Creating & delivering your own successful events

We’re well into our Product Launch month where many events are taking place across Europe, whether these are Nikken hosted or Consultant hosted events; and so far, all events have been extremely successful!

So far Nikken have hosted events in Paris with guest speaker Tom Schreiter, followed by Frankfurt, Utrecht with guest speaker Roger Drummer and this weekend in Vienna. The last in the line-up of Nikken hosted events is in Sargans, Switzerland on 31 March!

As an events team we are tasked with the promotion of the events, the logistics of the events; to include travel arrangements, hotels and more, as well as production at the event, and evaluating the event afterwards. Of course, if you’re a Consultant arranging your own hosted events then you too will be involved in all of this!

If you’re hosting your own launch event this month, take a look at our handy Event Guide which we’ve put together and is available in various languages. This can be found on our new website here (If you scroll to the bottom of the page you’ll find the downloadable PDF ‘Event Guide’).

Additionally, if you are a Launch Host, you’ll have access to the Product Launch Host site where you can download this document under ‘Other’.

Here are some key points to consider when hosting your own event, taken from the Event Guide: 

1.       Outline your objectives – What do you want to get out of the event? How many new sign-ups? Do you have a sales target in mind?

2.       Event Location – Is this right for your target audience and event? Is it within easy reach via public transport and is there necessary parking for those driving?

3.       Hotel Facilities – Are drinks, snacks and lunch included in the event programme at the hotel? Have you budgeted for this?

4.       Equipment – What equipment do you need for your launch? Chairs, tables, laptop, sound equipment, projector are just some of the things you may need to setup.

5.       Guest speakers – Guest speakers can add so much to an event; they can offer motivation and key product knowledge.

6.       Evaluation – How did it go? How did you think it went and more importantly, how did your audience think it went? Provide event questionnaires for your attendees to fill out at the end of the event and remember to thank them for their time. Take many photos to share and finally – celebrate your achievements!

It’s very exciting to see so many Consultants get involved with creating and delivering their own Product Launches this month and we would like to wish you all the very best! We’ll be posting our event photos on Nikken Europe’s Facebook page at the beginning of April, so if you have any you’d like to share, please post them to us here! 

Upcoming Nikken Hosted Events:

  • Saturday 17 March – Vienna, Austria
  • Saturday 31 March – Sargans, Switzerland

For more details on all the March Launch Events including the numerous Consultant hosted events, please visit Nikken’s Event Database where you can place your order – there’s still time!

Join in the #NikkenLaunches2012 conversation on Twitter @NikkenEurope or via our Facebook page.

Digital Marketing and Events Team