such as wearing it as a pendant, but there is one that I bet you didn’t think of… as a game!

Introducing… Spot the PowerChip™, a hidden object game in which you are shown an image and you must, you guessed it, spot the hidden PowerChip™! Some will be really easy, while others will be hard. But it won’t be just us providing the images; we want you to join in the fun too! You can post your photos on our Facebook page, tweet them to @NikkenEurope by using the hashtag #SpotPowerChip, or follow us on Pinterest and pin it to our Spot the PowerChip™ board!

Enjoy the game!

Spot the PowerChip

Can you spot the PowerChip™?


  1. Don’t spoil the fun and tell people where the PowerChip™ is, but DO brag if you’ve found it!
  2. The image must be taken by you! Meaning don’t photoshop the PowerChip™ into an image, that’s cheating!
  3. Most importantly – have fun with it and be creative!