Have you visited www.nikken.eu yet?


We can’t quite believe that it’s been one week already since the launch of our new Nikken wellbeing website at http://www.nikken.eu/! We’ve already received some great feedback as well as some healthy statistics on how many people have been viewing the site (over 1,000 page views so far!)

Our goal in mind for the website was to be user-friendly, simple, clear and consistent and we hope that we’ve achieved this. After receiving feedback from Consultants that they would like easier access to product information, we decided to include downloadable PDF’s about Nikken products and technologies on each of the product pages.

The navigation is clearer and information is more accessible, meaning that those who are new to Nikken and want to find out more about the products, the opportunity and the company, can quickly find the info they’re looking for from a range of pages. Not only that but there’s videos and images that we’ll continue to update and share with you.

The most important thing is what YOU think of the changes! We’d love to hear your thoughts on the new website…

And, if you haven’t yet visited, go have a browse www.nikken.eu

Digital Marketing & Events Team 🙂


One thought on “Have you visited www.nikken.eu yet?

  1. I just say-SUPER ! I thought NIKKEN was best BUT NIKKEN get just better and better day after day. NIKKEN is soon on every peoples lips ! 🙂 I’m working on that ! AND I LOVE IT!

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