5 Ways to a Healthy Mind

“A mind free from the distractions of physical discomfort or financial concern can allow a person to live up to their greatest potential. A healthy mind offers emotional balance and wellbeing, benefiting us personally as well as our family and friends.”

And so we’ve arrived at the 2nd pillar – Healthy Mind, which is a key component to leading a healthy and happy life, so in this post we’ve outlined 5 ways to a healthy mind.

1) Personal Development

It can be a daunting experience stepping out of your comfort zone, but once you do, you’ll feel better for it.

Once out of that comfort zone, you’ll find you’ll be able to communicate with others more effectively, even in larger groups of people. Taking that one step will make the consequent steps easier to overcome.

Having personal awareness is important too; you need to understand your own opinions, attitude and knowledge before you know where it is you want to be and what your personal goals are.

Of course personal development and building various skills doesn’t come easy, it requires patience and practice – “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” Persistence will pay off in the end, reaching goals requires you to take a ‘never give up’ attitude; a key piece of advice that many of our Consultants have shared.

Personal development helps to contribute to the realisation of your dreams and aspirations. Nikken will give you all the support that you need to succeed but it is you that defines your own success. Nikken’s ‘Humans Being More’ training events help to build upon all of these personal development aspects. ‘Humans Being More’ is a unique personal development training course, designed to enhance your communication skills, understand your values and develop your potential.

2) Managing Time and Money Effectively

There’ll be more of ‘healthy finances’ in our 5th pillar of health blog post in the New Year but, keeping on top of your finances, and managing your time effectively ensures that you are making the most out of your life, making you feel content, and your mind healthy.


If done right, those worries that we all have from time to time regarding our finances and how we’re spending our days will disappear. Keep to-do lists to stay on top of things, vary your days with different activities and tasks, prioritise your workload and, of course, set aside time to relax and have some YOU time. Having a specific routine (that isn’t boring) will ensure that you’re focused for the day ahead, happier and more productive.

3) Life-long Learning

Throughout our lives we are constantly learning new things – embrace this and learn as much as possible. Constant learning exercises our brains, keeping it active, reinforcing memory and information processing.

Take notice and be aware of everything around you and enjoy the moment (whatever that moment may be). Maybe you could set new learning goals – why not aim to learn one new thing a day, or take up a new hobby? Ask yourself: What have I always wanted to do? For example, learn a new language.

Love learning… As Robert Kiyosaki (Investor, Entrepreneur, Financial Education Advocate and Bestselling Author of the Rich Dad Poor Dad series) said: ‘Education would be so powerful if it was about the love of learning, NOT the fear of failing.’

4) Use Your Knowledge

So you’ve learnt a lot, built on your own skills that you’ve developed over time, now what do you do with the bank of knowledge that you’ve gained? If you’re constantly utilising the skills and knowledge that you’ve taken the time to learn, then you will become more efficient at carrying out tasks and are also less likely to forget all of what you’ve learned.

Share your knowledge with others, for example all of the knowledge you have about Nikken and Nikken products!

5) Love, Laugh, Live

Is laughter the best medicine? Well, maybe not literally but laughing can help you to de-stress and feel much happier!

Spend more time with family and friends – meet new people and network (which is a benefit that being part of Direct Selling provides!). Give your free time and love to others, they’ll appreciate it and you’ll feel good about making others feel good; a positive snowball effect!

Of course there are many more ways in which we can keep our minds healthy and alert for instance; getting a good night’s sleep, keeping hydrated and exercising the brain through puzzle-solving. 

What are your top tips to maintain a ‘healthy mind?’

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