The NEW PiMag® Waterfall: More than just another water filter

As you may already know, the PiMag® Waterfall is now available for ordering and is live on our website!

We’re now into April and the Product Launch events are complete! We’ve had great feedback about the events and we’d like to thank everyone who helped make each and every one of them so successful!

The PiMag® Waterfall has been on tour for the last month and has been seen at many product launches across Europe including Frankfurt – Germany, Tampere – Finland and Birmingham – UK;

Birmingham, UK


The full March Launch Events 2012 photo album can be found on our Facebook page and we’ll be adding more as soon as we receive them. 

What’s different about the PiMag® Waterfall?

  • An eye-catching household product with a unique streamline design
  • Silent gravity, unique active-filtration system creates water with a higher pH level than any conventional tap or bottled spring water
  • It has specially sourced mineral stones!
  • Multi-stage filtration system through a recyclable filter

The PiMag® takes inspiration from the fresh streams of Japan, where the benefits of mineral rich, alkaline spring water have been known about for centuries.

Did you know?

The Waterfall has received the coveted Gold Seal of Approval from the Water Quality Association in the United States of America? Yes, that’s right. This accreditation is only given to water treatment systems that meet rigorous standards for performance, capacity and integrity in removing a variety of drinking water contaminants.


Where can I find out more about this product?

For more information about the technology used in the PiMag® Waterfall, please go to MyNikken where you’ll find a variety of useful downloads.

Alternatively, visit our website where you will find the product description, video and a downloadable fact sheet.

The PiMag® Waterfall setup demonstration video has also been uploaded on our YouTube channel where you can subscribe and add to your favourites.

**Please note that the video is only currently available in English and French but we are currently working on translations and subtitles for other language variations; we’ll post this on YouTube and Facebook as soon as it becomes available!

Your thoughts…

If you’ve been to one of the March Launch Events 2012, and sampled the Pi water from the new PiMag® Waterfall, let us know what you think…

 (We think it looks great, and it really does need to be seen & used to be fully appreciated!)

 Nikken Digital Team! 🙂