I Don’t Want You to Be Balanced!

One of the compelling messages that Nikken advocates is the need for balance. The Five Pillars offer us the chance to get just that! With balance comes peace, happiness and enjoyment. However, for a season, I would invite each of you that want to build your businesses and establish a secure income with Nikken to get out of balance.

Royal Diamonds around the Nikken world clearly advocate (and I sustain this message) that we need to get out of balance for a season in order to enjoy balance  for a lifetime. It is very true that in order for any of us to establish a thriving business with Nikken we need to first create momentum. When the momentum is achieved, the rush of “keeping up with your business” is exciting. But momentum is never created in a laboratory nor is it created on a lazy afternoon. It is created with urgency, hard work, vision and in being a little out of balance for a season.

I believe that any goal in life that is worth pursuing requires sacrifice, time and energy. I invite each of you to evaluate what you are willing to do this month to get out of balance and make Nikken a priority. This step repeated for the next few months will ensure you achieve the dream of obtaining balance for the rest of your life. Of course from time to time we need to repeat this process.

A starting point in creating momentum is the Nikken NOW sessions. We have our next one on Tuesday the 13th of March at 6pm UK time, 7pm CET. Check out MyNikken for more details. Please note, that if you want momentum and you are joining our Nikken NOW sessions – be sure to focus your appointments on business presentations. Do as many of these sessions as possible and create your momentum.

If you have all the right ingredients, the right recipe and the right tools, but set your oven at a low temperature – you will ruin your cake! The temperature you set for your business is as important as the tools you use and the ingredients you have. I promise you that the right temperature for your business to be set to is HOT! Urgency in business terms is a HOT temperature. Momentum arrives when we are HOT and when we go crazy for a season. What temperature is your business running at right now?

Turn up the heat ladies and gentleman. Set your business to HOT, get out of balance for a few months and enjoy the rush of the journey that will unfold. You cannot do this any other way.

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About Ben Woodward

As a former company President Ben has travelled the world helping people to achieve their personal best and pursue a better way of being. This blog is designed to help people connect with the attributes and skills required to find and foster happiness. He and his wife are the parents of seven children and dream of one day getting a good nights sleep.

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