It’s Time to Get Ready

It is just a few days away until our next Nikken Now Session. Last month we confirmed just under 700 appointments in just 30 minutes across Europe. What a tremendous result. I am confident that with preparation and a little promotion we can get more people involved and more people ready to set appointments. Please email me as soon as you have your team ready and prepared so we can count you in.

I would like to point out a couple of things that will help you succeed in this acitivty.

1. Do all you can to have your Nikken Now session in your home (or the home of someone in your team) with your group. The energy created by being together pays off big time.
2. Remember the purpose of the setting appointments is to sponsor new business builders as soon as possible. You want partners to build the business with to get your residual income.
3. People respond to energy and enthusiasm – be excited on your calls. Strangely – people can hear you smile on the phone. It literally changes how we speak and you can hear it when talking to someone.
4. People rarely make decisions based on facts. They make them based on feelings. For example, people have all the facts required to know they should quit smoking, but they don’t until they feel they should. A health scare typically provides such a feeling to move them to action. What changed in this example is not that they learned more, but that they felt more – and then committed.
5.  Share your feelings of confidence and belief. Feelings are contagious and those that you speak with will feel your energy. They will also absorb it and it can become a part of them too.
6. Get as many people in your group joining you to increase the excitement and the sense of urgency. It will build momentum.
7. If you do not have a team to work with – join in anyway. I was so impressed by the individuals that emailed in and said they were a part of the European team and they started from there. Brilliant! No one is excluded or left behind.

Let’s make this next Nikken Now Session even better than the first. I look forward with great excitement to see what happens. Over the next month or so we will start to see the impact of this activity and I believe that you will see it too – in your business and your commissions. Enjoy and good luck!


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As a former company President Ben has travelled the world helping people to achieve their personal best and pursue a better way of being. This blog is designed to help people connect with the attributes and skills required to find and foster happiness. He and his wife are the parents of seven children and dream of one day getting a good nights sleep.

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