Nikken Now March Success

This post has been a long time coming – with all the market visits for our product launch I am only just getting around to announcing our wonderful winners of the March Nikken Now Session. I am pleased to say that the team “Eye of the Tiger” from Sweden, led by our Diamonds Linda and Kennert Bengtsson are our winning team! Congratulations. In just 30 minutes, a team of five set 31 appointments! A great outcome and the results are still coming through in their business. One of the great things that impresses me about this team is that whenever there is a call to action or an invitation to step up and be counted – I can always count on their support. Thank you for being great leaders in this activity.

I must also say a special thank you to all the teams that came from Finland! We had a record attendance from this market with many of them generating fantastic results.

We will of course have more Nikken Now Sessions and of course our next one is on Tuesday the 17th of April. Same times and same numbers. Be sure to check out MyNikken for more details. Thank you all – and lets spread the word! We want to get past the 1000 appointments mark with this activity. I know we can do it when we all pull together.

See you on our next call!

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