So What is the New Bronze Training All About?

The Bronze training is a free training event that is hosted by Nikken for new Consultants to help them get started right. As it is new, we are offering it as a free event to all existing Consultants and leaders so that they can see what it is all about. Once people have attended it there will be a small charge to those that wish to attend again in the future. The training is in harmony with the Smart Start Guide and reinforces the messages contained in it that were established by the Royal Alliance. As many of us know – one of the essential keys to success in this business is to create duplication. This requires a consistent message for people to understand and to follow. This means that we need the field leaders and the company both saying the same thing, reinforcing the same messages and encouraging the same activity. The repetition of the message does not dilute its influence. On the contrary, it reinforces and strengthens it. In fact, as we know, repetition is a skill used by advertisers to create familiarity with a brand. You will find this message to be very complementary to existing messages from field leaders on how to get started right.

The day is a full day from 9am – 5pm with time in between for lunch and comfort breaks. We review who Nikken is, the rewards of Network Marketing, creating a solid business foundation, the 90 day plan and the productivity cycle. These messages are essential to all new people that want to create a profitable, long term business. It has been proven across our industry that the first 90 days are the most critical for people in this business. This new programme reinforces the messages  that people need to internalise for their profit and learning. If someone does not get the chance to get to a training within this time frame – the chances of their upline being aquainted with the key messages and skills  required to grow is stronger thanks to this training.

We have a lot of interest already that is generating around this programme. In Romania for example, we announced our first event and within a few hours the entire event was booked to capacity. They are already demanding a second one as soon as possible.

If you want to reserve your spot at our next training or find out more about a Bronze Training in your area, please simply contact Customer Services for more information.

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